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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 24th – Why Janie, Booger, and Booze Don't Mix

Now it’s time for a Kaysar/Jase meeting. All of these one-on-ones today, once everything is decided, when yesterday it was group meeting after group meeting. Anyway, Kay and Jase compliment each other on their integrity, how well they connect, how they can have a real grown-up conversation, etc. Kay tells him that he’s not on the block because they didn’t trust him, he’s on the block because Chill Town is playing a dirty game and they used him as a scapegoat. S6 couldn’t put up another floater or else the floaters would have come together to target them.

Jase blows sunshine up Kaysar’s butt saying that he respects the way that Kay and James play the game, and that it broke his will to be there at all when James said his name during the veto ceremony. Man up, Nancy-boy! Kay says that they wanted to keep all three of the Chills – that’s why he’s bald now. He was playing to keep Chicken George on the block and out of the house.

Jase wants to know who they’re going to vote out – him or Will. Kaysar says that Jase will probably be going home, because if he stays then he’ll team up with Booger and go after them. Well yeah. Duh. Then again, Will might do that too. If he takes the stick out of his nether regions. Jase says that his mom warned him not to get too close to the evil Dr. Will, and Kaysar says that you should always listen to your mother. Aww.

Now Jase wants to know if he wins the next HoH and puts up two floaters, will they consider letting him stay? Kaysar says that Jase has the ability to win comps, but his allies, notsomuch. Jase replies that it doesn’t matter – he’s willing to go after Booger. He only hooked up with them because they went out of their way to talk to him. He really wanted to be in with S6, but no one asked him to any of their strategy meetings. And that’s the statement that confirms that he’s full of sh*t. I’m surprised Kaysar isn’t seeing this too.

For some reason, maybe to make his argument seem more genuine, Jase decides to tell Kaysar that he hates Janelle and wants her gone. He can handle the other three in the alliance, but Janie’s occupation disgusts him. What exactly does he think she does for a living? He says that Kaysar can tell the others this – that he doesn’t want to go after any of them but Janelle. Kay agrees to talk to the others about keeping Jase in the game. I sure hope he’s bluffing.

Finally we can escape to the kitchen, where Booger is realizing that he’s in an alliance with two people who don’t want to be there. George cracks, “Well at least it’s good TV!” Heehee! Georgie, I want you to write for us next season!

Kaysar is now talking to James, and they’re pleased with the fallout from the veto ceremony. They say that Marcellas put the last nail in his coffin, and Booger admitted that he wants to go after the floaters. Kaysar thinks their game is airtight, because they haven’t been backstabbing people. They both agree that Jase needs to go home this week. Whew.

Diane and Booger are talking, and Boog tells her that the plan was to pull her into Chill Town. She doesn’t know who to vote for, and Booger says she should vote for Jase because Will really does want to stay. Jase shows up talking about how great his “tyrant” was (someone send this boy a dictionary, stat) and how he called Marcy out for being bitchy. He made good TV, dammit! He hopes it all makes the show.

Just as Kaysar is suggesting to James that they bring George in to replace Erika, since she won’t take sides and can’t be trusted, George appears at the door. He says that, if you don’t feel honoured to have been chosen to be on the show, then you shouldn’t be there. I think he’s going to vote to evict Will. Kaysar sucks up to Georgie a bit, saying that you can play the game with fear or respect, and George has proven that he’s playing the game with respect. George says that he owes that to James. Kaysar assures George that they won’t be coming after him again, now that they’ve seen what he’s made of. George asks if that means he can come and talk to them now, and they agree that he certainly can.

Booger gets called to the DR and says that he ready to lay the smack down. A few minutes later he comes back out, saying that they told him they wouldn’t use anything he says if it’s laced with curse words, so he told them to “f*ck off” and left. He thinks he really stuck it to them, because they need his DR sessions to create their story arc this week, because he’s integral to the plot. No no, they’ll do just fine without you Boog. Really. He thinks that CBS will have to juggle their prime time schedule now to fit in all of the great footage they’ve got and will continue to get until Thursday.

George leaves the HoH, and James tells Kaysar that he really wanted to dislike George and believe he was evil, but he’s not. He’s a good guy. James is comfortable with his decision to put Jase on the block. Marcellas comes up and wants to know what all went down last night, since he’s just finding out today that Booger and Will suggested his name for the replacement nominee. James and Kaysar tell him what happened, saying that they saw through the deal being offered and that Marcy was never in any danger. They talk about how stupid Jase and Booger’s rant was after the veto ceremony, and that all they did was call attention to themselves.

Erika joins them and they have a good time laughing and making fun of themselves. Marcellas says that he wants a showmance with Booger, but Kaysar offers up Howie instead. Marcy compares Howie to the guy in Boca Raton who’s 70 and wear flowered shirts and white socks, and says no, he wants someone he couldn’t normally get in the outside world. They’re all cracking up.

Howie comes in to take a shower, and Danielle shows up with a plate of nachos for everyone. Ah, so this is how she’s kissing S6 butt this week. I get it. Howie comes out and starts playing with the remains of Kaysar’s hair, which he has stored in a plastic bag and plans to sell on eBay. I adore Kaysar, but I don’t particularly want to own his hair. That’s just … creepy. I’m sure there are many people out there who will bid though. Kaysar apparently agrees with me and asks Howie not to sell it. Howie says he’ll donate the money to the charity of Kay’s choice.

Jase, Diane, and Danielle discuss how many votes they have to save Jase this week. They think they have Dani, Diane, George and Kaysar, so they only need one more. Oh boy. They talk about how they’re such All Stars, they can predict the way the game will go, who will win comps, and who will go on the block. So basically they should have stayed home and run a betting ring or something. Jase says he doesn’t want to get evicted and then have Will sitting in the DR saying that he orchestrated the whole thing.

Danielle leaves and Jase addresses Diane as Mrs. Smith. They talk about how much they hate Erika and call Janelle a whore. This is getting stale now people – give me something new to work with. Ah, here we go – Diane says that James talks to her because he like dark haired ethnic looking women, so he’s attracted to her. Ha! If she wins HoH, she’s putting Kaysar and Janelle on the block. Jase is surprised to hear that Kaysar is really and truly tight with Janelle. He thought it was an act because of Kay’s belief system and Janie’s career. My head hits the desk – this man is too stupid to be there.