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So You Thnk You Can Dance 2, 07/20/06 – The Black-Eyed Peas Show

Dmitry’s shirt is once again open as he and Donyelle dance to Hey Mama by once again, The Black Eyed Peas. Did the contestants all chip in and split the $9.99 from iTunes for this CD? Nigel wants to know who dresses Dmitry, saying heh guesses it’s not a guy, it has to be a woman, as it does veyr well for his fans. He tells Donyelle she’s such a good facial performer, as she capture us with her eyes, so we don’t check out the rest of her technique. He says it was brilliant to watch. Jean marc calls this a great performance, and tells Donyelle she is a born dancer. She has what it takes. Dmitry is a fantastic partner as he opens the frames for her. Cecily says Dmitry finally found someone to dance in a couple with him. She believes they were both in their element.

Heidi and Travis pull out contemporary – his genre, not hers. Mia Michaels needs the dancers to be really open and explore with her. She’s going to create it as they go along. Heidi gets upset saying she can’t do the things with her body that Mia is asking her to. This is the first time Heidi has ever appeared to struggle, so it’s probably a good thing. Mia gets on her at one point for making it too melodramatic. I think she’ll pull it out when she needs to.

To Calling You by Celine Dion, Heidi jumps into Travis’ arms from a park bench. Just as I expected, she pulls it out when she needs to. Nigel says he has been extremely lucky in his career, and he knows he’s a hard old bastard, but Mia’s routine really touched him. when they fell forward and when they tried to touch through the park bench, it was privilege for him to watch it. He believes that last week Ivan grew, but this week, Heidi was sensational. He doesn’t want to take away from Travis, but it’s his style, not hers. He needs to raise his game the way she did, and he took her further with his strength. Cecily just wants to give Nigel a big smooch, and says this dance made her want to fall in love. Heidi softened it up so well, as she’s usually so tough and full of fire. Jean Marc says there was suspense through this story, and it was emotional and so true in life. We look through love, and through Mia we realize it’s not always feasible with the way someone wants to love you.

Allison steps on the floor for her solo set to We Belong by Pat Benatar, and Baby, she she belongs. However, we’re so used to excellence, it’s like, “There’s Allison being excellent again. Nigel tells her she looks beautiful and is a great dance, but wants her to be careful not to have just one expression on her face. They’ve seen so much emotion tonight, and now that they know everyone has the ability to do it, they have to keep bringing it ever week. Cecily says we’re taught to smile and dance, tut w hen you are out there being funky, the smile and glow sometimes overshadows the style. Jean Marc said last year there were more men in the thick of the fight, but this year the women look ready for the fight. He says Allison is proof the guys need to roll up t heir sleeves, go on the dance floor and kick butt.

The last paired dance tonight is Natalie and Benji’s second one, the hip hop, one again choreographed by Shane Sparks. He notes that they’re not the most ghetto couple in the world, but both can do characters very well. Natalie has some junk in the trunk, so she thought the booty popping would come easy, but she’s finding it doesn’t. Apparently there’s an art to booty popping. Who’dve thunk it? She is hoping for a butt massage later, though. Maybe Musa can come back for t hat.

Dancing to She’s Freaky by Pitbull, I have to ask, that’s Natalie and Benji? They do some awesome backbends and other tricks. Nigel calls it a lot of fun, and says he doesn’t know how he’s going to get through this critique, the covers from the barrage of boos. He says they weren’t together when they should have been together, and he didn’t get any chemistry. Without the chemistry, he found himself concentrating on the missed steps. they are two of his favorites, but if they have to pick on ballroom, and say it’s not good enough, he has to be fair this way too. Cecily says they both did great individually, but not as a couple. Delisa agrees with all that, yet says they were believable characters. Jean Marc says the movement was sharp and short like it needed to be, and he found it entertaining.

Ryan gets the last solo of the night, and does a contemporary dance to Canned Heat by Jamiroquino. They always say he needs to bring the personality, and I can see he’s trying here, but it’s still not enough for me. Nigel tells him he could be a soloist for most companies in the country with his wonderful technique and lines and great elevation. He believes he’ll be moving on into solo career. Cecily agrees, and Delisa says in element, Ryan gives it, which should help him further along in the competition. Last ti me she didn’t’ think he gave it out of his heart, but this time she thought he did. Jean Marc thinks there’s nothing ryan cannot do, and it’s a matter of selecting the right element to show what he has to sell.

I think he has to be leaving tonight, though, as he doesn’t seem to be connecting with the fans. Travis, Benji, Dmitry, and Ivan have a definite fanbase. The same goes for Martha. Without Travis, she isn’t quite what she was, just like Ryan isn’t quite what he was without Heidi. I think we’ll see these two leaving Thursday night.

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