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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 23rd – Who's Going Up on the Block?

Booger and Jase are working on Janie now, trying to convince her that Marcellas and Erika are working against the S6. She’s telling them about the floaters running up to the HoH room whenever one of the S6 gets power. No no Janie, don’t buy it!

Janelle and Kaysar discuss the floaters, and then the conversation goes into the HoH room. It now seems that James and Janelle are still opposing each other as to who should go on the block, but this time James wants Marcellas and Janelle wants Erika. Wow, things change so quickly in here!

Howie is trying to tell them that the Chills could be lying, and that they shouldn’t just blindly trust them. Tell ’em Howie! Janie agrees and even says they should take out Booger. Kaysar wants to try and talk Will into going home this week. Howie says that, even if they can’t trust Marcy, they can trust him more than the Chills. They agree that they’re putting up Booger, and that they will tell them what they’re doing. Whew. That was close!

James leaves the HoH, and Howie laughs at how close they came to messing it all up. No kidding! Kaysar says that the “feeders” were probably all yelling at them, “No, don’t do it!” That Kay is so clever! He adds that it might be smart to get rid of Will before something happens that makes him want to play the game. See, he is catching the brainwaves from us feeders! Janelle goes to talk to Erika and comes back saying that she will vote with them. Janie feels like such a bitch because Erika is so nice and they considered nominating her.

But wait – just when you think that they’ve decided on Booger, it turns out that it will be Jase going up. And they all look quite relieved having hashed and rehashed everything out. James says it’s easier to justify taking Jase out, since he went after Marcellas.

The rest of the evening consists of a lot of random conversations that don’t really amount to anything. Danielle is drunk again and talking non-stop about herself and her views on just about everything.

When things finally calm down and the hamsters start heading off into sleepyland, Howie, Kaysar, and James tuck themselves into the HoH bed. Someone says that they’re turning into the Nerd Herd now, and Kay shouts out, “Let’s spell “veto” with out legs!” I laughed so hard I thought an internal organ was going to pop out. Janie comes in and gets in bed with them. After much giggling, they all get up and go to the kitchen.

Over plates of leftover pasta, they work out their ideal boot order. It looks like Jase, then Booger, Will, Danielle, then Erika. They want to keep Chicken George around for a while now. They stay up almost all night, eating and talking. It’s fun to watch them bonding all over again, I must admit.

Finally, at about 6:30 am. Everyone is in bed sound asleep. What a night!

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