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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 19th – George's Headgear

Marcellas says that if Janelle is up with any of the other S6, he’ll vote to evict her. What?? If this is strategy, it’s really weird. Is he trying to defect attention from his alliance with Janie? They all want Chicken George gone, but Marcy insists that you have to willing to take a hit and nominate people who are powerful in the game. Marcellas leaves to have a bath, leaving James and Erika to talk some more about Kaysar. Erika complains again about her ribs, and James tells her that it’s her own fault that her airbags didn’t deploy. See, this is why I like James.

Now they discuss how Kaysar’s nominations are going to be edited for TV, how he risked it all to take out the smartest player in the house, Nakomis. This coming from James, who has campaigned all week to take Nak out because she scares the crap out of him. James and Erika eventually fall asleep, but we’re still watching the two of them. Fascinating.

Finally we move to Diane, Janelle, and Nakomis, who are fiddling around with the bead kit. Diane doesn’t know if she wants to go back to Kentucky or not. They talk about what happens once they get booted, and if they’ll be sequestered or able to go straight home.

Janie heads up to the chess table lounge to talk with Kaysar. They discuss the bible, Janie’s farting, Howie’s obsession with counting things, and how Marcellas has been disappointing to them. They go over the fight with Marcy from the day before, and Kaysar admits that Marcellas’ flip-flopping and waffling is driving him crazy. They just can’t depend on him. Then Janie asks if Kay thinks she’s a spoiled brat. He thinks about this for a moment, then says no, she’s normal.

Kaysar says that he had a dream that he screwed things up by not using the veto, and Nakomis ended up going home. They decide that they have about a 40% chance of winning the next HoH, based on who’s playing.

Janelle falls asleep, and Kay assumes the thinking pose. Howie is outside working out by himself. Everyone else? Might have fallen off the face of the earth for all we know. The house is silent. Suddenly BB comes over the intercom to announce that the winner will have been in the house for 80 days, or 1920 hours, or 115,200 minutes. Way to bring their spirits up, BB.

Now we get an inside lockdown. But since most people are sleeping, this isn’t an issue. Flames, and eventually Howie goes back outside. George says that he wants to make quesadillas for dinner, which Kaysar says sounds good. Upstairs, Janelle relocates to the HoH bed because, she tells Kaysar, George is too loud.

Will makes an appearance to complain some more. He says that on Survivor they would have eatne a monkey by now. On the Bachelor they would have gotten laid and gone to Paris, and on The Amazing Race they would have visited a bunch of countries. And … flames. Enough dissing the show Will. BB doesn’t like it. But when we come back, he keeps it up. The house is too big, you don’t see people enough, there’s no basketball like there was on BB2, he’s bored and he wants out. Then go. There’s the door. See ya. He says the show sucks, will continue to suck, and won’t stop sucking. Then he rants about how people with physical handicaps can’t play because of the huge staircase. More flames, until the camera finally abandons the Dr. Will show and takes us to …

Diane and Marcellas having a little strategy conversation. Looks to me like Diane is going to hook herself to Marcellas after Nak leaves. She complains that she’s not in with the S6, and Marcy says that they favoured Nakomis because she went to them, but Diane didn’t. He tells her to go to them now and tell them that she wanted to work with them, and still does, but they wouldn’t open the door to her. She says that she’s been getting along well with Janelle, so she’s talk to her tonight and make an agreement so they don’t go after her and she’ll go after Chill Clowns with them. I like!

Booger is regaling whoever will listen with stories of high school and how you don’t get on TV unless you have mental problems. I’ll not touch that one – the jokes tend to write themselves when Booger opens his mouth.

Marcellas is now talking to Nakomis and Erika, while Nak packs her stuff. Sniff. He says that he doesn’t even understand what the producers are doing because no one wants to be there. Which brings us flames. Marcy dear, haven’t you learned anything from Dr. Pasty and his sidekick? Nak goes to change the batteries in her mic, and Marcellas throws out Jase, Howie, and Kaysar as possible nomination ideas to Erika. I guess he’s still smarting over the Diane thing.

Outside, the houseguests are thrilled to learn that BB has given them something else to do. Badminton. Well, it’s not as exciting as jumping through flaming hoops or throwing Booger in the oven, but they’ll take it. A bunch of them start playing, and just as we’re finally seeing some folks having some fun in the house, Booger starts singing. Which brings us flames. Again. Seriously, BB needs to do something about this. Evict him and bring in Cowboy or Ivette. That’s how much I can’t stand Booger.

Danielle helps Diane pack. We’re watching this, I think, because BB refuses to put the cameras on the people having fun outside because of Booger. Grr. Diane is saying that she’s wearing gray shorts and a black top with “cleavage hanging out” for the live show on Thursday. That’s great Diane. Thanks for sharing.

Now we get to watch the badminton game, which isn’t all that interesting conversation-wise, but it’s nice seeing people with something to do. George is in the kitchen making dinner for these people who don’t appreciate him and make fun of them all the time. James wonders if badminton is tomorrow’s HoH comp, and says he’s dead if it is. Somehow I don’t think it is, but who knows?

Will and Booger offer a truce to Howie and James, saying that if one of them gets HoH they’ll just put up Janelle and Kaysar. Because Will wants to go home and will beg to be put up on the block. Please. They all kind of laugh it off. Will talks with Booger and Diane about Erika and how she didn’t decide on her vote until the last possible second. Then she came out and acted like she was on board with voting out Nakomis the whole time, and took credit for changing the minds of the S6 crew. Diane and Booger think that the S6’ers are going to be surprised tomorrow night when Nak leaves. Good grief, do they even hear what comes out of their own mouths?

Outside, Booger and Will go from playing pool to complaining about the house to singing. So we get the damn flames every couple of minutes. Booger says that the difference between the two of them and the others in the house is that they’re successful and the rest are just sheep. Yawn. Then they decide they should keep playing and split the prize money, and even offer George a cut so he stays with them. Will says he’ll try hard for the HoH. Which is it William? Giving up or trying hard? Now he says he’ll only pack his stuff and ask to be nominated if one of the S6 wins HoH, because no one else would put them up.

These two continue to complain. They whine about the table, the lack of good board games, how no one is willing to put themselves out there and shake up the game, and how the production staff doesn’t care one bit. Will hopes that his girlfriend is still there for him when he gets out, because she’s a real “woman” and is so above all the crap that he’s going through in the house. Tell me again, why did these two want to be on the show?