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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 25th – The Morning After

There’s not a whole lot to do in the Big Brother house today. There’s not competitions and no voting. And the craziness got so intense last night, I’m pretty sure everyone will be laying low. Boogie should be nursing a nasty hangover, but I’m guessing Janelle will be having a great day. She played Boogie last night like nobody else could. She got him. That’s why she is the best. She made him look like an idiot, and he knows it. Plus, he was mad that Will had the attention of the girls and he didn’t. She got him at his most vulnerable, got him really wanting her so that he would forget what he was saying in the game, and took him down.

Danielle is up alone again, to the surprise of no one. After making herself some eggs, she heads outside, wishes us all a good morning, and also tells us she’s going to work out for the first time in the Big Brother house. Why wait until two weeks into it? She does some squats while holding the a large weight that goes onto the barbell.

George joins Danielle outside and informs her he is definitely evicting Will. Danielle’s answer is that they just need one more. She makes mention of the fact that she knows he’s trying to divide the house, and knows that’s the reason he voted for Diane to leave. They both agree that Jase is a time bomb, yet Danielle also says it broke her heart when Jase said he lost his will to play the game. She tells George to keep his vote hush hush, and says she just needs to work on a few people. Well, Dr. Will, it looks like your wish may be granted.

BB issues a wakeup call to the house, and Boogie seems to be a little defiant, again, to the surprise of no one. When BB repeats itself, “I said, it’s time to get up for the day!” Boogie lets out a barrage of cursing that matches that of the night before. Jase and Will, sleeping nearby, start reminiscing about darling Boogie’s antics the night before peeing in the apple juice bottle and leaving it out for Howie to almost drink. Boogie then starts to remember the evening before, and lets out with another barrage against Janie. BB calls a lockdown with Boogie still laying in bed. He starts the ‘tude, and starts to tell BB they’re going to make a deal, and we get flames. When we come back, he’s miraculously dragging his ass out of bed.

It turns out the lockdown is so that someone can get in the house and fix the leak that Howie, Boogie, Erika, and Janelle created by all climbing into the HoH bathtub together. For this reason, the lockdown seems to last forever, and there isn’t anything very interesting going on, other than Will complaining yet again, and comparing being outside to being in a hot, wet blanket. Will then wants us internet people, you remember the ones he called sad and pathetic? He wants us to go to a website of his. Umm, no. Better things to do today, like watch people try to evict you. He also asks BB for the Jenga sat back, along with paper and lighter fluid. Hmmm. I wonder what he’s going to do.

The lockdown finally ends, but Kaysar and James are too involved in their political conversation to care. This seems to be a continuation of the one they were having last night. James is in favor of the war in Iraq; the Iraqi Peach is against it. Will’s too busy to add his $.02, though. It seems he’s too busy with his bonfire plans. Inside the HGs find BB has given them a scale so that the Chicken Man can monitor his weight loss during the sixty days on slop. He’s at 216 right now, and happy with his weight loss progress. Diane is upset, because she’s gained weight these past two weeks in the house. Well, sheesh. She wasn’t on slop, and it seems these people eat like four or five big meals a day.

Apparently James took some arts and crafts lessons from George. He’s cutting up t-shirts to make something real special. Nothing can top that foil costume, though, I’m tellin’ ya. George goes back out to the backyard by the pool, and it seems it’s a good thing he’s on the slop diet. He breaks the chair. Danielle is impressed with him because he managed to not drop his pickle. I’m thinking she meant the dill kind.

Because they couldn’t solve the problem of world peace, James and Kaysar change their discussion to the game. James tries to get Kaysar to see his line of thinking, that Janelle is selling them out by aligning with Marcellas. What, the several hour conversation about this the other night wasn’t enough? Kaysar just doesn’t understand this line of thinking. James is using this as reasoning for keeping Jase, and getting rid of Will. I’m having trouble following his argument, too, but I’m still spinning from the war talk. They agree they need to find out if Will really wants to go home or not. Because this will be the one time he’ll tell the truth? Why is he the only person that gets to choose whether he stays or goes?

What this argument comes down to is where the votes will be at sequester and who people will want to take. They figure people will want to take Dr. Will because they all know they can beat him in the end, but James says he personally would vote for Dr. Will because he’s playing the game. The argument comes up that Will and Boogie don’t appear to be playing, but Jase definitely is. There’s just so many different ways they can look at it. Personally, I think everyone could get down to really playing the game if they got rid of the Will and Boogie show, as that show interrupts the game I want to watch. At a certain point it doesn’t seem fun or game play, it’s just flat out annoying.

It appears these two just can’t get enough of each other today. They’ve gone from the backyard, to HoH, and now they are cleaning the kitchen together. James tells Kaysar that he knows George is going to vote to evict Will. When Kaysar asks how he knows that, James says Danielle told him. Is James showing too much of his other alliances here? Outside, Danielle tells Jase she’s going to talk to Kaysar in the hopes she can round up the votes to keep him. Apparently Diane tried to talk to Kaysar as well, but it didn’t go over real well because of the whole Mr. and Mrs. Smith Alliance thing.

Kaysar and James finally seek out some other companions, and Erika and Howie join them. They start talking about having kids, and Erika is asked if she wants kids, and she says yes. James wonders if she doesn’t find Mr. Right, would she adopt or be “artificially inseminated by the man of her choice.” Erika says she would adopt. When Howie offers to inseminate her, James tells Howie he probably isn’t the man of her choice. I have always loved James’ quick wit.


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