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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 21st – Just Veggies, No Chicken

More fries are coming out now, and being devoured. Oh there are going to be some ill hamsters in the morning, folks. Lots of conversations going on at once, which usually happens the first week in the house with sober houseguests. It’s so good to see everyone there, enjoying themselves. And they’re getting louder and rowdier with each beer tab being popped.

They all head outside, except for George, who is watching the next batch of fries. So much for not cooking anything this week. Again I feel bad for him – he’s missing the party because the rest of them are too concerned about their drinks and being social to cook the food they started making. Jase is wearing George’s tin foil hat.

Booger mentions the Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance, and Jase denies it again. Mrs. Smith has changed into a bikini top and a little pink wrap-around skirt, and she’s telling people that her sister told her “no showmances and no beer” this season. Well at least we’re okay on the first one so far, unless Booger has something to say about it.

James, who up until now I considered to be pretty clever, is talking strategy to Howie and Janelle. You know, the two people voted most likely to get hammered. He tells them to talk to George and make him feel like he’s not the target this week, just in case something goes horribly wrong with the veto. Janie likes this idea, because it leaves the door open to taking out Boog or Jase. Same here Janelle, same here. James thinks that, if George wins the veto, they can convince him that he’ll mess everything up if he uses it. Heh – not with the poster boy for not using the veto still in the house.

Howie goes out to talk to George, who is still making fries. How many potatoes did BB give these folks? George asks Howie how much he drinks, and Howie admits that he doesn’t drink often – he could go months without having a drink and it doesn’t bother him at all. Jase comes in and tells George that they want him to do a belly flop, but George is hesitant because he has a veto to win tomorrow. Howie chimes in, “Yeah, he can’t get injured!” You’re all right, Howie. George tries the beer, but doesn’t like it. He then tells Howie that he’s rooting for him to win it and gives him some generaly game advice. This is so sweet. Win that veto tomorrow, Georgie!

Outside, Will, Jase, Janie, and Diane are in the hot tub. Will keeps trying to get everyone to encourage Booger to drink, because apparently he’s a lot of fun after four beers. Maybe Boog should take up alcoholism then, because he’s annoying as all heck when he’s sober.

Upstairs in the HoH now, Danielle and James are talking. James is upset because he thinks Booger wants to get Will off the block. First of all, what are the chances that Boog’s name will come up on the wheel to actually play the veto? Second, why are they automatically assuming George has no chance of winning it? What if it’s a gambling thing, like the one Holly hosted last year? Anyway, if Will comes off the block, then James will nominate and evict Booger. Er, how is that going to work if Boog wins the veto? James brings up the fact that Booger doesn’t think or play strategically, so he’s messing up the understanding that they all came into the house with. Ooh, another pre-fab alliance.

Danielle says something about how she can’t win HoH right now, because she would have to nominate two people from his side. When questioned, she backtracks and says that she can’t say who she’d nominate. Whoops. James somehow doesn’t seem bothered by this, and all I can think of is how Janie constantly asks if Danielle is after them.

Erika joins them, and there is much rehash of the “we must win veto and triumph over the poultry man” discussion. Marcellas comes in too and says that George has gone to sleep. James must be panicking now, because George will get more sleep than him and therefore will have a slight advantage in the veto competition.

Will apparently gets depressed when he drinks and no one is there to make him look funny and outgoing. He’s back on the woe is me I want to go home train. Booger tells him to get some sleep and see how he feels in the morning. BB tells Will to adjust his microphone, to which Will replies “suck this”. He says that Janelle is either the world’s smartest waitress, or the world’s dumbest prostitute. Jase is there now too, and he’s calling Janie a “bar whore”. Oh great. We’re back on the Janie-bashing bandwagon. This is really old guys – can’t you pick on someone else for a while? Apparently not, because Jase just keeps on talking and talking about how slutty Janelle is. I figured the new and improved Jase wouldn’t last long. It’s only a matter of time before he starts running through the house yelling obscenities.

