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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 19th – George's Headgear

Janelle hits the treadmill, and Kaysar goes in to talk with her. They both feel like they’re in prison, but Janie says that it’ll be okay. See, they complain, but turn things into a positive. And this is one of the reasons that I like them. Poor George is eating by himself in the kitchen. He cooked for everyone, including those on food restriction, and cleaned everything up too. And now the poor guy is sitting, alone, eating ice cream. I feel so bad for him sometimes.

In the tarantula room, Howie and James are talking about pretty much nothing. Kaysar joins them, as does George who has finished his solitary dessert. After a few quick feed switches, we come back to the bug room to see George holding a thong. A thong! He looks at it and stretches it out a bit, then puts the thing on his head. Seems George likes his head gear. Kaysar leaves the room to wander some more.

Kay sits with Diane outside for a bit, but she doesn’t say anything to him about the game. Come one Di, this is your big chance! I guess she’s holding out for Janie though. Kaysar returns to the bug room, where Danielle has also taken up residence. There’s a lot of goofing around and joking in there, which is nice to see. This is the stuff that makes watching the feeds fun, but recapping them difficult.

Later on, Howie and Janelle quiz each other on trivia questions about the house and the houseguests. They talk about J-Blow and whether or not she’s been in a movie yet. Kaysar and Danielle are outside discussing religion. In the bathroom Diane tells Booger about the advice Marcellas gave her about talking to Janelle to say she’s not going after them. Then she says she is going after them.

Janelle asks Kay is he’s told Nakomis that she’s leaving yet. He says no, that he’ll tell her in the morning. They both feel terrible about it. They go upstairs to play chess, and Janie says that Marcellas told her that Diane was going to go after the Chill Clowns. Neither of them believe it.

Most of the houseguests are sleeping now. There’s a group in the room with the ginormous bed talking about past seasons, which is really getting old now. And Howie, Janie, and Kaysar are taking showers and baths, and talking about highlighting Howie’s hair and preparing for the HoH comp. Marcellas joins them and they try to come up with a strategy in case the comp is a “majority rules” type of thing.

Danielle discovers a pot on the stove, and the burner was left on. Now the whole place smells like burnt slop. Yum.

Everyone except Janie and Kaysar eventually finds their way to the land of nod. These two, however, stay up until almost 5 am. Janelle talks about moving back to Minnesota and how excited her family is about it. They discuss strategy again, and how they should continue to take out the floaters and make them choose sides. Janie eventually drifts off to sleep in the HoH bed with Howie, and Kaysar wanders around the house for quite a while. He then sets up his prayer mat, and it isn’t long before he’s in the HoH bed too, to get a few hours of sleep. Night night hamsters!

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