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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 22nd – How Far Would You Go To Win Veto?

After the craziness of last night, it kept me wondering what we’d be in store for today. Especially being that the PoV ceremony would be taking place today. Tempers could be flaring as they compete in sweltering heat … and are hungover.

For the first time, Danielle isn’t one of the first ones up, but then again, she didn’t go to bed until 4 AM. Everyone gets up for a little bit to go to the bathroom, and Howie gets up to fart several times, but everyone eventually goes back to bed. This leaves BB to do the wakeup call for all the HGs today.

Instead of Will begging to see the psychologist, we have Boogie begging to see a doctor about a medical problem he is having. He waits around forever in the DR for someone to show up. He gets very perturbed, saying if they know when he is singing or doing something else wrong, than they should know he needs medical help. That’s right; Boogie. In other words, BB is calling you a wuss and telling you to deal with it on your own, or ask your buddy the Evil Doctor. He then gets in trouble for discussing his DR session :grin:, we get flames, and when we come back, he is miraculously better and eating breakfast with his newfound buddy, James.

Well, gee, isn’t this ironic? Boogie tells James about George’s rap referring to James as a d**k and p***k, and James confirms that with someone else, then says he ought to come up for a rap at the PoV ceremony, and suggests one that ends in “too bad in competitions you’re ugly and choke.” Careful, James, sometimes words like that can come back to haunt you. Boogie is finally called to the DR, and comes back saying he was seen by a medic who declared his ear is swollen shut.

Despite his huge illness, Boogie then spends time trying to talk Will into staying. Really, that act is beginning to drag on. He says he’d consider staying only if he could get a guarantee to make it to final four or five, as that’s the only way it would be worth it. Does he really expect people to fall for that? He’s like the kid who threatens to take the ball and run home with it. “Oh, okay, Will. We don’t want you to leave. We’ll promise not to evict you until final four or five. Please don’t go.” There’s more idiotic chatter between the two of them about Will staying, but I just can’t take it anymore to have to repeat it here. :baby:

Nearly everyone is teasing Danielle this morning. Will says he got up to go to the bathroom at 4 AM and she was sitting up by herself drinking a Guinness. Everyone says she was making lots of noise, banging around in the kitchen in her attempt to clean up. But hey, at least she did it instead of leaving it for the rest of you to clean up your own mess.

It’s time for the veto competition, and with only twelve people left in the house, instead of spinning a wheel to see who the three extra players will be, they are drawing balls. Before anyone is picked, the feeds go to flames and stay that way, with trivia a little later on for three hours. Okay, time for a mini rant from me. It’s bad enough that we need to listen to the BB theme song over and over and over, but the trivia thing … it’s nice they want to entertain us since they took away our fishies this year, but could we have different trivia every few days. I’ve been watching the same set of questions about season one and two for over a week now. It’s one thing for 5 seconds here, 10 seconds there, every time Will or Boogie starts singing, but when it lasts for three hours, it all gets real old.

When the maddening trivia stops, the feeds come back, and the most amazing thing has happened. The thing everyone joked about came true. The Chicken Man won the veto! And even more amazingly, the competition was about “what would you do to win the veto?” There were varying levels of bad things on there including getting painted blue, shaving your head, not being eligible to play for the veto the following week, and eating slop for sixty days.

So far, we can’t tell who the other person playing for veto was, but Jase has blue hair, and George and Kaysar are bald! Being that Will doesn’t even want to be here, there was no way he was subjecting himself to most of this, and I can see George shaving his head, as he’s always wearing crazy headgear anyway, but Kaysar? I’m kind of happy though, because the chop job he did on his own hair the other night was terrible. Plus he can’t play for the veto next week, and George is eating slop for sixty days. Can he last that long in the house? Many are wondering if this is part of Nakomis’ revenge. :2thumbs:

Of course, Will and James are bitching up a storm. Again, :baby: They believe BB rigged the competition for a Chicken Man win. James had discussed some strategy in the DR, and he says what BB did in the competition today went against the strategy he was coming up with, so he’s irritated, thinking BB did this intentionally to hurt him in the competition. With George most likely pulling himself off the block, this leaves James very vulnerable next week, and he’s pissed! Will is arguing along the same lines. They are all figuring next week the HoH will be a belly flopping competition.


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