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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 24th – Why Janie, Booger, and Booze Don't Mix

Diane leaves Jase, saying she loves him and she’ll get the votes to keep him in the house. I sure hope not.

In the HoH room, Booger is regaling the group with tales of his big meeting in the DR with the producers. Apparently they want the hamsters to not be so boring, and in exchange Booger wants more board games, the tarantula light turned off at night, and more alcohol. Finally BB clues in that he’s talking about his DR session, and we get flames.

Jase is outside with Marcellas and a couple of others. Jase says that the Chill Clowns threw him under the bus (does he have any other sayings, or is that pretty much it?) and wants to know if he has Marcy’s vote. Not likely, is the answer from both Marcellas and myself. Erika gets up and leaves, because it’s getting heated and she doesn’t want to have to take sides. Jase says that Erika is next on his boot list, and that he got played by Dr. Will.

Jase is now trying to work the S6 again, giving them a sob story about how he’s being shunned now by Booger and Will and how he’s now the odd one out. They ask him why he turned on them, and he says he was ousted when Kay won HoH, they didn’t want to talk to him anymore. James argues that it’s not true – they had found out from Alison that Jase was telling her stuff, but he denies it. BB announces a lockdown, and as everyone leaves Jase mumbles to himself, “Get me the f*ck out of here.”

Everyone heads outside to play badminton and mope. All kinds of random conversations about nothing in particular going on. The lockdown is over and they go inside to find their food, wine, and beer. Booger is trying to take credit for the extra booze, saying that he should get more than everyone else because he negotiated for it. Looks like Mexican food tonight – suddenly I’m very hungry.

At the dinner table, Jase stands up and accuses James of back dooring him and says that James didn’t have the guts to play “man to man”. Yes, this is definitely a good way to get yourself some extra votes Jase, keep it up. James just asks Jase to sit down so they can all have a nice dinner, but Jase won’t stop. They all finish their dinner, George eating slop, and then clear the table. Kaysar goes off to pray.

Marcellas tells Jase that he’s trying to scare and intimidate people with his outbursts, and that it’s not a good way to play the game. Marcy says that he’s choosing to behave badly just like he did in season 5. Jase objects, calling it all BS, and Marcy says he’s just trying to point something out and that Jase needs to take responsibility for the way he’s been acting. Jase storms off telling him to f*ck off, leaving Marcellas with another great story to rehash with Janelle later.

Booger is beside himself with the anticipation of a night that will be perfect for “good TV”, with all of the tension and the alcohol in the house. He fixes his hair in the mirror and says, “This is going to be awesome!” Right Boog, off the chain. They decide that they want to do a reenactment of the veto ceremony. Janelle, on the other hand, wants to play drinking games.

The reenactment is a go. Erika is playing Chicken George, complete with foil hat. Booger, of course, is playing Will. Janelle is taking on the part of Jase (which is absolutely hilarious because he hates her so much), and George is James. The whole thing is rather confusing because they’re laughing and shouting over each other, but apparently Will gave a speech about how he doesn’t want to be there but wants to keep his homeboy Booger safe in the house. He said that he hates everyone in the house and that he will throw every single competition until they vote his ass out of the house.

Janie does her best Jase impression, saying he’s not there to make friends, send Christmas cards and text messages because that’s not who he is. He hates everyone too and should be on Survivor winning food for his tribe. Heehee! It sounds like, during the real thing, George forgot to actually use the veto after his speech, and BB had to remind him. Poor Georgie. They do another reenactment, which is pretty much rehash of the first, but it’s kind of funny.

Booger goes on and on about good TV again. Just as I’m about to stick a steak knife in my ear, he says something about Krista from BB2 and how her brother killed their father. Er, what? Is that true? Why would he say that when he knows it’s on the feeds? We get flames, and I hope BB kicks him in the unmentionables.

When we come back, the group in the living room (Boog, Will, Jase, Janelle and some others who wander in and out) are doing impressions of the people in their seasons. Outside, there’s a badminton game going on and Chicken George is floating in the pool on the inner tube. There’s a Chicken Soup joke in there somewhere.

Jase, James, and Danielle are talking about keeping Jase in the house. Lots of going over the same points over and over again. James tells Jase that if he stays and wins HoH, he has to keep Dani safe. Danielle looks shocked, and horrified that people will think she made an actual alliance in the house. Jase still thinks he’s being back doored and says his mom will be disappointed. Oh well. Them’s the breaks.

Oh yuck. Booger is sitting with Diane and stroking her leg. Will calls out “Showmance!” and Diane begins to look uncomfortable. Run Diane, run! Boog tells Diane that she’s adorable, and that she just needs to keep playing the “good girl” to win the game. Gross. Will tells them to kiss each other and they do – on the cheeks.

Now it’s hot tub time. Booger, Diane, Will, and Janie are out there and Boog wants the ladies to lick whipped cream off his body. Dis.Gus.Ting. The plan doesn’t go over though, and they move to the pool. Someone brought the whipped cream out – oh no. Booger sprays himself and tries to get Erika to lick it off. She rubs it all over his face instead. Yay! He sprays her and tries to eat it off her hair, but Erika makes a quick exit.

More drinking ensues, with groups branching off and talking about strategy rehash or shopping. Most of the guys get into the hot tub and Janelle appears. Booger tries to get her to kiss Will, saying it would be like a meeting of the super powers or something. Then my brain nearly explodes as I see Janie licking whipped cream off of Booger’s chest. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat whipped cream again.

Now they want Erika to lick the cream off of Janelle. She says she will if she gets to pick who licks who in the next round. This is really gross kids. They lick cream from Will, and then, horror of horrors, Janie and Erika each lick a dab of whipped cream from each of Booger’s nipples. I really feel ill just recapping this. Do they not see how disgusting Booger is?