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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 24th – Why Janie, Booger, and Booze Don't Mix

Erika and Janelle agree to do a three-way kiss with Will, but he doesn’t want to because he has a girlfriend. Will suggests that they kiss Booger instead, and they both say no and get out of the hot tub. Hahahaha! Okay, now that’s funny. Booger is angry now, and tells Erika she’d better watch herself. Hee!

Jase says that he hates whores just as Erika is walking by. She’s not happy with that comment of course, and Jase says he was just kidding. Then he says it again. Erika goes over to where Booger is sulking in the hammock, and says that she’s busting her ass to keep him safe in the game. She won’t give any names to S6, and she’s pissed that Booger keeps calling her a floater when she’s clearly working with him. He says he knows, but he can’t let anyone else know that they’re working together. Erika, honey, what the hell are you thinking?

Erika says she’d put up Diane and Howie if she got HoH, and Howie would be leaving. She tells him that it was almost Booger on the block today, and he would have been going hom but she saved him. Riiiight. Then she says that Marcellas has his back too. Okay, is Erika really working with Booger, or is she in tight with Marcy and trying to keep them both safe?

Booger refers to what the two of them have outside the house. What? I’m really missing something here. They have a plan, and it involves Danielle too. But I can’t figure it all out. It’s been going on for ages apparently. If anyone out there knows what’s going on here, please enlighten me. We seem to have missed a lot of stuff here. But is this why Danielle is trying to get James to keep Jase? Is the whole house aligned against S6?

Now we go to Diane, Danielle, and James, who are talking about flipping things and voting out Will. James wants to talk with the rest of “the four” to see what he can do to convince them. Good grief.

Erika and Janelle have decided to take a bubble bath together upstairs. In their swimsuits, of course. Booger gets into the tub and the girls are giving him a sponge bath. He’s asking BB for just a bit more alcohol, because I guess women need to be totally drunk before they pay this much attention to him.

Meanwhile, James, Danielle, and Jase are making plans to keep Jase in the house. They’re playing up Dr. Will, saying that he plans to win the game and all this talk of leaving is just for show so they won’t take him seriously. Jase is promising that if he wins the next HoH, he won’t put up any of the S6 or Danielle. He says he just wants the chance to get back at Will and Booger. I can’t believe that anyone is buying this. Someone mentions that Erika is not part of the S6 alliance, and they wouldn’t be surprised if she rode Dr. Will all the way to the end.

James is upset that Booger and Will are trying to work on Janie now. Howie has joined the conversation, and he says it’s just the booze, nothing’s happening. Jase goes up to check on the people in the bathtub, so James and Danielle start working Howie to try and get him to change his vote to keep Jase. This is unbelievable. Don’t flip Howie! James is saying that Will and Booger are just trying to embarrass Janie and Erika on national TV. He sends Howie up to check on Janelle.

Howie goes upstairs and decides to join the trio in the bathtub. I have no idea how this is going to work. He gets in and water goes everywhere. As this is happening, James and Danielle are talking about how Janelle called all the guys that she thought would be on All Stars last year to talk to them about alliances. He thinks that Janelle is plotting against him. Oh brother.

Jase and Kaysar go running up the stairs because the tubbers have flooded the bathroom and now the water is coming through the ceiling downstairs. Howie gets out and just watches as the conversation turns to the game. Erika is gone too. Janelle is calling Boog out, telling him she wants to see him win a competition. He says that one of them will go up with Kaysar, and Kay won’t be leaving.

Janelle and Booger get out of the tub and Janie asks him if he’ll sleep with her tonight. He says that she knows that can’t happen. Hopefully she’s joking and making him look bad, but you never can tell with drunken Janie. Booger is angry though that his hot bathtub action has turned ugly.

He runs downstairs and tries to call Janie out, saying that she was making fun of him by saying that if he wanted something done he had to win HoH and do it himself. Er, isn’t that pretty much true? Booger is on a rampage, and goes back upstairs to confront Janelle, who is doing her hair. She doesn’t get what the problem is, and Boog says that she’d sell out the S6 for Marcellas. She denies this and stays calm, while Booger is just throwing out anything that crosses his mind. He’s not the most intelligent person when he’s drunk and angry.

Boog goes downstairs and stands on a chair, calling Janelle a whore and saying that he’d never hire her to work in one of his restaurants. Jase joins him for some Janie bashing. Booger wants to hide Howie’s medication and Janelle’s sunglasses, and she’ll have to come and suck his d*ck to get them back. Charming. He talks again about Janelle’s alliance with Marcy, and repeats what she told him in the tub, “You want to do something about it? Win an HoH.” He says, “Do you realize what that did to my manhood?” And now we know exactly why Booger is so angry.

Danielle uses this opportunity to try and get some info from Booger. She asks about Will, whether he really wants to be there. Booger says that he and Jase could tear sh*t up, but Will does want to stay and would even win an HoH to help him crush a dream before they all want out to avoid sequester. Blargh. Danielle asks a few more questions and leaves, because frankly Boog isn’t making a whole lot of sense right now.

Booger is still yelling now, shouting “Bitch! I will strangle you!” and that he can’t believe he was talked down to by a cocktail waitress. Can I just mention right now that I love Janelle? Very, very much.

Erika, James, Marcellas, and Will are all outside having a civil discussion about politics, money, unemployment, 9/11, and other things that have nothing to do with the game.

Back inside, Booger pees into an empty water bottle and threatens to go pour it over Janelle’s head. Will comes in and tells Boog to never drink again. Amen. Booger is saying that he’s going to crush that c*nt. Just pass out Boog, you won’t even remember this tomorrow. If we’re lucky. He spews more disgusting and vile stuff that I can’t even repeat, and normally I don’t mind saying verbatim what these folks say on camera.

Outside, Howie is setting up the jack shack. I’d rather stick with Howie than listen to Booger any longer. He does his thing and seems pleased with himself, then comes over to join Kaysar and Erika and puts his hand in their chip bag. Yuck! Kay asks him if he’s going to wash his hands, then says never mind, just eat the rest of those chips. Heehee.

The house winds down and Kaysar goes off to pray. We never do get to go back to the Booger Show, so he must have passed out. We get a quick shot of Boog drinking water straight from the faucet. Heh – someone’s gonna be all sunshine and rainbows tomorrow, I can tell.

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