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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 23rd – Who's Going Up on the Block?

Danielle shows up, and Will starts asking her relationship questions. I’m convinced that Evil Dr. Will is on a mission to make my life hell. He brings flames constantly, he tries to convince Booger to drink or dance or, worse, sing, and now he’s actively encouraging Danielle to talk some more about herself and her life.

Outside there’s some badminton going on and Howie is having an actual conversation with Georgie. Inside, Janelle and Kaysar have taken over the workout room and are, you know, working out. Janelle can’t believe that James won’t put Jase up. She keeps having dreams that Jase is coming to get her. If you rewind this tape about ten days back, it’s almost the same conversation Janie had with James about Kaysar’s nominations.

BB announces that the storage room is now available, and no one seems to know what for – they already have lots of food. But … no one seems to want to be bothered to check either. Anyone else find that strange?

Outside, Jase is telling Booger that the S6 better not be thinking of backdooring him this week. Boog explains that it’s not a back door – it’s circumstance that the target won the veto. So Jase says that they’d better not “circumstance” him out this week. Ugh. What are you gonna do if you do get backdoored, Jase? Really, there’s not much you can do about it, is there? Break back into the house and go on a killing spree?

Jase says that he’s probably going to be the target now, because the S6 knows he’s with the Chill Clowns. Booger brings up Marcellas, who Jase considers to be a “dramatic bitch”. Jase wants to make the house paranoid, so he decides that he’s not going to talk at all today. Yay! Thanks Jase! Will thinks it would be better to take all of the food out of the storage room and hole up in the HoH room instead.

Meanwhile, Janelle is telling Marcellas that he absolutely has to win HoH next week and take out Jase. They both think the competition will be based on luck more than skill so that everyone has an equal chance at winning it.

In the backyard, Jase is talking about how Janelle is the leader and the brains behind the S6, while Howie is very popular. But he thinks that whoever is put up beside Kaysar would go home because Kay is so well-liked. Then he starts in on a rant about how much he wants Janie gone and that she’s a fake bitch, blah blah blah. We’ve heard this all before – at least he could try and be original. And what happened to the not-talking thing? I was looking forward to that.

Booger complains that everyone in the house is likable now, and that there’s usually a few people who are a**holes in the house at this point. Er, I can count two of ’em on my screen right now. Apparently Booger and Jase are invisible to themselves. I’m not counting Dr. Will, because he does have his moments. They all decide that the S6 will go after George at all costs, so the three of them will fall under the radar. They make fun of Janelle, but then come up with crap like this? Unbelievable.

Janie and Marcellas are still talking about Jase too, but the difference here is that they’re giving him credit for his game and expressing their fear of him winning HoH. They think he’d put the two of them up together. Janelle asks what they should do if Jase does get HoH, and Marcellas responds, “Run like bitches!” He amends that to say that they just have to go all out and play hard for the veto.

They talk about how being in sequester would be horrible – they can’t go back to their real lives and they can’t play the game. Janelle mentions that J-Blow and Howie might have done the dirty in sequester, because they were locked in one of the bedrooms for hours. Yuck, now I need a shower.

Booger and Will are worried that Chicken George will win all of the America’s Choice things now, because he must be getting a great edit. They mention that he’s probably going to the diary room and laughing at them because he’s a real strategic player. Just as George predicted in Sunday’s episode, oddly enough in the DR. They wonder if anyone would do this show if it wasn’t on TV, and think no, no one would. Jase says that he’s only there to be a star. Guess what Jase? You weren’t a star in your own season, and things aren’t looking real good for you now either. They call themselves “Reality Star Royalty” now, because they’re All Stars. I need to find some travel sickness bags or something. They all agree that BB is one of the top three reality shows, along with Survivor and The Amazing Race. Somehow they forget American Idol there.

In the kitchen, Janelle admits that she is dating someone. She gets into a conversation with Diane about how they define “boyfriend”. Not too exciting here.

Jase does some awful country-inspired rap number, and Marcellas walks by giving him a dirty look. They all think Marcy must be PMS’ing. More discussion of reality stars – mostly the ones who are considered “evil”. Yawn.

Howie and James are upstairs in the HoH room, and Marcellas joins them. He complains about the stupid rapping, which I would complain about too if I had to put up with it every day. James is stressing again, saying that he doesn’t know if he can stay in a game where he has to play against not only the other hamsters, but also the production crew. Boo hoo.

Will has been asking for the past hour for BB to give them a board game. Now he says that he’s giving them one hour to give him a new game, or else he’ll throw all of the pots outside into the pool and they’ll create a treasure hunt with them. Heehee – maybe the treasure hunt thing would be “good TV”.

All four feeds are in the backyard, so we get to watch Kaysar and Erika chatting, and Jase telling Kay that when he was in Kuwait, he thought the end of the prayers they said there was “Troy Aikman”. Right. Jase goes to the DR to ask for a game, and he comes back saying that they told him that they should use their creativity and make up their own game. I agree. I’d rather watch them goofing off with Duck Ball than sitting for hours playing Monopoly.

George comes out eating one of his slop bars, and gets some ribbing about his diet. Jase asks him if he’s going to try for HoH this week, and he agrees that he will – except that he sucks at the question comps. They ask him if he’ll rock the house with nominations if he gets HoH, but Georgie isn’t giving anything up. He just says that he has to win it first.

Jase has decided that he wants to pick on Marcellas and make things up to annoy him. Remember that segment Julie Chen did on how much Jase has matured? I wonder if they’ll counter that with his rapid regression, or if they’ll continue to try and edit him as a changed man. Somehow I don’t see how they can manage that, but this is Big Brother, after all. They managed to put a positive spin on Maggie last year.

In the kitchen, Janelle asks Will about his lipo treatments and gets the name of his doctor. Will tells her that he’s one of the featured docs on the upcoming show, Dr. 90210. I saw an online ad for that the other day – it looks kind of interesting. They discuss Will’s desire to leave the house, and he says that he’ll walk out if he isn’t evicted in the next three weeks. But if BB forces him to stay (uh, what?) he’ll unleash his own special brand of hell on the house.

Diane and Janie decide that they’re going to get drunk and take a bubble bath together. Howie wants in on this action, and somehow the conversation turns to Howie and Diane getting married. They start talking about the wedding and how Janie will be the maid of honour. All righty then. Howie starts flexing and mooning the camera – but he’s playing up to the wrong camera so all we see are his back and then his face when he turns around to moon. And that’s a good thing.

Will and Booger are strategizing again, talking about how Janelle is hard to read and that she can’t be as stupid as she looks because no one is as stupid as she looks. Nice. Booger wants to put fear into Kaysar to keep the Chill Clowns safe this week. That’s funny. Oh, Jase is there too – didn’t notice him because he wasn’t ranting on Janie. He says he wants Marcy’s ass gone. Will randomly mentions that he’s wearing the same shorts that he wore in BB2 because he thought the “internet” would like that. Did anyone even notice?