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Paying Attention Pays Off – Big Brother 7: All Stars, Episode 6

It’s now day 18 in the Big Brother house and things haven’t heated up a whole lot yet. This week’s nominees have to be the most un-sensational pair. Although these ladies have stirred up a bit of drama, I have a feeling that Kaysar’s strategy will never be understood.

After the veto ceremony, Diane commented on how the houseguests are spineless. Nakomis is “pissed off” and is ready to play the game with a vengeance.

Will, on the other hand, is disappointed that Erika didn’t use the veto. He was expecting to be put up. Howie agrees and tries to console Will with a kiss and a little neck massage.

I gotta hand it to these guys. They are so secure with their sexuality. Will tolerates and responds to Howie’s “come on’s” beautifully. I think I’m really going to miss all of this ‘gay’ comic relief when one of them is evicted.

Meanwhile, we join Diane and Nakomis in the red room as they spend their final days in the house together. Of course this just turns out to be a pathetic nerd-herd-style whining session. They say that they can’t stand cop outs. They also both say that they aren’t going to campaign. They’ll just do what Kaysar wants. Diane tells Nakomis to go after Janelle if she stays. Thankfully, they didn’t pat each other on the back about having integrity.

Out in the backyard, Erika, Booger and Jase are trying to decide who they should vote for. They acknowledge that it’s a tough call. Erika then mentions that she wants to keep Nakomis. Apparently she sees an advantage in keeping such a smart player in the game.

Danielle comes out and mentions that she’s not sure yet. She also mentions that the season 6 crew are wavering as well. She asks Jase for his opinion since he’s been in the house with both ladies before.

He explains that Diane is very fiery but makes a lot of stupid moves. Nakomis, on the other hand, is laid back and is always thinking. He seems most concerned about either one of them winning HoH and his becoming the prime target.

While sharing a bubble bath, Marcellas and Janelle are weighing the pros and cons of their votes. They both feel that both Diane and Nakomis have a shot at winning if they stay. Janelle would like to go after whoever is after her. Marcellas feels that he can control Diane. Janelle responds by pointing out that Diane is part of Chilltown. Marcellas feels that Diane isn’t so stupid to align with a group that will sell her out in a heartbeat. He then points out that it doesn’t matter who stays because either one of them will come after Janelle.

In the Diary Room, Macellas explains that he has his and Janelle’s interests at heart. He wants to have Janelle with him for final two. He feels that they would be the most glamorous final two “in the history of the world. It would be so aesthetically pleasing.”

Later on, while Diane, George, Jase, Will and Booger are sitting in the backyard huffing on the hookah, Nakomis heads up to the HoH room to chat with the season 6 group. Diane feels that neither her nor Nakomis have a fighting chance. Diane is pleading to Chilltown and promising to go after season 6. She even claims that they’re all on the same page. Funny, no one responded to that remark.

Meanwhile, Nakomis is pleading and trying to pledge allegiance to season 6. She tells them that she wants to go after Chilltown. Kaysar tells her that they are working on getting the votes and they want to keep her in the house.

Julie joins the houseguests in the living room and we see Chicken George dressed up in an aluminum foil suit. Julie advises him to stay away from the microwave. She then congratulates him on being accepted into “Howie’s Jedi Training Program.” After some silly bantering with Howie and George, she asks George how he’s handling being the oldest person in the house. He replies by saying that he’s having a hard time and he’s the most mature person there. He says this jokingly based on how he’s dressed.

Julie then asks Marcellas about life on the slop. Marcellas points out that he hasn’t eaten since he was put on food restrictions. Julie follows it up by asking if his fellow houseguests (who aren’t on restrictions) have been considerate of his situation. As the houseguests encourage him to be honest, Marcellas tries to be diplomatic by saying “somewhat.”

Moving on to Diane, Julie asks her why this nomination was so difficult for her. Diane explains that she has never “seriously” been put on the block before. Huh? I guess season 5 was a joke to her?

Finally Julie asks Howie about the ribbing he’s taken from Will about getting botox work done. She asks if he will get some work done by Will after the game. Howie kindly says that he would and passed up a beautiful opportunity to give Will a good ribbing on live television.

Kaysar is the victim of this week’s profile. The focus is about his Muslim values and how it is affecting his game play. Ooh, I think I just experienced déjà vu. Ahh yes, we did cover this exact story LAST YEAR.

The good part is that we get to see Kaysar’s sister, Dalia again. She thinks it’s great to see Kaysar back on the show again. She also thinks it’s great that Kaysar is the first Muslim on reality tv. Hmm, I guess she doesn’t watch a lot of reality tv then.

We get to meet someone new this time. Her name is Edina LeKovic. She is with the Muslim Public Affairs Council. Ahh crap! She’s just a “suit” doing a little PR and commenting on how Kaysar demonstrates what it is to be Muslim.

Dalia feels that Kaysar’s faith is what keeps him cool, collected and positive about the game. She is also entertained by the “showmance” that has been created between Kaysar and Erika. She says that Kaysar couldn’t just have a girlfriend, he has to be serious about her.

Her biggest concern is the betrayal that goes on in the game. She doesn’t want to see Kaysar get wrapped up in it.