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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 24th – Why Janie, Booger, and Booze Don't Mix

In the red bedroom, Marcellas is a bit wired. He’s telling Janelle that yes, he said he was gunning for S6, but that was in the first week when everyone was against S6! He says it doesn’t make sense for him to come after them when everyone already thinks he’s the fifth member of the alliance. He’s really upset that Boog and Will tried to get him nominated. Then he says, “I’d like to think that I’m the brains behind the four.” Read that a couple of times – it only gets better with each repetition.

Boogie has no idea how to react to this situation. He’s sitting in the living room with Will, Jase, and Erika. Erika says that she hasn’t thrown any of the comps yet, but Jase says he has. Boog is astounded. He now wants to try and get a penalty nomination so that all three of them can be on the block together. He asks what the minimum thing is that he has to do is, because he doesn’t want to destroy the property or anything. He goes off on a rant, saying that he’ll leave, but he wants to destroy at least one dream before he goes. He’ll get his chance to make the show, and it’ll be “The Boogie Show”! Wow, these people are going completely crazy.

Boogie says that S6 are the stars of the show now, and he’s feeling a little destructive. He wants to see Jonah (I have no idea who Jonah is) and the shrink right now. Today. And he means it. They discuss how the floaters are all going to float to Mexico, and Will says that the game is flawed because of the allure of the sequester house. Which no one apparently wants to go to, of course.

Back to Marcellas and Janie now. Marcy is saying that the only time he ever talked to Booger was on his birthday when he told him to calm down. He says that he doesn’t want an Amber to win, and now he doesn’t want an asshole to win. That narrows it down a bit, doesn’t it?

Returning to the living room, Jase is saying that BB got “one hell of a package” with him and Dr. Will on the block. Oh please. Booger says that Will is pissed off and won’t be providing quality sound bites for the TV show any more. It’s all up to Booger now, apparently. Maybe they’ll completely shut him out like they did last week – how funny was that? The guy gets dressed up in a tuxedo shirt and Marcellas’ afro wig, and he doesn’t even get a single camera shot. Anyway, Booger’s still talking it seems, and now he’s saying he’ll be a good little boy and give the producers what they want. Jase leaves, and Howie says he needs to go take a nap. So suddenly Boog is alone and just sitting there, not knowing what to do with himself.

Jase goes over to George and asks him to promise to vote him out. He says that he has a little girl at home and he’s already missed her birthday. He wants to go. So how many people have said that they want to leave now? George doesn’t know – it sounds like he wants to vote for Will. Booger trails Jase, and Jase goes on and on about how much he loves Booger. Bleh.

I guess it really is turning into the Booger Show today, because now we get to watch him go upstairs to talk to James in the HoH room. James is apologizing, saying that he hates this game and it’s not a team sport; he wanted to do the deal with Boog but his team didn’t trust him. Booger says that the rest of his team will be sorry then, because he’s on a mission now to crush a dream before he leaves.

Jase comes up and says he’s mad because that was a bad move. Well sure it was: for Jase. He calls himself a man of integrity, and says he would have kept his word. So the snickering with Boogie about how they pulled one over on the S6 yesterday was what, then? More back and forth as Booger and Jase try to make James feel guilty and James tries to transfer the blame to his “team”. James mentions that Jase busted up the deck during his tantrum, and Jase seems surprised. Wow, what did we miss during the flames? Oughta be a good show (you know, “Good TV”) on Thursday!

Jase is proud of himself for calling out Marcellas during his “tyrant” (tantrum? rant? I don’t know), and thinks Marcy screwed himself with his reaction. He says that he can’t believe that James back doored him, and Boogie jumps in to say, in all fairness, that this was not a back door.

Janelle comes in and Boogie patronizes her, saying that he understands why she wanted to keep Marcellas here instead of Jase, because when you have a friend in the house it helps to pass the time and relieve the boredom. He adds that at least Marcy got to vent his frustrations. Janie just smiles and nods.

Downstairs, Marcellas is telling George that he was right on in his veto speech, that they’re all here to correct past mistakes. He says he there to prove he’s not a sarcastic bitch (aw come on, I like the sarcastic bitch side of Marcy!) and that he knows how to play the game. Marcy promised himself he wouldn’t cry this season, but George’s speech brought him there. Can’t wait to hear this! He says that if he didn’t congratulate George on winning the veto before, he should have, and congratulates him now.

Upstairs, the HoH fools are still rehashing all the trust issues and how the floaters ruin the game for everyone, blah blah-de blah. Howie comes up and tells Booger that Will wants to see him. Boog slinks out of the room as the rest of them wonder if Will is giving his DOR. Booger comes running back up saying that the tarantula is molting and they all should come and see it. That’s what Will was calling him down for. Heehee.

Outside Jase is talking to Danielle. He’s saying that James told him that she was after him, and she denies it. She asks if James really said that, and Jase says that he implied it. Dani points out that those are two different things. Jase says that he was meant to play Survivor, not Big Brother. Hey CBS, put all of these whiny people on Survivor, preferably in Africa or something, and let’s see what they say after 39 days out there, shall we? Jase says that he’s giving up, he wants to go home, and Dani is trying to talk him into fighting to stay. No Dani, don’t do it! Let him mope and then quietly disappear from our screens. It’s okay, really!

Diane goes up to talk to James and says that he shouldn’t worry – he’s the least targeted member of S6 now. But she doesn’t understand why Jase is on the block. James explains that he hates the floaters (of which Diane is one, no?) but he had to target the Chill Clowns this week. Diane protests, saying that Will and Boogie are Chill Town, not Jase. Looks like Mrs. Smith is getting anxious about losing her “secret” alliance partner.

James goes on about Chicken George and how he underestimated him. Says he won’t go after him again until final three. Then he says sorry to Sarah, because he effed up her birthday. No James – you did the right thing. You just don’t know it yet. Oh, and Happy Birthday Sarah!

Erika comes in and Diane leaves. James asks Erika if she thinks he made the right decision, and she doesn’t answer. Then James says “You never have an answer, do you?” Just in time for Erika, BB calls her to the storage room. She clutches her injured ribs and heads out.