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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 23rd – Who's Going Up on the Block?

Now, almost as bored as I am, Will and Booger consider making a tower with the Jenga game in the fire pit and burning it. Sure, that’ll encourage BB to give you more games. Great idea, geniuses.

Chicken George goes up to talk with James, and James seems to be giving Georgie honest praise for going all out to win the veto. He says that he had to win the veto himself a few times last year, so he respects George’s game play. George wonders if he’s now a sitting duck for next week, since he can’t play for the veto. James says he might be, unless he wins HoH. Then he adds that Kaysar is in the same position, not being able to play for veto. Way to plant the seed James. He adds that he’s not really an asshole, and that his nominations weren’t personal. They shake hands and George leaves.

Switching feeds, the backyard is filled with smoke. Looks like Jase and Will are playing with fire, literally. We hear BB telling them to “Stop that!” a few times, but I can’t even really see what they’re doing. Maybe they made good on their threat to destroy Jenga? BB calls Jase to the DR and we get a shot of the storage room, where their catered dinner has arrived. Jase returns saying that BB will allow them to torch the Jenga game, but if they do they get no alcohol and no more board games. Way to play hard, BB!

Will decides that inciting an alcohol ban would be funny, since he’s going home on Thursday anyway. They call a house meeting and ask everyone what they think. Of course they don’t mention the consequences of the board game inferno, so everyone is in favour of burning it. Then Will mentions the no alcohol thing, so most of them change their minds.

Their dinner tonight is Italian – foil trays full of pasta, tiramisu, and Caesar salad. George looks rather envious as he prepares his slop. Howie says that if they don’t get booze by 9 pm, then they’ll burn Jenga. Will agrees, and tells BB that the alcohol better be there in one hour, or the Jenga gets it. Howie chimes in that Jenga dies at 9:00, “or, if we have trouble lighting it, 9:15.”

Marcellas and Janelle are again talking about how James won’t put Jase on the block. Marcy has had enough and says that he’s not voting with them anymore. He compares it to playing the game with children. They get power and don’t know what to do with it. They have the votes to do whatever they want, but refuse to go after the big threats. Janie says she’ll try one more time to work on James.

As Booger and Will head up to the HoH room for their big meeting with James and Kaysar, Marcellas is yelling at Jase. From the sounds of it, Jase said something to Marcy about running to the DR to complain about the rapping, but Marcellas was actually in there wanting to talk to Dr. Zachary. Marcy is shouting and waving his hands around. I guess Jase went through with his plan to upset Marcellas. I wonder if he feels like a big macho man now.

Janie and Howie try to comfort Marcellas in the kitchen, while the big meeting upstairs is getting underway. Will says he wants this to be “man to man” and to keep the discussion to themselves afterwards. Right, like that will happen. Will asks if James has thought about his nomination, and I’m awarding Will the “Stupid Question of the Week” award. Booger mentions that next week, James can’t play for HoH and Kaysar can’t play veto, so it will be a dangerous week for them. He wants to offer them amnesty. He says that someone in the house is dangerous and wants to nominate both Kay and Howie.

James guesses Jase, but Booger says no, it’s Marcellas. He goes on about how Marcy goes where the power is and that all he does is sit and talk trash. They discuss the floaters and how they’ll probably target Chicken George. Will says that if Booger goes up, then Will is the one who will be going home. Booger adds that, since Will is going home within the next few weeks anyway, he plans to join the S6 and become part of their alliance.

Kaysar asks when did Marcellas say that he wanted to put he and Howie up. Booger says about a week and a half ago. Jase’s name comes up again and Booger insists that he and Jase are not interchangeable, and that James needs to talk to Jase himself.

James tells Will and Booger that, even though they said they’d keep the conversation to themselves, he has to talk to Howie and Janelle about all of this. Will says that he didn’t want to talk to them because Howie would be humping a chair and Janie is a mannequin – too hard to read.

Erika comes in bringing James a glass of wine and announcing that the alcohol has arrived. Jenga lives to see another day.

Kaysar finally gets to the point and wants to know exactly what they’re asking. Will says that he wants Marcellas up, or any of the floaters except Danielle, Diane, or Erika. As for Jase, it’s fine if they want to go after him next week, but this week it has to be Marcellas. They promise to do whatever the S6 wants next week in return, including throwing the comps. Now they’re including Jase in the equation, promising that he’ll have to play along with this deal if he is kept safe this week. Why don’t I see that happening?

Janie arrives, so Will and Booger leave saying that they’ll send Howie up. James and Kaysar tell Janie about the Chills wanting Marcellas out, and Janei just says, “We’re not going after Marcy.” No kidding. They rehash the meeting and Kaysar seems angry that he shaved his head to save Will’s ass, and now they’re trying to dictate the nominations.

Janelle tells them about the confrontation between Jase and Marcellas, and that Marcy and Erika really want Jase gone. James gets angry and says that it’s not his job to protect the floaters, but Janie insists that it is. They need to make the floaters feel safe so that they will keep them on their side. They all think that the meeting with Will and Booger was a joke, they saw right through all the BS. Good. Now they’ve decided that they have to split that alliance up this week.

Lots of talk about the floaters and how they need to play this round. What it boils down to is that Janelle wants to go after Jase, but James wants to nominate Booger. Personally I’m fine either way. It’s all good.

Erika comes up, and the four tell her that they want input from everyone as to who should go on the block. She seems surprised about this. Erika is asked direct questions, but won’t answer them. She plays shy and coy, saying that she doesn’t want to name names and will vote the way the house votes on Wednesday. C’mon Erika, get some cajones girl. Finally she says that Jase is the bigger threat because he has two alliances.

Marcellas comes in and James asks him, “Who should go, Boogie or Marcellas?” Ha! Whoops! Marcy takes it as a joke, and says that it really doesn’t matter much – one is the brain and one is the brawn. As long as one of them goes, he’s fine with it.

Danielle comes up now and the same question is posed to her. But she’s astounded that anyone would do this – ask other people how they feel. They didn’t do that on her season, after all! Danielle seems to be leaning toward Jase, but she won’t give names. She keeps throwing out the worst-case scenarios, like what if Will wins HoH. She’s insisting that they look at this from all angles. I’m pretty sure they have already.

Now Diane comes in. Geez, it’s a regular party room tonight. All that’s left out are the Chill Clowns and Georgie. Strategy talk stops for a while. The others are downstairs playing pool, and one of them sings the BB theme song and we get flames. Give me a break – surely they own the rights to that little ditty?

Back upstairs, Marcellas leaves the room and Danielle keeps telling them to do what’s best for themselves. She leaves too. Finally most of the people clear out of the HoH room and only James, Howie, and Janelle are left. During all this talk, Janie has left the room and come back rather drunk. This should be interesting.

Janelle says that James may have to put up a floater, and he says that if he does it’ll be Marcellas. The group breaks up, still deep in thought. Downstairs, George is trying to bake bread with his slop. Booger corners Howie and says that they have to put Marcy on the block – if they put up Boog or Jase, then the Chill Clowns will be coming after them next week. He doesn’t want to be bullied by the S6. Howie, to his credit, is mostly silent through this little diatribe. Boog is getting threatening almost, saying that he’ll take his shit and go home if he has to play against a team that wins every HoH.

A bit later, Jase and Booger talk to the S6 about the same stuff. Jase promises to go after the floaters if he gets HoH. All stuff we’ve heard before, but now it sounds almost pathetic. When the meeting breaks up, Jase and Booger congratulate themselves on being able to lie so well.

Outside, Marcellas and Erika are talking about the need to take out one of the S6. Marcy wants it to be Howie.