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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 22nd – How Far Would You Go To Win Veto?

Marcellas comes in to calm James down, and says he was choking back tears while he was shaving Kaysar’s head. Howie comes in to try and calm James down as well, and James is alluding to the fact that as HoH he couldn’t even compete. :shrug: Meanwhile Boogie and Will are in the storage room, and Will says it’s okay, as he’s fine with going home this week. Boogie knows his ass is grass without Will, and suggests he talk to James to see about getting him to put up Marcellas in George’s place. I can’t see that happening. The only names that ever came up for nominations were George, Will, Boogie and Jase. It has to be either Boogie or Jase going up in his place.

Boogie joins Janelle, Howie and James up in the HoH. He tries to get the S4 to commit to putting up another floater. Janie comes right out and asks if Jase is in the Chill Town alliance, and Boogie says no, but not very convincingly. He tries to explain his original plan was to come after the S4, but after spending more time with them, he sees that they are the only two alliances in the house, and he’d be better served taking out floaters. Ummm, no. That doesn’t make sense. If there are only two alliances there, take other the other one.

Will is allowed to go the DR, but James still isn’t, only making him more angry, and producing more of a rant. Jase comes in to use the shower, but either takes a really quick one, or doesn’t use it after all. James had apparently promised George that he wanted Will to go home, and if he didn’t he promised George he would go up the next week. Perhaps, James, that’s what you get for setting up that incredible lie. So James thinks this is a BB setup to get rid of him, and Boogie thinks it’s a setup to get rid of Will, since Will is so boring and not playing the game BB wants this year. I’m not sure, why don’t you go have Will sing a few bars about it to send us to flames, so I can have time to think about it.

James continues his rant, and says it’s bad enough he won’t be able to compete for HoH next week, but now he wont be able to compete for PoV either. He says if he’s evicted next week, he won’t even go in to talk to Julie out of protest. My guess is Les Moonves has in everyone’s contract that they have to talk to his wife. James continues his rant saying he worked so hard for this one, and CBS is using his strategy, and now giving the game to someone that snores.

Will and Janelle try to make pancakes together. They must be making a double batch, as she complains she screwed up and only put in 3/4 cup of mix instead of 1-1/2. Will states the obvious. Why don’t you just put in more mix? He claims they’re a great team, with her the cook, and him the mathematician.

Chicken George sits in the exercise room all by himself, looking very forlorn, with an orange towel around him and his big bald head. He won, and will be staying, but he must be wondering at what price? He’s got the house mad at him, he has a bald head, and he has to eat slop for 60 days. Meanwhile Jase is trying to get the blue paint off him and can’t. Erika tries to rub it off him, which seems to upset Kaysar who oversees it. Jase thought it would wash off, but it doesn’t. He’s stuck. He wonders if he should dye it using others’ hair products. Erika has brown dye, Janie has lifter, Diane has black, and something we didn’t know, is that the Chicken Man has blonde hair dye or bleach with him.

Boogie sits talking about the competition, and for the first time we find out he was the sixth player in the game. Yet, he has no blue hair, isn’t bald, and isn’t eating slop for 60 days. Did he do anything to save his friend? Perhaps not because as much as he talks about wanting out to help his friend, he knows damn well he’d be up there in Will’s place if he took Will off.

Will, Erika, Boogie, Marcellas, and Jase discuss the competition. Kaysar was going to agree to not eat slop for 60 days, but then if George made the same agreement, there would be no veto winner, resulting in a tie. That doesn’t sound right. Marcellas notes how the competition was all the alpha males in the house, and says he wouldn’t have done it. There was also a part on there about writing something on yourself, and all agree that was dumb. Yeah, it was. My daughter writes on me at least once a week with her homemade tattoos and ball point pen. There was also a part of eating the slop there in the competition, not just for 60 days. Boogie admits he couldn’t do it.

The discussion moves to the decision they should try and talk George into not using the veto. Right. After he did all that, and he’s not going to use the veto. Marcellas says he could never be part of talking someone else into not using the veto. :lmao: He explains yet again what happened to him in BB3, and says when he said he wasn’t going to use it, he could hear people behind the walls screaming, “No!” I don’t think they were behind the walls, Marcellas. I think that was all of America.

In the kitchen Will talks about the Chicken Man not being able to eat anything but slop for sixty days. He says it’s not physically possible, and says he will die and not be able to compete after awhile. The newly bald Kaysar dons Marcellas’ afro wig and says he has hair again. Ummm, no.

Jase and George end up out by the pool together. George is floating in the blow up innertube and Jase is sitting playing with his hair. Jase says that James put up George because it would be an easy week for him, since George wasn’t playing the game. That way he didn’t have to risk going after any hardcore players. He also is confident that if George uses the veto, he’ll go up in his place and go home. Smart man. For the first time George realizes that he was going home definitely. He thought Will was the intended target. Maybe it was a mistake for Jase to say all this, as George knows now he is definitely using the veto. Maybe he could have been talked into not using it before, but not now.


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