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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 20th – Howie Gets Some Action

I’m starting my day off with a sigh, and I figure the BB6ers are as well. They tried everything in their power to keep Nakomis, and fix Kaysar’s obvious mistake, but here it eviction day, and she is most likely leaving, unless a lot of private conversations happened that we were someone not privy to. Nakomis isn’t up early, though, leaving her early morning friend alone to eat her gruel. Something is really irritating to Danielle as she keeps looking at the memory wall, mumbling, and doing math on the table with her finger.

While Danielle continues to get angry for her private issues she’s having, Boogie gets up and gets in the shower. While this is going on music starts happening, and no one can figure out the reason or source for the music. The feeds go to the trivia instead of flames, so it appears they’ll be out for some time. They come back on for just a short bit to Howie complaining that his ear hurts really badly, and Danielle talking about ice skating. The feeds go back out, then come back in.

When we are lucky enough to have the feeds instead of flames, there is absolutely nothing going on, not even interesting conversation, until a few of the HGs decide to discuss Scientology. Will says when he came to Los Angeles actress Kelly Preston, aka Mrs. John Travolta, tried to get him join. they got him on an ad that promised to further his career. Once he was at the point of thinking about it, it became he old hard sell, and it was a major turn off for him. Howie admits being courted to join Scientology as well. I have to say I wouldn’t be joining anything that put such a hard sell to me. It just makes you wonder what they have up their sleeve. Boogie had some things to say about this as well, but well, he’s just either not interesting or or truly annoying, so I’m trying to make this a Boogie-Free recap.

At times you find yourself thinking Will knows more about what will happen here than he will let on, but I just don’t think he’s as important of a cog as he believes himself to be. He and Boogie go to James and ask for an agreement to take out floaters again and to not be sent home until week four or five. Is there a reason why Will is thinking James will be in power this week?

Finally some strategy talk going on as James, Danielle, and Kaysar discuss the events of the past few days. James and Kaysar are very upset with Marcellas for all the vote flipping, and James is upset feeling that both him and Janelle have already thrown him under the bus a few times. Danielle, even though she’s in an alliance with him, most likely, backs it up and says he did that in BB3 as well. To me, Marcellas seems to play differently than he would say he would on House Calls. On there he would discuss strategy and it was much different than the emotional game he’s playing now. Diane totally played him last week. James is upset that he pretended he was only keeping his word, but everyone knew it was just benefiting him.

Chicken George comes in and interrupts the chat, and and Kaysar says it’s his belief that he is spying for someone else, as he constantly is coming in and out of conversations like that, something James was doing the first week. James is also concerned a little about Jase and Janelle. He is wondering why she wanted Allison out because of the Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance, yet she continued to share information with Jase, the supposed ringleader of that alliance.

It’s a few hours before the live show, and everyone is doing what they need to to get ready for the live show. George is cleaning, Howie is light sabering, and Boogie is walking around in Marcellas’ afro wig, and thinks about wearing a 70s tuxedo. Can I ask why he brought that with him to BB? He thought he’d find reason for that? Oh, I know. He’s planning on acting out one of the lead characters of Dumb and Dumber when they’re doing the same thing.

After the live show gets over, James tells Danielle that if she would have written down 0 to their tiebreaker question, he would have kicked her ass. The reality then sets in with him that as HoH, he gets to eat something but slop for the first time in almost a full week. He keeps asking BB if he can eat yet, but isn’t getting a response. Diane comes up and thanks both he and Jase for voting for her. How did she know if they aren’t supposed to talk about their votes and their DR sessions? Perhaps the two votes for Nakomis were from them. Alright, as unlikely as that would be, it still could happened.

Will and Boogie are a little upset that the BB6 is spending its third week in HoH, and they must be thinking James isn’t going to keep them safe like Kaysar did. Several people were upset last week that they weren’t put up, now someone with hopefully the cajones to get rid of them is in control. Howie says it’s a mistake, and if the tapes are reviewed, they’ll see that he actually won HoH and not James. He complains and says he’s not good with remembering details. Apparently he’s trying to bluff everyone else, because we’ve all seen him and Janelle counting everything in the house for the past two weeks.

Marcellas, Danielle and Janelle are together while Janelle is moving her clothes between dressers. They talk about the competition, and Janelle says she went out on the question about Nakomis’ foot, while Danielle says she could tell by the way she had been facing in the picture. She also says Allison had a photographic memory, and a shock goes across Janelle as she realizes it was definitely right, then, to take her out in week one. Marcellas is pouting about not winning, and says the girls better be careful, because if the guys keep winning HoH, the women will end up like the wildebeest, and when they’re gone, they’re gonna come after the gay guy.

Will, Howie and George discuss the competition, and Will talks about being to much of a target the following week as HoH. He then starts doing pullups on the stairs, and BB tells him to stop that. He tells them to worry about producing a good show. And we get flames. When it comes back, he’s singing. Flames. He makes this just oh so fun.


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