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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 21st – Just Veggies, No Chicken

Another S6er in power! Who would have seen this coming? It’s almost getting stale now, isn’t it? If they win again next week, conspiracy theories both inside and outside the house will abound I’m sure. But it’s a relief to me that Janie, Kaysar, and Dr. Will, who were deemed the biggest threats before the game started, are all still safely in the house. Anyway, let’s see how James spends his first full day in power!

At about 9 am, the hamsters are treated to “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. Not sure if there’s a hidden meaning to the song, but it was a good one nonetheless. Marcellus dances around in his bed and George gets up to use the facilities, and then everyone goes back to sleep. Nice try BB.

40 minutes later, James is up and refreshing his batteries in the storage closet. He makes some coffee to refresh his internal batteries, as Booger appears in the kitchen. Much breakfast preparation, not much conversation. Brief flames, which must mean that the sleeping beauties are getting another wake up call.

Finally a bit of strategy talk here. They head up to the HoH room and go over Will’s desire to leave by week 5 so he can avoid sequester. James says that Will could go up as a pawn, but Boog doesn’t seem to like this idea. He’s afraid Will could end up evicted. James says that every floater wants to get HoH now so they can target Chicken George and not have to take sides. He wants to take out the chicken man now so the floaters won’t have that cushion. Even Booger isn’t down with this plan, and says that taking out a target would be a better idea. He thinks that leaving in the guy who’s annoying and won’t win comps is a good idea. I wonder if he’s talking about himself or George?

Booger floats the idea of the S6 and Chill Clowns joining forces, but James says no. He says the S6 doesn’t trust them. Heh. Booger says that, for the past two weeks, he’s been trying to get the entire house on his side against the S6, but no one wants to do it. He wants two floaters up now, but James doesn’t want that either.

James, who is reacting to being HoH just as Kaysar did, has made up his mind to nominate Chicken George and put Will up as a pawn. And nothing anyone tells him will make him change his mind. There isn’t anyone in the house who agrees that this is a good idea, so hopefully someone will get through his thick skull before nominations are made.

At 10:30 am, BB announces that the food competition will begin in 30 minutes. The mere thought of guaranteed TV time gets everyone out of bed and rushing to the bathroom. Booger tells Diane about his conversation with James, and that they only need a couple of votes to save Will. As if Will were truly in jeopardy or something.

The hamsters who have been on food restriction make sure to eat breakfast. I’m not sure I like this slop thing. It’s really bringing people down. You’d think that would be a good thing entertainment-wise, but I’d really rather see them having fun and keeping mentally sharp. With some of these folks, a week of eating only oatmeal, protein shakes, pickles and salsa is almost enough to get them to quit the game. In case you’re wondering, this personal commentary is courtesy of the flames of doom, which are occupying all four feeds.

Everyone gathers in the living room for the food comp. James reads his prepared speech, saying that they’re going to have to earn what they eat this week. Sounds like, if they get slop, the whole house is on it rather than just a few. They all head outside, where there’s a big board with holes in it and a bunch of balls. Janie is excited, and says it looks just like Plinko from The Price is Right.

The hamsters will divide up in pairs, and each pair is playing for one day of the week. They have to take a ball and, using levers attached to the board, direct the ball into one of the holes. There are different stages, and the food choices are a little odd for most of them. The first stage is slop, followed by kumquats and bread, veggies and beer, meat and ice cream, and finally a catered meal plus full food privileges. There’s also a gutter that says “Slop for the week”. The teams get two tries, but if they take the second attempt they have to stick with what they get on that try. Make sense? Oh, and it appears to be called “Holey Moly”.

And the comp is on! There’s a lot of flames and stuff, with the production crew cutting in every now and then, but I’ll just give you the main overview because this thing tended to drag on a bit.

James and Erika are the first pair, and they get the catered dinner and full food for the house for Monday. Likewise for Diane and Booger for Tuesday. Booger yells at Diane the entire time, and she’s very upset about it. Will want Boog to coach him for Wednesday, and says that should be okay because he (Will) makes the rules around here. Heh.

