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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 20th – Howie Gets Some Action

Howie is wearing BB6 Michael’s underwear tonight. When Kaysar gives him a hard time about his hand-me-down underwear, James says he gave him his Power of Veto boxes, and they wound up on eBay. Apparently Michael’s wouldn’t garner as much to be on eBay, or perhaps Howie just likes the Abercrombie and Fitch ones better.

As Boogie and Will chat in the backyard, Boogie thinks he won’t be going up since James was p.o.’ed at Kaysar’s picks. Ummm, he was made because you weren’t up there, dumbass. He thinks Will and George may go up, which could be true, and would also be who Nakomis would have put up. Boogie thinks James is enamored with them, and has someone bigger to take out before them. Who? The guy who walked around with a thong on his head and later put on a tin foil costume? Will complains about being here. :yawn:

Janelle for some reason has decided to put aside her distaste for Will and Boogie and start to game play with them. She comes outside to tell Will that she had to come out and see him because he’s so hot. Even Will asks her to repeat it in disbelief. Janelle then talks to Boogie for awhile about the HoH competition. I would think she’s trying to screw with them. Will tells her to get her swimming suit on and join him. He thinks she’s “way into me” and invites her over to his place after the show. He tells Boogie to bring Diane or Erika, but even Boogie knows that just isn’t going to happen.

After Janelle leaves, Will and Boogie set to figuring out how Jase keeps so buff and doesn’t work out. Will says that even as a doctor he can’t figure it out. Roids?

James gets his HoH room, and it’s been redecorated for him, but not to the extent it was for Kaysar. He has a picture of Sara, some pictures of the show last year, a picture of him from his teaching days, new underwear, Diet Dr. Pepper, Chardonnay, a Pearl Jam CD, a silver piggy bank, and a weird looking doll on the bed.

Everyone else clears out and the BB6ers celebrate about staying in control of this game. They discuss who to put up, and James doesn’t want to make the BB5 Four Horsemen mistakes of having the people in control being the only ones and getting picked off. He’s suggesting possibly George and Jase. Will’s name is bandied about as well. Either way, Jase is the intended target.

James’ skills in loss prevention, and his interviewing tactics come into play here. After he sent the others to round up Will and send him up, he rearranges the furniture for the best placement. Will comes up, and James asks him if he really wants to leave. Will tells him he’s disappointed in the game so far and doesn’t want to go to sequester. James says if he puts him up it will be as a pawn. Will doesn’t mind that at all, as it makes for good drama. If a big twist is coming, though, Will wants to reevaluate.

James says he’s getting tired of everyone else thinking this is a team sport, as it’s not. It’s an individual’s game. James admits that Boogie has become a target with his ranting, and Jase is just unstable. But with Will, it’s like he wants to go home, so we’ll get him later. James admits Chicken George drives him up the wall, but says he’s worried about taking out someone that bugs everyone.

Will tells James he thinks the BB6ers will eventually turn on James. James said it’s already happened, and again mentions being thrown under the bus. His goal is to get the targets to look even dangerous than him. Will again talks about sequester, and says if it wasn’t for that, he’d stay. But he’s worried about wasting time sitting in sequester and watching his practice go to hell. James says he’s not just putting up who BB6 wants him to put up since they didn’t listen to him last week.

Everyone knows Will has been throwing competitions, but he says if Boogie wins, he won’t put up James, but with put up Howie and Janelle. They discuss all the others in the house and advantages and disadvantages of keeping them. More than anything else, Will wants to keep Boogie protected, and tells James that he’ll stick around for now, but he wants to be able to come in in week 5 and say I’m done, and get out while the goings good, or rather while the going is bad so that he doesn’t have to go to sequester.


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