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In Slop We Don't Trust – Big Brother 7: All Stars, Episode 7

Nakomis Goes Bye Bye

Nakomis is voted out and everyone walks her to the door, except for Jase who just chills on the couch sipping a drink. He says she’s not going to be on the jury so who cares. They flash back to when Nakomis masterminded Jase’s ousting on Season 5. Diane says now she’s ready to play. The vote was 8-2, and Will says that he’s curious who the other person besides him voted for Diane to leave the house.

They show clips from the HOH competition and James is the new HOH. Howie again acts like an idiot and jumps up and down and screams. Boogie says in the diary room that he has to give season 6 credit. Danielle says once again she has to kiss some more ass for another week. Boogie tells Will that he doesn’t think either of them will get nominated because James is a little upset about Kaysar. He says James could really rock nominations this week.

Georgie the Spy

Boogie compares Chicken George to Alice from the Brady Bunch because George cooks and cleans like a maid. Howie says that while Chicken George is keeping the house spic and span, he’s also eavesdropping on everyone. James believes George over heard a conversation between him and Janelle and maybe George is playing the game more than he thought.

James’ HOH room, yeah I sure can’t wait to see it. There’s a picture of James and Sarah from BB6 kissing (weren’t they annoying last year?). They’re still together. Everyone except the Season 6 people leave. James talks to the BB6 peeps (Janelle, Howie, and Kaysar) about how he has to start talking to people and finding out where their heads are. They discuss how strong their alliance is. Janelle asks if they are worried about Jase and they say yes. They discuss getting rid of Chicken George. James says if they do that then it causes the floaters to pick a side. They put their fists together and say final four, right here.

Boogers the Great

Boogie is on a work out kick, lifting weights, doing crunches, and jumping rope. He says that he has to get in shape because of all the buff bodies in the house. He says he’s trying to slim down, but has his mother’s hips (err?).

Will is bored to death and complains nonstop about the house, and is getting on everyone’s nerves. Kaysar says maybe it’s because his mother didn’t hug him enough. Will says that his strategy is to break the houseguests down as much as possible. Diane goes to Marcellas and tells him how annoying Will is.

A Spoonful of Strategy

Will goes to James and they talk about getting rid of Chicken George. Will says that its Chill Town versus BB6 and a million floaters. He asks what will happen when BB6 has to start going at each other. James says that he would be the first one kicked out of the alliance. He says it happened last year and will happen again. Will says in diary that James doesn’t really want to be with BB6. He wants to be in Chill Town.

Howie and Jase invent some game with a blow up intertube which jase makes up jingle about their new game. Howie thinks Jase is sniffing paint chips. I must agree.

Erika says that James should target Chicken George. Marcellas agrees. Danielle thinks he should target Jase. James wants Chicken George out now because George doesn’t do anything in the house and could possibly make it to the final two. Danielle says if he doesn’t deal with Jase now and goes after Chicken George, it will backfire.

Danielle, James, and Janelle prepare their daily helping of slop. James says how he can’t get rid of the taste of this crap. The three of them try to stir it over and over, but it doesn’ t help, of course.

Food Competion

The houseguests walk outside to a large contraption where they pair up into teams of two and manuever a bowling ball to try and get food for each day of the week as well as have a feast. There are 4 zones that represent different foods, including slop. They have to try and manuever the bowling ball all the way to the top without the ball falling into any holes along the way. With each zone that they successful pass, they win that food. If the ball falls into a hole, they win whatever food that zone represents and the food of the zones they already cleared (did that make sense? okay, whatever). There is a zone for slop and there is a hole at the very top that would make them eat slop the entire week. If they make it to the very top without the ball falling in any holes, then they win all food priveleges.

James and Erika go first and manuever the ball all the way to the top. Boogie and Diane go for Tuesday and Boogie is a mad man yelling at Diane, but they do make it to the top. Next is Will and Danielle. Will nearly screws up, but they make it to veggies and beer and bread and kumquats. Howie and Kaysar are next and make it all the way to the top for a feast for Thursday. Janelle and Marcellas are next. Marcellas has to tell everyone to shut up because they are yelling so much and he and Janelle can’t concentrate. They do get veggies and beer for Friday. Jase and Chicken George go next. George is shaking like crazy and is sweating like crazy. He has to keep stopping to wipe his forehead. They are able to make it to the end, and Chicken George falls out. They all celebrate that they don’t have to worry about slop.

Marcellas and Janelle complain that they didn’t get as far as the other. Marcellas complains how he has always wanted to to be like the big guys. Janelle says she likes that she’s not winning as much so everyone sees her as the buxom blonde (is she a real blonde?).

Slap Boogie so He’ll Shut Up

The houseguests are in their beds and Mike Boogie is talking in his sleep. Janelle says in the diary room that she should get closer to Boogie and asks him questions about the game. Boogie says the more he annoys people, the better.

Danielle talks to Kaysar about being sixteen and having a baby. She says she wonders if her daughters miss her because they are so grown up now. Nice to see a sentimental side of Danielle, I guess.

Time for Some Action

Nomination time. Will talks about how insulted he is that he hasn’t been nominated yet. Boogie doubts if Chill Town’s keys will be in there. James so no matter what, he will always look out for his own ass and that Big Brother is not a team sport.

James pulls out the first key and it’s Erika’s. The next key is Danielle and she looks shocked. Next it’s Mike Boogie’s key. Next it’s Kaysar. Janelle’s key is next. Next it’s Diane’s key. Next it’s Jase’s key. Next it’s Marcellas. The final key belongs to Howie.

Finally Will gets his wish. He is up for nomination next to Chicken George. James says he nominated Will because he says he wanted to be nominated. James says he realized that George was playing the game because George was listening to his conversation with Janelle. George is pissed.

My Thoughts

Tonight was a typical nomination day. Not really many surprises going on today. I figured Will would be nominated. A tad suprised about the Chicken George nomination. I guess James might have a point. I still would have put Boogie and Will up against each other. But that’s just me.

Maybe Jase has a career in jingle writing. I mean, the jingle he came up with the blow up intertube is like most jingles, catchy and completely annoying.

Well, I’m outta here. See ya next week!

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