Will and Danielle are up next and Booger does indeed try to coach, but he doesn’t seem to have much effect. These two get kumquats and bread for Wednesday. Should be a fun day. Howie and Kaysar get the catering and full food for Thursday, and Booger is still trying to yell and coach them. Shut up Booger. Janelle and Marcellas are now up for Friday, and on their first try they get beer and veggies. Which, by the way, I would be perfectly happy with. They decide to try again, much to the chagrin of the other hamsters.

On their second try, everyone is yelling at them, giving instructions. They both yell “Shut up!”, and even Will is trying to get people to be quiet. Janie and Marcy and up in the same spot as they were on their first attempt, and Janelle is not a happy camper.

Now it’s time for Jase and Chicken George. They take ages at this, with Jase giving the instructions and George concentrating like this is rocket science. Poor guy just doesn’t want to be blamed for slop, I’m thinking. They have success and end up with catering and full food for Saturday. I don’t know how they’ll edit this game for the show, but the entire thing sounded like porn on the feeds. “Up! Up! Yes! To the left! Closer to the hole! Right there!”

For Sunday, the houseguests get to choose who should play. Somehow Jase and Booger are nominated, and with a little effort they also get full food and catering for Sunday. So, as a group, they only ended up somewhat restricted on Wednesday and Friday. Not too shabby.

When the houseguests get to go back into the house, they find that the results from the food comp are applicable immediately. All the food is gone as they await the arrival of beer and veggies. So they get to drink beer all afternoon? Lots of talk about the competition, and they all seem grateful that the slop will not be making an appearance for at least a week. Good thing they all got pizza last night though, ’cause I can only imagine how Marcellas would handle no food and then veggies and beer.

Marcy and Janelle hide out in the red bedroom, agreeing that they aren’t made for physical stuff, they’re only there to be beautiful. Heh – I think Janie is one of the best competitors for physical challenges, but they do both look completely wiped out from the heat.

Booger appears to have an ear infection. Why do the words “Booger” and “infection” go so well together?

In the kitchen, everyone else is coming up with suggestions for what they want to eat for their ‘catered’ meals. Thai, Japanese (‘though Will will only eat Japanese food from the Geisha House), Italian, Seafood, Sushi, Mexican … the list goes on and on. Janie, suddenly inspired, shouts out that she wants one day of junk food from In and Out Burger. She’s not alone in that desire apparently. Someone suggests that the pairs that won the food for each day should decide what the meal will be that day. Howie wants ribs, and Danielle suggests barbeque.

Will says that he still hasn’t had a chance to talk with Dr. Zachary, who is the BB on staff psychologist. He jokes that, after killing everyone in the house, he can blame it on not being allowed to talk to the shrink.

With no food in the kitchen and the heat of the day in full force, the group splinters off for naps and showers. Marcellas is walking around in his robe and a towel on his head. Except that he didn’t shower. And, uh, he has no hair. So … yeah. Moving on.

After complaining to Erika (who still prefers to put her makeup on in the gym, because apparently the lighting is better in there) about what a pigsty the house is, James heads to the kitchen and does the dishes. George is in there, so they make small talk about working in Las Vegas. Erika joins them and they clean the kitchen together.

More naps and aimless wandering about the house. I’m pretty sure the nominations are coming up in a few hours, so it’s strange that there’s no one attempting to talk some sense into James. Marcellas, having removed the towel from his head, goes to take his shower. Maybe he had, like, scalp cream on or something? I don’t know. Just trying to make some small talk here while the hamsters regroup and regenerate.

Booger finds Will and seems to be on board with James’ plan to nominate George and put Will beside him as a pawn. He says that these people are strategic, not like the ones they played with in BB2. Between the S6 and the Chill Clowns, they’ll have enough votes to keep Will. Will isn’t completely sold on the idea, and wonders if the S6 might flip. Booger encourages him to keep flirting with Janie and messing around with Howie. He claims that, if he gets HoH next week, he won’t put up any of the S6.

Will says that, if they don’t flip and vote him out, then they’re “letting the cobra into the henhouse”. They both seem to like this line, so Will says it again and again to make sure it gets on the show. Because, of course, that’s good TV.