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Let Them Not Eat Cake – Big Brother 7: All Stars, Episode 5

The Big Brother house helped celebrate Boogie’s birthday by providing chocolate cake, sushi, sparkling wine, and whipped cream, which Erika had used to spell out “Happy Birthday” on her legs. Ugh. Mike proceeds to blow the candle out on his cake and lick the whipped cream off Erika: “[it] tasted phenomenal. It was the best whipped cream I have ever had.” Yuck. Unfortunately, because half the team lost the food competition, they were not able to participate in the birthday special treats. Boogie and Will taunted Howie with their cake and sushi. The rest of the slop-eaters pouted. “That’s just mean,” grunts Marcellas. “I’m the type of person that would not have a party.” *sniff*sniff* Smells like bull in here. Besides, it’s not like they went out and bought the cake and decorations. I think I see some sour grapes floating in your slop there, Marcellas.

Marcellas and Janelle confront Kaysar in the Head of Household room about his decision. Marcellas thinks that Erika should use the veto, and Kaysar should then put up one of the Chill Town on the block. James comes in to tattle on the others, “they’re talking so much s—t about Season Six.” Down at the hot tub, the rest of the house realizes that because BB6 is in power this week, there is nothing they can do in terms of strategy. Nakomis tells the group that she is not going to campaign against her friend. Diane, upon hearing this, makes an emotional exit from the tub. She returns a few moments later after drying her eyes, only to hear Will talk about how much he respects Kaysar. He then tells Jase to bring Kaysar down from the HoH room so that they can talk to him about how they feel.

Jase runs up and retrieves Kaysar. Will tells him that “we’re trying to think of any way someone could go home besides Diane and Nakomis.” Kaysar counters, “You tell me who should go home.” The rest of the group remains silent. Damn you people! I think this was their prime opportunity when they should have called Kaysar and his groupies out on their “game” and suggested that he put one of the Sixers up. Where’s my drama, damn it? Kaysar chuckles at their silence and walks away. Will then volunteers, “I’ll go up. Use the veto, and send me out. I’m totally serious. I’m totally cool with it.” “Stop trying to be the hero,” says Kaysar. He heads back upstairs and informs the BB6 (and Marcellas) on what happened in the backyard. “I didn’t get played; I put him in his place, and it’s done.” In his place? Really? I didn’t really see that at all, but okay.

“Erika needs to use that veto, one of them needs to go,” affirms Marcellas. “The best thing you can do is weaken that f—kin a—hole, and by weakening him, you send Mike Boogie home. You still have a target that’s as big as anyone else in this game, but you weaken your main opponent. He threw down the gauntlet!” I don’t know how much I agree with that either. I do think it was stupid for Kaysar to make a deal with them, but I think it would be smarter to take the doctor out, not Boogie. Will is the only winner in the house, and while I’m not personally impressed with him, I’m sure he’s a winner for a reason. He’s smart and manipulative, and he’s got the troops behind him. Boogie’s just a convenient sidekick. Take Boogie out, and Will continues on. Take Will out, and Boogie turns into a harmless, annoying pile of goo.

Erika considers her options. Now, I find it funny that there’s all this talk from Janelle, Nakomis, Diane, Will, and Marcellas about how she should use the veto, but has anyone actually TALKED to the woman directly? If they have, it wasn’t seen on the show. “I could take someone off the block, but I do not have the power to replace the nomination, so it’s a hard decision,” she says. The veto ceremony begins, and Jase privately agrees with Janelle and Marcellas, hoping that Erika will use the veto so that Kaysar can nominate either Mike or the doctor for elimination. Erika asks Nakomis and Diane for their Veto pleas. Nakomis gives the cliché comment, “it’s your decision.” Boring! Diane says, “I would love to say, ‘Use it.’ I want you to use it. I would like to see somebody take a chance and actually change up the game.” Oyg, yes. Erika responds, “I really genuinely like both of you and would like both of you to stay in the game.” Oh no… a compliment… that’s never good… “I have decided not to use the Power of Veto at this time.” *sigh* Damn.

“There are way more advantages to not using the power of veto at this time for me. I would not want to make myself more of a target,” says Erika in the DR. “I’m not here to stir it up. I’m here to win.” Boring! Diane really hopes she will stay so that she can “crush them all.” “It’s on,” Nakomis threatens, “you shouldn’t have messed with me. You shouldn’t have messed with my girl.” Janelle and Marcellas disagree on which nominee is the bigger threat to the house, and Will says that the only reason Kaysar did not put him on the block is because “he wants to save his own hide.” I would most certainly have to agree, Doctor. I personally would like to see sneaky Nakomis stick around, but she will probably be seen for the stronger player that she is (for now) and be voted out.

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