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Paying Attention Pays Off – Big Brother 7: All Stars, Episode 6

Julie now joins Kaysar in the HoH room. She starts by asking him about how he changed his mind about going after Chilltown to going after Diane and Nakomis and if he’s concerned that some may consider him a wimp for the decision. He responds by saying “No, not at all.” He then explains how his strategy has changed since last year and he wanted to deflect attention from his alliance on to others in the house. She then asks what he thought of Will’s attempt to be put on the block. Kaysar smiles and acknowledges that he was just trying to egg him on. He only took him seriously for about a split second. Julie then asks about how strong the season 6 alliance is. He replies by recognizing the strength of the alliance. He also says that they are there to play first and have fun second.

Over the past few weeks, there have been rumors on the net about a “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” alliance. As the story goes, Jase and Diane formed a secret alliance.

Danielle explains that the name was created because Jase wants to be Brad Pitt and also he and Diane can’t stand each other. She also says that there is evidence of this alliance. Exhibit A: Jase made a reference to Angelina Jolie with Diane during the first HoH competition. Exhibit B: When asked about Diane by Marcellas and Janelle, Jase looked extremely uncomfortable. Not to mention that he suddenly developed a nasty stutter. Exhibit C: When James, Janelle and Danielle asked Jase who they should vote for, Jase said “Nakomis is the better game player. Burn the witch. Burn the witch.”

Clearly, all of this evidence is circumstantial except, Jase comments in the Diary Room. “Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Two secret assassins working together to destroy this whole house? These people are crazy! Or are they?”

And now it’s eviction time! Julie opens the envelope and says “by a vote of 8 to 2, Nakomis, you have been evicted from the Big Brother All Star house.” Everyone gets up, walks her to the door and gives her a hug. Strangely, Jase is still sitting on the couch. The look on his face is identical to the one he had when he discovered the twin twist in season 5.

Julie starts by asking her about how her game seemed so different and what she thought happened. Nak responds by pointing out that alliances formed pretty quickly in the house. She also feels that a lot of people were afraid of her in the game. Julie then asks if she was flying under the radar. She says that she wasn’t trying to be under the radar. She credits the big personalities of many other people in the house overshadowing her. Julie then asks if she thinks that Kaysar made a good strategic decision with the nominations. Nak feels that it was a horrible decision. She feels that Will and Booger should have been the targets since they are great manipulators.

Finally, it’s time for the HoH competition. The competition is called “Pay Attention”. Earlier in the day, the houseguests were allowed to see pictures of competitions and study them. They then have to watch a video from which the pictures were taken. They then have to answer a series of “A or B” questions.

Question 1: When Will rode the meteor, what did the sign behind Diane say? A: Big Brother All Stars B: HoH The answer is B. Howie and George are eliminated. Question 2: In the “Falling Stars” competition, how many points were on the star in the center of the turn table? A: 7 B: 5 The answer is A. Jase, Erika, Will and Booger are eliminated. Question 3: When Danielle gets dumped on, what color was the bucket delivering the mixture of chum, mud and iced clam sundae? A: Red B: Blue The answer is B. Marcellas is eliminated. Question 4: When George searched the dump with a hockey stick, what Big Brother object was on the cage? A: a devil duck B: a gnome The answer is B. No one is eliminated. Question 5: When Mike Boogie fell during the meteor competition, how many players on the pedestals were topless? A: 3 B: 4 The answer is A. Janelle is eliminated. Question 6: When Nakomis fell in the Meteor competition, which foot was last to leave the pedestal? A: left B: right The answer is A. No one is eliminated. The tie-breaker question requires the houseguests to guess a number. The person closest is the new HoH. Question: How many seconds did it take Janelle to win the Big Brother Dump Veto competition? James guesses 421 and Danielle guesses 480. The answer is 379 seconds. James is the new HoH!

This next week should be interesting. With James as HoH, we will find out exactly how smart this guy actually is. Frankly, I’m not expecting much.

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