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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 20th – Howie Gets Some Action

There’s been little hints about Will, Danielle and James secretly working together, and this back that up. Will asks about Will, Danielle, Boogie and James making a pact to the end, but James says Boogie is too paranoid, and says that’s why Will, Danielle and himself always work well together. Hmmm. Then again we know t here might be a secret alliance between Danielle and Marcellas as well. It seems the theme of this season is who can have the most alliances under their belt. They end their conversation, and Will is asked to send Diane up in his place

When Diane gets up to the HoH room, they try to figure out who the two votes were for Diane to leave. They think there’s no way it could have been Will, so they think Janelle and Howie. Well, they’re half right. She’s afraid to tell James who she would put up as HoH in fear he would use it against her. Well, that pretty much tells me that Marcellas was dead wrong about her. She is going after the BB6. James discusses putting up Chicken George, and asks Diane if she’d be willing to go up as a pawn, and she says no. Duh. He then asks if Will was up as pawn, would she still agree to vote with the house and vote out George, she’s a little more hesitant with this answer.

Will is downstairs talking to Boogie and Danielle, and lies about what he and james talked about, even to Boogie. He makes it sound like he laid it on the line with James, and said that if one of them wins HoH, two of the BB6 are definitely going up. They never even talked about that. He said he thinks he wants George out real bad because his cooking is so bad, and advises Boogie to go up and talk to him.

Janelle, Danielle, and Howie standing in the kitchen counting down to midnight when they can eat again. Janelle even gets out the ice cream carton, and prepares a bowl for the expected event. Once they get the announcement, they start jumping up and down in excitement. Earlier James had been allowed to eat as HoH, and he made himself a roast beef sandwich. Marcellas joins the party as they get a celebration pizza, and he says it burns, but burns so good. Howie compares it to having an 18 year old in the back of a car. I have no comment, but Will wonders if that would be tasered or willingly.

After filling her belly, Danielle joins James in the HoH room. He offers up George and Will as possible nominees, and she says she already promised him she wouldn’t vote for him. He says his only other threats are Janelle whom he can’t nominate, and Jase. He then makes her hold that thought while he goes up to bathroom to either fart or dispose naturally of his roast beef sandwich.

Once his bathroom time is finished one way or another, James returns and tells Danielle not matter what, she is safe with him until final two. I wonder how Marcellas stands in this deal with Danielle. She tells James she sees Marcellas as shady, and suggests he go after the biggest targets. I love how everyone else wants to go after the BB6, but also wants to make them go after their targets, making the BB6 even bigger targets to the others.

Danielle suggests Jase could be a good one to go up, and James says he can see that because he thinks he and Janelle have something going, and this would put an end to that. Danielle says she’s caught him lying a lot and doesn’t trust him. James figures he better have a talk with Jase to see where he stands. Right, because he’ll lie to everyone else but James. :doh:

Once James talks to Janelle, though, she seems to want Jase out. The one person he really wants to nominate is “Chicken Nauseous” because he makes him sick. Once he gets around to wondering what would happen with George and Jase as nominees, Janelle says she’s concerned about Jase and wants him out, based on he could have been working with them, but chose not to. She says if she were HoH her choices would George and Jase, and if Jase got removed from the block, she’d put up Boogie.

Janie and James talk about the deal that Kaysar made, and both Erika and Marcellas try to join them at separate time, but are ushered away. James wants it to be George and Will, if he can get the votes. Jan wants Jase instead because he’s more dangerous at comps, but James argues George is a liar. These two keep going back and forth. Now they’re saying George and Jase, and Will if Jase gets PoV.


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