Now Jase is doing a very bad rap about Janie the bar whore. Booger is laughing like a mad man, and Will is silent. They ask Will what’s up, and he replies, “I’ve gotta get out of here”.

Janelle, Danielle, and Erika appear to be plastered. They’re up in the HoH with James and Howie, talking about Brazilian wax jobs, and how they like their men’s pubic hair to be groomed. Kaysar comes out of the shower, hears the conversation, and leaves. I hope he happens to stroll by the tarantula room to hear Jase’s little rap numbers. Heh – guess where he goes? Yep, to the room of bad rap. But Jase has toned it down now and is just talking in generalities about sex and prostitutes. Joy.

Kaysar goes back upstairs and tells the group there that Chill Clowns are rapping downstairs. They all seem to want to get in on the rap action, so out they go. If Janelle only knew what was going on in there a little while ago.

Booger gets his rap on, which is something that I really don’t need to see. I don’t know how Chicken George is sleeping through this, because poor Marcellas was also trying to catch some sleep and had to go outside to the hammock. Will attempts a rap, which goes something like, “I don’t want to scream, I don’t want to shout. This Thursday night, just vote my ass out.”

Howie, Jase, Booger, and Will take turns rapping. It’s pretty bad, but also pretty funny. They try to get Kaysar to join in, but he’s sober, therefore he’s declining. Smart boy that Kaysar. They wake George up and get him to rap as well. Georgie is a good sport, so he does a little rap calling James a dick and a prick. Heehee – you get ’em Georgie! Booger kills the mood with a rap heavily laced with curse words and even the “N” word. Seems his mad rap skillz aren’t all that impressive even to a drunken audience.

The drunken folks run out into the backyard, and Janelle starts yelling how much she loves Marcellas. She pretends she’s a crazed fan of his. It’s pretty funny, but Marcy doesn’t seem all that amused. Danielle is running around like a kid on a sugar high. Kaysar sets up the hookah for everyone, and Erika starts telling people that she and Kay are getting married. Then the discussion goes way south, as Danielle describes how she and her husband have sex, Howie mentions carpet munching, and the girls talk about whether or not they douche. Kaysar, innocent that he is, doesn’t know what a douche is. This house is really going to corrupt our Iraqi Peach.

Fortunately they switch topics and start speculating on what they might be getting for dinner tomorrow night. Danielle wants Mexican, but Howie’s not a fan. Erika admits that she voted for Kaysar to return to the house last season. Danielle did too. It’s now just after two in the morning, and Howie is going back inside for more beer. The women tell Kaysar how hot he is, and Erika sums it up by saying that part of his appeal is that he’s so religious and therefore unattainable for most.

Kay finally admits that he sort of has a girlfriend. After much prodding, they find out that she’s blonde. But he won’t say anything else. Hearts all across America are now breaking.

This is all followed by shots of people sleeping elsewhere in the house. The drunken group moves from outside into the kitchen, where it looks like these people might be getting ready for bed. Howie and Danielle stare at each other, talking about where the Dani from BB3 might have gone. Howie thinks he can see her, but Dani insists that she’s not there. Weird.

Danielle starts talking about redemption and that she’s not going to be evil this time. She’s still in the house because of the S6, so she won’t be biting the hands that feed her. She’d walk out the door for five thousand bucks if BB offered it to her though.

As everyone makes their way to bed, Danielle stays up by herself and cleans the kitchen. Loudly. Will gets up to use the facilities, and she yells out, “Is that Will Kirby, still awake?” He sleepily tells her that she’s going to be very hungover. Erika comes in to ask what the hell Danielle is doing, and tells her to be quiet. It’s almost 4 am, and people are trying to sleep. Dani promises to be quiet, but it’s the quiet that drunk people think of as quiet – as in, rather loud.

She spends the next 45 minutes or so wandering around the house, then the yard, talking to herself incoherently and then almost passing out on the red couches outside. Finally she walks back inside, goes to the washroom, and falls into bed. It’ll be a fun morning for this crew, that’s for sure!

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