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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 24th – Why Janie, Booger, and Booze Don't Mix

Only three hours after the S6 finally settled down to sleep, Danielle is up and getting ready for the day. It’s 9:30 am, so Danielle actually slept in – probably due to all the booze she ingested the night before.

An hour later, Danielle is still the only one awake as BB announces that there’s 90 minutes until the veto ceremony. Nothing gets these folks out of bed like the promise of being on television! Georgie is up and ready to dig into some slop, but he tells Danielle that whatever she’s cooking smells wonderful.

Will and Booger are awake too, and Will says that last thing he heard (from Danielle, by the way), it was going to be Jase going up on the block. Every time I type that, it makes me happy. Booger, however, is less than gleeful. They figure they still have 88 minutes to change James’ mind. Booger whispers something to a showering Georgie, and George gives him the thumbs up. I wonder if our George is still working with the Chill Clowns?

Boog heads out to the kitchen, where Danielle proceeds to tell him everything that went down the night before. She gives him all the names of the people who wanted Jase out, and all the gory details of the decision making that she was involved in. I cannot believe that she’s doing all this – didn’t she say she wasn’t going to be evil this time? Girlfriend cannot keep anything secret!

They head outside and Will joins them. Booger is telling Dani all about their talk with James and Kaysar the night before and says that he went to bed very happy because he thought they got through to them. You know, they actually might have if Jase hadn’t opened his mouth. And this is called poetic justice, I believe. Danielle says that Janelle and Marcellas are very close, and she probably convinced James not to put him up.

Booger asks Danielle to explain the Janie/Marcy thing to James, and she says it’s too late – he already knows. Boog is disappointed, saying that he extended an olive branch to them and now they’re not going to honour anything. He says it’s too bad, and game AWN! He doesn’t understand why they would risk the wrath of Chill Clowns to break up a couple of alliances. And this would be why he was out fourth in his own season, of course.

Booger complains that he can’t go to sequester and be away from his businesses for that amount of time. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it? He’s played the game before, he knows how long it lasts. Why did he make such a big deal about wanting to be on the show – so much so that it’s entirely possible that Will made it a stipulation in his contract that he would only enter the house if Boog went in with him – if he couldn’t take that much time off work? Would his business be fine if he made it to the final two? What the hell? Kick him and Will out and bring in two of the others that wanted to play the damn game.

Booger leaves and Marcellas appears, looking studly in his white robe and eye mask. They wonder why James is so against putting Jase on the block, and think that he probably made a deal. Does Marcy not know he’s safe? Why isn’t Danielle telling him he’s safe? She spills everything else. Gar. Marcellas wonders if he should go up and tell James that he’ll never put him on the block if he gets HoH, if James nominates Jase today.

They both lament the huge decision-making session from the night before. Dani can’t believe that they’re making choices that way, because they never did that on her season. Marcy asks what she was talking to Booger about, and she lies to him saying that it was about Will. Now they’re agreeing that they won’t go to sequester, and that BB better switch up the jury structure. Ugh – they all signed contracts, right?


George says that he’s well on the way to losing some weight, since he’s only eating one cup of slop for breakfast. That can’t be good for him, can it? He complains that he has bad gas though, and Danielle says that’s from the protein drinks. I dunno about that. Oatmeal can have a laxative effect and cause gas. But we don’t need to go there. I forgot to mention that Georgie is wearing his tin foil hat.

George eats his breakfast outside, and Marcellas sits with him. I think George must have earned some respect with his veto performance, because he’s been much more visible and talkative as the group has accepted him. They discuss how hard this season has been so far – ear infections, not eating, broken ribs – and how that first challenge with a 50-pound meteor could have been really dangerous. Marcy says it’s like Survivor, and he did not sign up for Survivor.

Jase talks to Will and Booger, telling them to rip it up after he gets evicted. They need to go after Kaysar and James. Booger doesn’t want to go to sequester, but thinks he could do some damage before he leaves. Will is mostly silent, just staring into the camera. I’m trying to send him thought waves: “Wait until Jase is evicted and then convince Booger to give his DOR with you.” I don’t know if it worked, but you all can thank me later if that happens.

Our George is making the rounds this morning! Fresh off a chat about MySpace with James, he’s now talking with Danielle, who says she’s done if the S6 win another HoH. I was rooting for one of the floaters just to see what they’d do, but now I’m kind of hoping Janie, Kay, or Howie takes it. ‘Cause I want to know what will happen if someone quits.

Now we get flames for half an hour. Is the veto ceremony underway? Woohoo.

As we rejoin the hamsters, the cameras are all over the place. We finally settle on Booger, who is saying, “They want a villain? I’ll give them a villain!” Well first, you might want to work on that inability to win a competition thing. I’m just sayin’. Will repeats his tired refrain, “I’ve gotta get out of here.”

Janelle walks through and they’re all very curt with each other. Funny. Booger turns to Will and asks if he wants to listen, and Will grunts. He says that he can’t play the game by himself, so he’s going to play for the group. What group? Booger calls himself a lunatic. No Booger. Howie is a lunatic. You? Are just a tic. He’s going on and on and not making one whit of sense.

Now Howie comes walking through and hears the word “stupid” from Booger, so he asks if they’re talking about him. Boog says no, but “one of you”. Howie says that the game is all about perception, and they’re perceiving that S6 turned down their deal. He reminds them that Kaysar put his ass on the line in the veto comp to save Will. Booger can’t believe that they seem to trust Marcellas more than him.

Kaysar and Janelle are in the HoH, saying that the deal the Chills offered them wasn’t honest, and now they’re mad because the S6 didn’t buy into a crappy deal. The mood in the house is very tense, but I still don’t know if the veto ceremony has happened yet. Janie is just now putting on her makeup, so I’m thinking probably not.

James is in there too, and they’re still discussing the merits of putting Jase up versus sending Booger home. Again, from a viewer standpoint, either one is just fine. James says that next week is going to be tough, because the rest of the house will want to break up the S6 because of their numbers heading to the jury. Janie says that the floaters definitely have the numbers.

Kaysar and James think they should go around to the floaters and tell them about the deal the Chill Clowns offered, to keep both groups safe and take out all of the floaters. That would work if they believe you guys, but who knows if that’ll happen? They go over their plan once more, and then wonder if Chill Town will now become Booger, Will, and Diane. You can bet on that one.

BB announces a lockdown, and Kaysar says, “This is it.” So I guess they’re doing the veto ceremony now. Finally. Kay wonders why week 3 is always so ugly, and James says it’s his fault. And … flames. Boy I wish we could have somehow accidentally caught this one!

The fire burns for over an hour this time, and when we come back Will and Boogie are discussing Jase and how the producers probably knew he’d side with them when they were casting. Right – they were thinking “who can we get in the house who would make sure Booger is there for a long time?”