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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 21st – Just Veggies, No Chicken

Howie is spending a lot of time with George now, which I think is sweet. He keeps saying “You’re okay, Georgie”, and then tells him, “I love ya, but I might miss ya.” George is cooking something for himself – it’s sad to see him not cooking for everyone somehow – and gets called to the DR. Howie takes over the cooking after getting quick instructions from George.

On the other side of the fence, Jase is outside making fun of George. He’s laughing over the fact that George went all over the country in a chicken suit to try and get into the house, and ended up being a producer’s pick. Jase? Sat in his living room and let America vote him in. Actually you stood in a corn field, Jase. Don’t you remember?

Diane is sitting with Kaysar, and apparently they’re discussing Saturday Night Live. They decide that Howie is a big beefy version of “Mango”, which cracks me up for some reason. I heart Mango! Diane goes over to James and asks him if he really caught George eavesdropping. James relays the story for Diane, cutting George to bits in the process. Okay, we get it. You don’t like him. Enough already.

Howie and Marcellas are in the kitchen trying to figure out what they can make to eat with vegetables. Honestly, the selection of stuff they got made me drool. Marcy admits that if they hadn’t had pizza last night, he’d be eating these veggies like it was his job. Mention of his job prompts Howie to ask if he’ll go on House Calls when he gets out of the house. I like it when they provide the segues for me. Marcy says of course he will – it’ll be fun to see what it’s like from the other side. All I can tell you Marcellas is that Bunky was the co-host this week, and I can’t even look at that man anymore. You’re missed.

Marcy and Howie need to have a cooking show when they get out. Watching them try to decipher the vegetables is an absolute riot. I can’t wait until they get kumquats on Wednesday! By the way, where is the beer they’re supposed to be getting?

Booger is called to the DR, which gives Will another chance to tell us how much he changed the game back in his day. He and Boog used to annoy the producers by rehearsing what they’d say in the DR. Imagine the audacity! He warns James not to “look at the internet” when he gets out, because only one in ten comments are good. Of course James knows this, and says that the ‘net is the reason he got back in the house. Nice to see the boy knows where his bread is buttered. They talk about the banners in BB2, and Will says that the sequester house only exists now because of the DR sessions and banners in BB2. Now I know why Will’s abdomen hurt last night. He must have torn something patting himself on the back.

James calls an S6 group meeting in the HoH room, and informs them that they have to win the veto. Janelle wants to know what he was talking to Jase about, and James says that he told him that “other people” were after him. He’s trying to paint targets on the floaters. He says that Marcellas and Danielle both wanted Jase gone, and that he told Jase he was keeping him safe as payback for helping Janelle in week one. James thinks that the S6 are controlling the votes right now, and that taking out George will force the floaters to take sides. Little does he know that it’s forcing the floaters to create their own alliance and bust out through the middle.

They talk about Will, and James says that if the Chill Clowns get in people’s faces this week, they just flip the vote and send Will home. I don’t see that happening, of course. They also point out that, if Chicken George really wants to play the game, this is the perfect time for him to do so, since he’s up against someone who doesn’t even want to be there.

Kaysar wants to know what kind of deal James made with the Chills, and James says that he only told them that, if they want to actually make a deal, then they have to talk to the whole S6 together. And I do remember him saying something along those lines, so he’s not lying this time. Good to see.

The feeds switch to Danielle and Marcellas. Danielle is talking about how Jase is paranoid that he’s being backdoored this week, as he was last week. Marcy says that if Jase stopped acting like a “frat boy on crack” he’d drop off the radar and wouldn’t have to stress so much. Danielle thinks that backdooring is nasty and hopes that she never has to do that to someone. You should probably hope that no one does it to you either, Dani.

Danielle says that Jase came over to her and said, “I know who threw me under the bus”. Damn, that must be one big heavy bus with almost all of the houseguests under it at one time or another. Besides “snakes”, being thrown under the bus is the most over-used phrase on this show.

Back upstairs now, where Kaysar is telling Janelle about a dream he had. In the dream, James was really upset because he was being evicted under the HoH rule of Jase. Janie says she has a really bad feeling about Jase, and hopes that Kay’s dream doesn’t happen next week. Me too.

It’s now nearly 9 pm in the house, and Kaysar goes to the kitchen to make coffee (which he has to learn how to do from Danielle). After coffee prep, they start cooking up some more vegetables and Dani yearns for rice. Chicken George says that he’s not touching a single pan this week. Aw. Danielle goes on a long talking spree about nutrition and how the average American eats. Which, actually, is something that should be talked about often, just not on the feeds thankyouverymuch. I’m trying to enjoy my Diet Pepsi and popcorn.

More people wander into the kitchen to eat. Will says that he’s never enjoyed vegetables this much in his life. He’s making fries and wants to try making onion rings. Great, now BB is teaching people to love veggies. Is this how they’re going to counter the “incident” on the Aussie version of BB? “Sure, those Australians had a little sexual harassment thing to deal with, but here is the US of A, we’re teaching our houseguests to love vegetables and get healthy!” Where was I?

Right, the kitchen. Actually not much is going on there except for discussion of vegetables, wondering when the beer will come, and the seasoning of Will’s fries. So we go out to the backyard where Erika, Booger, and Kaysar are playing pool. Not much of interest going on out there either.

Almost an hour later now, and they’re still cooking up a veritable vegetable storm in the kitchen. I guess they think they can just eat as many vegetables as they want with immunity, but I’m thinking there’s going to be lineups for the bathroom in a few hours. Tomorrow will be an Oust day for sure. Will breaks out into song several times, bringing us flames. The flames wouldn’t be so bad if the theme music wasn’t blaring in the background.

10:15 pm, and the camera people give us a shot of the storage room. Where once there lay an assortment of yummy vegetables, now resides an assortment of yummy beer and wine. Lots of it – and they get those cool draft cans of imported beer too! I wanna go and eat homemade fries and drink imported beer with the hamsters. Well, not Boog, but the rest of them maybe.

The houseguests are giddy with glee at the discovery of the alcohol. Danielle apologizes to her mom, saying that she’s going to get so drunk tonight. Ah, I guess I’m in for some interesting hours of recapping now folks. The realization that they might get that much booze every night this week starts to sink in, and now we have very happy houseguests indeed. I say let’s wait and see what happens tonight first. If chairs go flying, there will be significantly less libations tomorrow.

Plans are now being made to get into the hot tub and get drunk. Will tells the women that there’s enough of him to go around, but no one even answers him. Heh. As they drink, they talk about breakfast foods. Danielle makes great eggs apparently, and offers to cook breakfast for everyone in the morning. If they get as drunk as they appear to want to, breakfast is going to consist of ice water, coffee, and perhaps a piece of dry toast, methinks. Will requests Eggs Benedict. Served to him in bed. Good luck buddy.

For some reason, the idea of Howie getting drunk is fascinating to these people. They’re all literally watching him drink. Weird. He makes a toast to Will, who “accidentally won BB2”. Then they all toast Chicken George. Jase and Danielle get into a conversation about wine, of which I know very little about. My wine knowledge consists of knowing that there is good wine and bad wine, and I prefer the good stuff.