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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 22nd – How Far Would You Go To Win Veto?

I feel Boogie’s pain for the first time as he talks about his busy Saturday night watching a guy get highlights and having an ear infection from dunking his head in oatmeal. So that’s why everyone is bothered by that. Try to explain that to the ER. No, it’s not my 11 month old learning to feed herself, it’s me.

During the Japanese feast, the Chicken Man sits outside alone while everyone else eats the sushi. Jase talks about his blue skin and compares himself to Aqua Man. Of course, Howie has the down low on the comic book characters, and tells him Captain America is the blue skinned one. Apparently one of the things from the PoV was having your clothes burned. Howie tells them if they need to borrow any of his, that’s fine. James assures him no one will need to borrow from him. Remember, this is the guy that is still wearing the Ambercrombie and Fitch underwear he got from Michael in BB6.

Outside another badminton game is going and James tries to get Erika to play. Because of playing hurt because of her rib she wants certain concessions to make it easier on her, but says she’ll take off an article of clothing for every point. Strip badminton? Who would have thought. Janie is playing too, and refers to James as Twinkletoes. Danielle supports the name, saying he is a little light in his loafers.

Diane tells Will she doesn’t find him attractive because his nipples are too small, and James wonders aloud if this will make Will get plastic surgery to correct it. Janie says Will’s nipples are even smaller than the ones on her grandma’s cat. It’s about time people started throwing shit back at him.

The big chatter most of the night has been how long the Chicken Man can last on slop alone. Jase and Will remain steadfast in the belief that 60 days can’t be done. Boogie joins in on the conversation, and they decide George will die here on the slop diet and they’ll have to bury him in the backyard. Boogie suggests the tombstone will read, “Last clucked August 1st, 2006.” Okay, I’ll give it up for Boogie on that one. They talk about how he could have chosen any amount of days he wanted, and he was the one that went for the gusto with sixty right off the bat. Kaysar committed to fifteen days if he had won it, saying he figured George might do two weeks. This is why George is here then. He would never make it on Jeopardy. He wouldn’t know how much of his money to bet at the end.

Kaysar and Danielle have a long bitch session about Marcellas. It appears she is trying to drum up votes for him to go up on the block this week in George’s place. Kaysar is still very bitter about Marcellas jumping ship on Nakomis last week. They complain he’s a hypocrite and drama queen. Danielle believes it was a load of crap that he voted for Diane because of her hard luck story, because she was on BB3 because she needed the money, and look how that turned out.

Danielle also talks about it being her daughter’s birthday, and says her mom is probably having a fit because she looks like she’s on crack. Her mom wants her to straighten her hair, but that’s not her thing. Maybe bald or blue would be better. She says she goes to the store looking like this all the time, and the kids ask her if she is going to stay in the car. That’s super funny to me, because I won’t go in anywhere unless it’s obvious I just left martial arts class, and this is the reason I have no makeup and am sweaty. If I look like crap, and have no makeup on, I make the kids go in for me.

Kaysar’s ear is feeling better because they took out whatever it was that was stuck in there. He counts the injured, and comes up with six. When a recount happens and they only get, Howie, Kaysar, Will, Boogie, Erika, Kaysar says he counted Howie twice because he has an ear infection and mental problems. Something about Kaysar’s dry delivery always makes the stuff he says even funnier.

While Will, Boogie, and James chat before bed about not being able to convince James to not put up another one of them, Janelle, Kaysar, Howie, and James still are mulling over should it be Jase or Boogie. Kaysar has apparently borrowed a pair of James’ boxers, and thanks him. They joke about putting up Marcellas, and decide he’s the least loyal floater to them between him, Erika and Danielle. The talk moves back to Boogie over Jase, and it’s really the same stuff they’ve been saying since Thursday night. James makes a good funny point. If they take out Boogie, it’s just Chill, as Town has left the building.

James does make a good point for keeping Jase. If he wins HoH they will threaten him, and tell him they’ll come after him the next week. he won’t be as strong without Chill Town, and he won’t want them after him, because he can only take out one, and the other three would be after him the following week. Good point, James. They then decide to try and figure out who Boogie would go after if he was HoH, but decide he’s too irrational to follow his pattern of thinking. They decide Howie is the only one of them that is similarly irrational, and ask what he would do if he was Boogie and won HoH. He says if he was Boogie, he’d bang Diane.

Kaysar is now on James’ side for taking out Boogie after James points out that Boogie may not look great, but he’s played sports his whole life. Jase looks good, but he’s not an athlete, just like with Cappy. Look good, but can’t win physical competitions. They give up their marathon strategy session and go downstairs for sushi and cheese with Erika. James tells Howie he’s his favorite retard, and Howie says it’s because he puts the RE in TARD.

Joining the rest of the others who have moved on to a hookah session, Will says he is half Jewish and half Christian, prompting Jase to ask if that means he’s half circumcised. He also says he told some kid getting treated for acne from him that the only reason he got a lot of …, well you know, was because of his Escalade and condo. It has nothing to do with his great skin. I hope he put it in other terms than that.

And these are the thoughts we are left with as everyone retires for the night. Will said he knew the internet feeders would be all over him for saying something like that to a kid. Well, not really. I think it’s kind of cool that he tried to help a kid with his self esteem. And in all honesty, the terms he put it in are probably the only ones a young teenage boy would understand. I know, I have a 13 year old.

I’m not upset about that comment of Will’s. Are you? Tell us what you think in the BB Spoilers & Feeds Forum and share your thoughts, or email me at LauraBelle@realityshack.com.

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