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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 21st – Just Veggies, No Chicken

Chicken George is so bored that he’s fashioning some new head wear. This time it looks like a bandana with string, netting, a bowl, and a rubber chicken from his necklace. I can’t be sure what it’s supposed to be, if indeed it’s meant to resemble anything at all.

Booger is now quizzing Erika about her boob job. Wants to know how big they are, how she picked them out, how much they cost, and what meds she had to take afterwards. And she’s actually answering all of these questions. Nearly $6000, in case you were curious. For the pair, not each. Because Booger wasn’t sure.

Dr. Will for some reason blurts out, “Erika just hit the point in the show where she says, f*ck it, I need some dick.” Now, I’m not sure why that came tumbling out of the good doctor’s mouth, but Erika handled it much better than I would by walking away. Howie’s comments may be over-the-top, but I seriously don’t think even he would have come out with something that raunchy out of the blue.

Inside, George discovers an amazing assortment of fresh vegetables in the storage room. Marcellas is disappointed that “Beer” doesn’t refer to soda or other beverages. Danielle is ready to dive in and make some salad, but since they don’t get good knives any more since Justin ruined it for them a couple of years ago, she sends George to the DR for a “serial killer knife”. George comes back saying that they can’t have it. Silence for a moment, and then someone says, “I thought everyone signed the waiver.” Eep – what kind of stuff do they need to sign before going into that house? Diane suggests that maybe someone didn’t sign the waiver, which freaks Marcellas out even more than the thought of having a sharp knife on hand. I’m with you Marcy. That’s some weird sh*t.

Now they figure out that salad dressing does not fall under the category of ‘accepted condiments’. Why not, I couldn’t tell you. Danielle is sure she can whip something up with what they have on hand, and Diane figures she can make honey mustard. Oh no. She scoops out a big glob of mayonnaise and, I assume, other things, tastes it, and makes a face like someone just fed her a clam sundae. She adds more mustard and a lot of honey, but apparently this still isn’t good so she abandons the project completely.

Upstairs in the HoH room, James and Janie are talking about the nominations. It’s a lot of rehash, with James trying to defend his decision to go after Chicken George. Janie wants to make sure that Danielle isn’t coming after them, and James assures her she isn’t. If Will gets the veto, Booger will go up in his place. And I assume that if Booger wins the veto and takes Will off, that Jase will go up. But James doesn’t say this. I’m only projecting here.

James tells Janie that Erika has said she feels safe with them and the S6 alliance, and Janie says that they have to make an effort to make Erika and Marcellas feel safe with them always. Now James wants advice on his nomination speech, and wonders if he can call George out for eavesdropping on them. He thinks he’s doing better this time around and Janie agrees. “You’re still lying just as much, but this time you’re lying to the right people.” Indeed.

Back downstairs now, and Danielle is making some sort of stir-fry with the veggies. She puts everything into the frying pan at once – tomatoes, onion, asparagus – this is gonna be one interesting meal. As this is happening, Erika is giving Dr. Will a spray-on tan. Oh my. This should be good.

Back to James and Janie now. They’re calling themselves the new Nerd Herd. Uh, no. If you start talking about how moral and upstanding and honest you are compared to the rest of the house who have no family, friends, or lives, then maybe. But now? Hardly. Janelle thinks that the actual Nerd Herd is cheering them on because they were all on the same season. James laughs and thinks not. Maybe Beau and Ivette, but I’m pretty sure Crappy, Maggie, J-Blow and April are rubbing their hands together and trying to send thought-waves to Booger and Will. Of course they’d need both a functioning output and input for that to work. But I digress.

Most of the hamsters eat their veggie meal, while Janelle and James get themselves beautified for the nomination ceremony. After dinner. Marcellas shares that the salad is working for him. I guess a week of not eating followed by a night of gorging on pizza wasn’t good for our Marcy. Erika joins them and they both agree that it’s time to start stepping up their strategy and go after some of the strong players. They want to get a couple of the S6 out, as well as the Chill Clowns. They’re considering asking Danielle to become part of their alliance. I think hell just froze over.

