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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 19th – George's Headgear

It’s voting day, and it still looks like Kaysar’s plan to save Nakomis is doomed to failure. I predict a lot of people saying that they have to win HoH on Thursday. Let’s see how it all unfolds.

Will is the first one out of bed at about 8:45 am. Since this guy is more aware of the cameras than his own pasty self, he addresses us “feeders” directly, welcoming us to the “dumbest show on the internet” and saying that today he will vote, work out a little, and sing. A lot. Tomorrow he will sit through the live show while no one asks him any questions, and then he’ll throw the HoH and beg the winner to nominate him and send him home. “This year’s twist is massive depression among the houseguests,” he adds.

Will keeps talking, saying that he’s embarrassed to be there. The show isn’t important to him – his family and friends are. But of course they’re not watching him on the feeds because they’re “normal”. He’ll see then in about a week, because one way or another he’s getting out of the house. Then he starts singing and we are treated to flames. Thanks Will.

A few minutes later, Danielle is talking to the camera too. She’s outside drinking coffee, and says that, if the cameras are on her, she wants Will and Lori from season 5 to know that she’s not letting “their girl” go anywhere. Erika arrives on the scene and they start talking about their contract. Flames again. Thanks Erika.

Will is called into the DR, so voting has apparently begun. And we all know how that’s going to turn out, so let’s not even get into it.

Diane, James, and Nakomis wander outside and start talking about the votes. Diane, who must know that she’s safe, starts whining about how the votes should just be made without anyone using strong arm tactics to force people to vote one way or the other. She denies the Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance completely. Erika sits with them, they start talking about feet, and … more flames. Grr.

Are you noticing a pattern here today? James mentions the name of the psychologist that they all get to see after they’re evicted from the show, and guess what? Say it with me – flames. If they keep this up, I’ll be writing the shortest recap in the history of ever.

Back to James and the nominees – Erika has noticed that voting has begun, so she’s off to apply her plethora of makeup for the cameras. James butters up the girls by saying that this week’s nominations were stupid and that he doesn’t want to see either one of them go home. He blames everything on Kaysar and thinks the Chill Clowns should have been on the block. He’d like to keep in touch with them both after the show is over. Hmm, I wonder if James suspects that someone might be coming back into the house?

Danielle tries to explain to Booger how the vote flipped, without really playing her hand or revealing how involved she was. She’s good! Of course it’s easy to put one over on Booger, I guess. He gets all excited like he’s in on some juicy secret or something. Danielle tells him to go ask Marcellas about what happened. Poor Marcy.

Now it’s time to watch Booger work out. Or, as I like to call it, time to pause the feeds, make a sandwich, and come back and fast forward through Booger working out. ‘Cause no one should have to suffer through that.

Lots and lots of mindless chatter in the backyard. Topics include credit cards, toilet paper, wrap parties, diets, and houseguests’ height. James says that he can’t eat any more slop or drink any more protein shakes, because his stomach is rebelling against them. Marcellas, who is in real clothes because I guess he didn’t want to vote in his jammies again, says that it’s a scorcher out there. So go inside – you have air conditioning, right?

Back onto food, Marcellas is missing McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC – stuff that he normally doesn’t eat. He says he could seriously “f*ck up” a Whopper right now. Marcy’s rants about food are the highlights of my feed watching days. Is that sad? (Shut up Dr. Will, I wasn’t asking you.)

They all talk about gaining and losing weight. Nakomis wanted to gain weight in the house, but she thinks she’s actually lost about five pounds since going on the slop diet. Marcellas worries about gaining weight, and says that he pictures himself sometimes at 450 pounds, laying on the couch surrounded by Krisy Kremes and fashion magazines. Ha!

Janie shows up, but the conversation doesn’t appear to pick up any. She and Marcellas discuss the merits of “Valley of the Dolls”, the book versus the movie. Marcy loves the movie and starts acting bits of it out. Nakomis wants to rent it when she gets out of the house. Like this weekend, I guess.

Janelle and Nakomis discuss whether or not someone will be brought back into the house, and what the upcoming HoH comp might be. They both thought that they would be either repeats of popular comps from previous seasons, or trivia about BB history. So did I.

Booger shows up and starts giving shout outs to some of his homies, so we get flames again. Thanks Booger. He mentions that BB gave them hell for discussing their votes last week, because the “internet people” all figured out who was going. Um, that happens almost every week, whether they discuss the votes after the fact or not. But Booger bringing this up gives us … wait for it … flames.

Marcellas, who has just returned from a wardrobe change, sits down to mope. Erika complains some more about her rib pain. Then they all play a song game, in which they really only have to say the titles of the songs, but Booger sings constantly giving me more intermittent flames. Please BB, put Booger in the flames. That would be entertaining, yo.

We’re brought to the kitchen now, where Will joins the group and complains that the people in the DR are trying to force them to say stuff that they don’t want to say. Flames. Kaysar and Jase discuss how the slop diet is making people really testy. Booger sings. Flames. Isn’t this fun?

Kaysar asks Jase about what he wrote in his HoH blog last week, and Jase says that he talked about his love Heidi and it made him cry. Chicken George, bored to the gills, fashions himself some tin foil head gear. Which, considering who’s in the house, isn’t altogether a bad idea. He calls it his Jedi training hat.

Howie kisses Will on the cheek, and Will calls out that he’s being sexually harassed. Howie says that at least his stalker is good-looking. Heehee. George is now trying to make a better foil hat, because apparently the first one is somehow lacking.

Kaysar gets the digital camera for an hour, and they take pictures of Howie trying to break into the case that holds his light saber, the penis soap, and George. Speaking of George, Jase is helping him in making a matching neck tie and mask to go with his shiny new hat. Kaysar joins in and they try to tie a foil cape to George’s back. Kaysar says what we’re all thinking, “I can’t believe we’re playing dress up with tin foil.” Word.

Booger wants them to make George into an actual superhero so that it’ll get on TV. Because that’s the reason Booger’s there, remember. For good TV. They have Aluminum Foil Man save Diane from a bunch of giant ants on the wall.

Marcellas, James, and Erika huddle together in the red bedroom and talk about the nominations. Marcy seems to feel that Kaysar threatened him to vote to keep Nakomis, and that Janie messed up by not talking to Diane at all this week. He thinks that Di will join the Chill Clowns because she has no where else to go. Of course, with Will wanting out, the Clowns may not be that formidable an alliance after next week. If he goes through with it, of course. I have my doubts.