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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 20th – Howie Gets Some Action

Janelle leaves and sends in Erika. James tells her she is not a floater, and she plays the way he wishes he could play, but he can’t fake liking people the way she can. Howie comes up, interrupting, drinking a beer and farting, talks about banging Erika and leaves. Thanks for the visit. Erika suggests putting up George and Jase. Erika thinks George would end up leaving, but James thinks it would be Jase. Erika doesn’t consider George a threat, per se, but is worried he’ll be left and wind up final three. James says he doesn’t worry about Will and Boogie in that way because they can’t win competitions, in other words, Will refuses to try, and Boogie is too inept. James makes a comment about “one of you floaters”, and Erika says she thought she was in his alliance. Ummm, no. All that was decided the moment you refused to help them keep Nakomis.

Marcellas is the next to enter the HoH, and wonders if he is supposed to kiss the ring before he enters. He is also in favor of getting rid of George, worrying that if they don’t, it will be just strong people and George left. James says it sucks that George is still here and not Nakomis, and they end up rehashing the whole voting thing over again. I’ve had enough of that. It’s bad enough she’s gone. Marcellas tells him with Will and George up, he’d take out George. James says he doesn’t need to take out Chill Town, as he’ll let “you floaters” do it. Just like Erika, Marcellas doesn’t like being called floater, but again, then you need to do what your alliance asks you to do. He says he can’t wait to get HoH, because all the straight boys will have to come up in their underwear.

Outside Janelle has found Kaysar, and she’s concerned about Nakomis, wanting to make sure Kaysar told her that she was leaving. He says he did that morning, which seems to relieve Janelle. I will never see my dream secret alliance of those two together, but I like to think they can become friends outside the house, even if they are different. Janelle tells Kaysar she thinks the second vote for her was from Jase. Honestly, I think that’s why Will did it. But of course, it’s unoriginal, as that’s what James did last year.

Kaysar just can’t admit he’s wrong and wants James to put up Diane and George. I think James should tell him the same thing Kaysar told James. “If you don’t like my nominations, win HoH. Oops, you already did, but screwed it up.”

Howie finds James in the HoH room and they discuss all the previously mentioned possible scenarios. James gets called to the DR and tells Howie to make himself at home while he’s gone. Howie eats the ice cream he walked in with, says it’s gross, but keeps eating it. He says he’s full; he’s had too much, but keeps eating. :barf:

Outside there’s a hot tub group chatting about the DR making you cry, and the BB6 alliance, and other branches of it are playing pool, badminton, and beach volleyball. It’s not all that exciting.

Chicken George finally finds himself in James’ HoH room, and James tells him three separate people think he should be nominated. George tells him to considering his situation as far jury votes. Asked if that means James would have his vote, he won’t commit. George tells him either way, he’s cool. If he only knew how much James wanted him out.

Next up, Jase. James tells him he will not nominated him, prompting Jase to ask if that means he’s being backdoored, to which James says no. He says it’s based on something Jase told him earlier, and he appreciated being told, calling Jase a “stand up sort of guy.” He warns Jase, though, that he is at the top of the list of several other people.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith confirm t heir alliance to only us internet viewers, as they talk share strategy about Jase being safe or not. Jase compares them to the cherubs/demons on the wall. Oh brother.

Outside everyone discusses Ivette’s line, “I’m gonna get Latin on your ass.” Janie asks what the means, and compares it to her saying, “I’m gonna get white girl on your ass.” that’s my new line. I’m going to say that to everyone I know.

Well, here’s something interesting. Diane kisses Howie … on the mouth … while they’re in the bathroom, and tells him he’s sexy. She’s obviously playing him, and doesn’t want to go up. Meanwhile the backyard follies continue with James giving Kaysar a continuous hard time, saying he prances like a prince when he runs, leaving Marcellas to nickname him Prancer, and James also asking him if he brought any t-shirts that fit, or are they all from “Baby Gap.”

Howie, done with his romantic bathroom romp, pesters Kaysar to find out what’s wrong. It turns out he had two friends in a plane crash shortly before leaving for the show, and he’s wondering how they’re doing. Kaysar then moves on to a conversation with Danielle and offers to be her morning buddy now that Nakomis is gone. He’s even offering to set his alarm. She says she bides good night and good morning to America when she goes to bed and gets up, and he suggests they do a little morning show together. They want to recap the day’s events for everyone, and possibly wake up others to be their guests.

We end our evening with Howie sitting on the shower stall to do … something. Kaysar encourages him to get up so that his manhood won’t be seen by everyone. Thanks, Kaysar. We owe you one.

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