Jase has spent quite a long time in the mirror placing every single hair on his head, covering it with a ball cap, and then rearranging each strand that comes out. I hope he makes some money here so he can get a haircut, ’cause obviously the boy can’t afford a good one. He joins Will, Booger, and James, who are talking about past seasons and past guests. Normally I don’t recap much of this stuff, but James says that in week one of BB6, he told Maggie that the highlight of winning HoH was that there were no feeds from the HoH bedroom. Ah-Ha! So THAT’s why they all thought they could get away with anything in there! James, you’re my hero.

Since the feedds have been brought up, we get a bunch of lines about how the feed-watchers have no lives, blah blah blah. Will says ist’s okay to watch the feeds at work, but if you’re at home you should be washing the huge pile of dishes in the kitchen instead. Uh, what if watching the feeds is your work? And how did he know about those dishes?

Marcellas is saying that the phoniest part of the show is when the HoH looks at the memory wall appearing to decide who to put up. All they really want to do is rip the keys out of the wall, apparently. I agree though – that little ritual is total cheese. Then again, it’s one of those bits of cheese that makes us love the show anyway. Kind of like Julie Chen’s wardrobe.

Time for some flames, so that must mean that the nomination ceremony is underway. How long can this take? Well, apparently about an hour and 45 minutes. What the heck were they doing, a ritual dance and candle-lighting ceremony? Did Chicken George go off the deep end and prove he’s the guy who didn’t sign the waiver?

When they come back, it’s glaringly obvious that George is indeed on the block. Fried Chicken George, we should call him, but that requires extra typing unless I set up a macro, and frankly I’m too lazy. Howie is saying that the Jedi alliance took a hit, while rubbing George’s back. James tells him not to worry – there’s always the veto.

Will, Booger, Jase, and Danielle are discussing the nominations and the upcoming veto comp. Looks like Will is up as well. Big surprise there. Jase is telling Will and Boog that James told him who wanted him (Jase) gone, and that he has names. Which is a big old steaming pile of crap, since James flat-out told him he wouldn’t name anyone. It sound like James did indeed call George out on the eavesdropping, and these guys are all giddy about it. Must be potentially good TV.

Poor George is sad. He’s still sitting in the background like he usually does, but there’s very little animation in his face and certainly no expectant smile. I know I’m in the minority here, but I still like the guy. I don’t want him to win, but I’d like to see him last longer than week 3.

Danielle tells James what Jase said about naming names. She knows it isn’t true. She wonders if George knew he was going up, and James says he thinks so. Will is in the pool saying that it’s better to be nominated than not, and also better to be out third than tenth.

In the kitchen, George tells Erika and Janelle that he’s still having a good day, and he’s honoured to have been chosen to be on the show at all. He goes outside and tells Will that he’s honoured to be nominated beside him. Not much response for the good doctor. I hope they don’t make this week unbearable for Georgie.

Will wants to know if it would be good TV for Booger to win the veto and take him off the block. Not because he was BS’ing about wanting to go hone of course. He just wants to make the show entertaining because he thinks like a producer. Spare me. If you want to go, go. If not, shut the hell up. Pardon my French.

James reassures Will that George is the target, and that the best-case scenario is that he wins the veto himself but doesn’t use it. They briefly consider what would happen if George won the veto, but apparently that’s not even something they should bother themselves with. Will welcomes James to the Chill Town alliance. Booger, of course, is still worried that the rest of the S6 will flip, but James says they’re solid. He says that, if Will goes, then he’ll be the one paying the price for it anyway.

In the kitchen, Janelle is in love with her plate of veggies. Howie is discovering new produce as well, and exclaims that he could live on “baby box choy”. Oh Howie, you meathead.

Back outside now, and Jase is telling Will and Booger that Danielle is a “snake in the grass”. Why does everyone call each other snakes this season? Is it an extension of the bug thing? He says that she keeps her eyes and ears open, and filters things to others. Yes Jase, she does. And that’s why she made the final two in her season. Something to think about, hair-boy. Will doesn’t care, he’s just happy to finally be nominated and get some attention. I can’t wait to hear his DR sessions, about how someone finally realized that he needed to be on the block or something. And, if things go the way everyone is planning, he’ll take credit for being nominated and escaping eviction again. Just watch.

Marcellas and Janelle talk about how it should have been Jase on the block with George, so at least they’d have the option to take out a threat. Marcy is unhappy with his culinary choices this evening and wants to ask BB for a bacon sandwich. Only a few more hours Marcellas, then you get whatever you want until next Wednesday.