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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 22nd – How Far Would You Go To Win Veto?

Will and Janelle are still in the kitchen together. The pancakes are done, and Janie has moved on to making her famous apple crisp. Will and Howie start quoting the movie Stripes, so of course we get flames. Perhaps Will was trying to give Janie the Aunt Jemima treatment. I’m not sure.

Janelle, Kaysar and Howie try to convince James to put up Jase, but James doesn’t want to since he promised Jase he wouldn’t backdoor him. Like that means anything? You promised Chicken George you were not going to send him home this week! It’s okay to lie to the Chicken, but not the blue-haired guy? Janie is the one that is most convinced to take out Jase now, and a week ago she was so sure he was a good guy. James keeps refusing, and it’s most likely because of a secret alliance. Not that it’s different than anyone else there, as it seems everyone has a secret alliance with someone else, making them not so secret. They keep telling James it wouldn’t be backdooring him. He could have done anything to stay in the competition, and didn’t. He didn’t shave his head or agree to not compete for veto, but could have to save himself. James wants to put up Boogie so that one of the Chill Town has to leave. Yes! Yes! Yes! Marcellas, are you hearing me through the walls?

Kaysar sits complaining that he has an ear infection, and Howie pours something down his ear to help it out. I’m not sure why these people don’t just go to the DR and ask for antibiotics. He initially didn’t want Howie to do it, and Howie assured him it was okay, asking, “Do you think I’m retarded?” Never leave this bunch an opening like that. Howie wants Kaysar to do the same thing to him, and says the doctor told him it would be okay. Moving on, Howie wants to pluck the ear hairs from Kaysar and asks James for tweezers. Kaysar yells, “F***” asks for a doctor, and goes to the DR.

Outside Marcellas issues orders to the BB6ers to stop pu***-footing around and get rid of Chill Town and Jase. James says the same thing I was thinking, why doesn’t Marcellas win HoH and do it. James is still refusing to put up Jase, and saying it’s because he helped out Janie the first week. When asked directly what they should do, Marcellas won’t commit. James says maybe they should put Marcellas up since he screwed them last week. He yells :BS:. and says they never do what he wants.

Things get frighteningly odd when everyone else leaves and James leans on Howie for advice, saying he’s the only one that saw things his way about Nakomis. James still refuses to take out Jase, and gets really angry every time someone suggests and alliance. Again they talk about taking out Boogie, and saying they know they are coming after them if they win HoH next week. They’re wusses anyway, as they refused to even eat the slop which was the first step in how far will you go.

James finds Diane, assumably as he wants someone else to listen to him and his woes. Diane talks about getting in trouble with Janie last night by BB. She says she was not nice to them in the DR about the whole thing, and gets prompted once again to not discuss the DR. She then tells Howie and James that she had a threesome one time. Either she’s trying to get some from Howie, or she’s trying to make him think she would to save her butt.

Jase, Will, and Boogie sit outside and apparently are trying to mess with the BB. Jase keeps singing and is being admonished not to, but Boogie keeps saying James made the lyrics up, so he should be able to. The lyrics go right along with his ever-present wife beaters he’s always wearing. Something about she broke my heart, so I broke her jaw. Okay, I’ll admit. The guy still cracks me up. They move on to discussing who should be put up in George’s place. Will thinks they should put up Marcellas, but claims no one will, as he’s throw a fit and cry. Like Will hasn’t been throwing fits all week? He says to offer to them if they take out Marcellas this week, he’ll take out Erika next week. Yeah. Those are the only two floaters that they have on their side. I don’t see that happening.

Will picks up the pool cleaning stick and starts spinning it around. He decides he’s ready to take on the Jedi master and his light saber/pool cue. Howie comes out for the big duel, and after one or two quick seconds, he knocks Will’s pool cleaning stick out of his hands. Will runs off screaming. Don’t mess with the Jedi master! He should have taken on Apprentice Chicken Man first.

Inside James is still whining to everyone he can find. I refuse to mention his rants again.

James finds his way outside and tries to make nice with the Chicken Man, telling him he is one hardcore MoFo. George caught on quick to the suck up routine, and told him not to give him that crap. James keeps going saying he gives him major props for what he did today. George says he’s taking it as a compliment, and says if James wants to talk, to give him a ring or call. James tells him his doors are always open, and George replies, he’s not going through doors anymore. He is going to start making appointments. :five: He’s definitely smarter and more of a player than anyone gave him credit for so far.

Jase places the catered food order for Japanese for this evening, and then sets to figure out what to do with his blue hair. He uses someone’s hair dye, and I am assuming it must be the Chicken Man’s. Erika helps him foil it a section at a time. Janelle says if it doesn’t work, he should try her lifter. Head on over to the link on the left side of the screen to see the BB7 Photo Gallery, and you can see a picture of him all foiled up in all his glory. The good news is, his hair is close to being back to normal by the time he’s done. I know you were all just as worried as I was.


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