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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 23rd – Who's Going Up on the Block?

It’s finally happened – the feeds have picked up and the boring spots are actually becoming welcomed so that we can take a breather and digest all of the strategy talks and outbursts. Chicken George winning the veto seems to have turned the whole game upside down. Now if only we could do something about the constant interruptions from the wall of flames.

This morning, Marcellas is up just after 6 am, and as he walks though the house he’s disgusted with how messy everything is. He tidies up the kitchen a bit, goes outside and covers the pool table, picks up some empty cups and bottles, and returns to the kitchen. Then he heads back to bed, to dream of spa treatments and nice, tidy spaces.

About three hours later, Booger is out of bed. He does his usual morning stuff and heads for the kitchen, where he runs into Danielle. They whisper about something – I couldn’t catch most of it, but it appears that Dani was telling Boog to talk to James as soon as he got the chance. They both think that Marcellas should be the one to go this week, and then Chicken George next week.

Okay, I’ll get this idea “out in the cosmos” now before things start picking up in the house. Why doesn’t James just nominate Diane? The only person she’s in an alliance with is Jase, so taking her out would weaken his game somewhat. James can keep his word with the Chill Clowns, since he seems to want to do that, and who’s really going to care too much if Diane leaves? And if she stays, then no big deal either. Will says he wants to go home anyway.

Okay, back to the Danielle and Booger show.

Danielle says that Boog needs to go tell Kaysar that Marcy said he’d put Kay up if he got HoH. Then Kaysar will convince James to put Marcellas up and they can vote him out. She says that Booger should guarantee safety for both Kaysar and James if Marcellas goes this week, but only for those two, not for Janelle and Howie. I thought we weren’t going to be seeing the evil Danielle this season? It seems she’s right there, on my computer monitor, plotting with Booger.

Booger doesn’t want to go through with this plan though. He thinks he’s in good standing with his homeboy James, and that they need Marcellas in the house for a while longer. He plans to keep the S6 safe as long as they don’t come after him anyway.

Danielle hits the shower while Boog goes to make his breakfast. He’s having a single, large pancake, in case you’re curious. He makes his pancake and iced coffee, I believe, and goes to the backyard to eat and practice his speech that he plans to deliver to James. It goes something like, “You can’t play for HoH next week and Kaysar can’t play for veto. Put up Marcellas in place of George, we vote Marcy out, and keep Will. Then you’re safe for next week because the only person who would put you up is George. If you don’t do this and Will goes home, you and Kaysar will be the nominations next week and you’ll be going home.”

Boog continues to tweak his speech, saying that maybe it shouldn’t sound so threatening. Then he considers that, if Will does go home, it’ll be just him and Jase left to represent. Yo. He mutters “survive and advance” several times.

Danielle comes back outside and launches into how much she doesn’t like Marcy. She calls him a hypocrite, and complains that he called her “vile” on House Calls. He wasn’t on her radar at all until she found out that he tried to get her evicted the first two weeks in the house. Booger says that he likes Marcellas, but he flip-flops so much that it’s starting to “mess up my world”. They rehash season 3 for a while, trying to prove their point.

Booger says that Jases is not a part of the Chill Clowns, and that, if Will leaves, he doesn’t want it to turn into the “Mike and Jase Show”. Er, I don’t think there’s a risk of that happening even if Will leaves, is there? Danielle repeats a bunch of stuff that she’s said over and over again before – you can only nominate someone if you’re willing to see them go home, and if the dominant alliance wants to keep one person over the other, you go after the person they want to keep, etc etc. I like Danielle for the most part, but boy does she talk a lot.

Apparently Diane told Danielle that she and Jase had agreed to work together long before the game started, but then Diane changed her mind because she can’t stand him. Of course, she doesn’t believe it and neither does Boog. Danielle suggests that he and Will go talk with James and Kaysar alone. Since Kay is a man of integrity, they should approach him as such. She actually says that they should ask James and Kaysar not to mention putting Marcellas up to Janelle. Wow, she’s really underestimating that group.

Now it’s 11:30 am, and the rest of the hamsters are still sleeping. I’m almost there myself, listening to Danielle go on and on about her season, how well she played despite having everything stacked against her, and how she’s been orchestrating everything in this season so far as well. Booger is nodding and adding appropriate comments where necessary. Danielle says that she came into the house all alone with no alliances, even though James called her up and said … darnit, things finally get interesting and we’re treated to flames. This will only be forgivable if BB wakes up the sleepers right now.

But no, when we come back, things are still exactly the same. We get to hear how much the producers loved Danielle in week one because she stirred things up, and then we get more flames. Then she talks about how much she wanted to be one of the America’s Choice people who got into the house. She’s very disappointed about that. Booger says that he knew he wouldn’t be America’s Choice because “the internet people” don’t like him. Fo’ shizzle.

Then they, and by “they” I mean Dani, talk about Survivor and who she would have taken out of each season. For the record, she would have seen the Rob/Amber thing and taken Amber out early to weaken Rob. But she thinks he should have won. And she thinks Tina didn’t deserve to win her season. And neither did Vecepia. Oh wait, maybe she does like Vecepia. Man, who the hell cares? More talk of past BB seasons and, of course, who Danielle would have taken out.

Finally Booger has had enough and goes inside. It’s a sad commentary on your conversational skills if you’re female and you can’t keep Boog interested in what you’re saying.

Will is up and runs into Booger in the bathroom. Yay, more people! Oh, and Howie is awake too! I’ve never been so happy to see Howie in all my life. Booger tells Will that he needs him to be Dr. Will 2001 for a while, because they need to talk to James today. He breaks down the plan to get James to put Marcy on the block, and Will listens looking like he’s not quite following. Howie comes in, so the conversation is on hold.

Oh boy, more people! Chicken George is in the kitchen, and so is Diane. Good morning hamsters! Thank you for saving me from Danielle and Boog! Will comes in and tells Georgie that he did good yesterday and not to get down about it. Howie joins in and adds that he got used to the slop after a week, and it wasn’t so bad. Danielle is making omelets for everyone.

Lots of breakfast prep and eating as Will, Booger, and Howie also work out a bit and talk about what kinds of exercises they do. Georgie wonders whether he should have his slop poached or sunny-side up this morning. Will tells George that this slop diet is a blessing in disguise for him, because he’ll end up losing weight and lowering his cholesterol. I guess that’s true.

Dr. Will decides to go through Howie’s meds, and discovers that he has asthma and a hyperactive thyroid. Danielle offers that she has goiters. Fascinating medical advice from both Will and Danielle ensues.

Booger pulls Will aside to finish their conversation about how to present their case to James. Will thinks he should just go to James and ask him to put up anyone but Booger. See, that makes much more sense to me. But Boog is totally sold on this Marcellas thing, and insists that they take this angle.

Kaysar is awake now and wanders out rubbing his newly bald head. Booger heads over to James, who mentions that he’s still upset about yesterday (really? We hadn’t noticed.) and asks him if they can have a little chat later. He specifies it has to be just James, Kaysar, Will, and himself. James agrees.

Now we’re in the gym with Diane and Will. Booger joins them – oh goody. Diane says something about not liking to hurt people, and Will mentions that she’s told them that she’s cheated on lots of men. Somehow Di doesn’t think that counts. Booger is really trying to suck up to Diane, saying that he wants to go on The Amazing Race with her and how he likes that she doesn’t just go for hunky guys – she looks at the whole package. Will tells her that she seems to have a lot of “deficiencies” but he’ll work on them with her. Diane doesn’t seem too interested in this proposition.