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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 18th – Kaysar Caught In His Own Web

Regardless, Diane is still Nakomis’ friend, and she won’t campaign against her. If she is kept, though, Nakomis promises Kaysar that she won’t go after any of the four, and that she will go after Jase, Chill Town, and Chicken George. Kaysar says he’ll do what he can to keep her, and he promises not to let anyone know that she talked to him.

Meanwhile Marcellas and Janelle come up to use the bathroom. When Nakomis leaves, they come out. They start talking votes with Kaysar, and Marcellas opens up that he has finally made up his mind to keep Diane. He is making this decision so emotionally. Her sob story got to him, and he refuses to go against her now. Plus, he sees Nakomis as the better player, so he thinks once you get the chance, you have to take the better player out.

Kaysar tries a slight strongarm on him, saying he keeps saying he wants to be with the four of them, but he wants to do what’s right with him, not the group. Marcellas just continues to get more and more emotional about it, and says they don’t know where Diane stands because they haven’t gone and talked to her. She wants to talk, but feels she can’t to them. Yet they are willing and ready to listen to Nakomis. Marcellas points out she has never come to him, and Kaysar says that’s because she refuses to campaign against her friend.

Howie and Erika both join the conversation at some point, and Erika just moves whichever way Marcellas leans. She is such a floater. That’s it. I’m going back to calling her Amber. they argue and argue about it, with no resolution, and Marcellas leaves in a huff, only to come right back to explain his point more. This tells me he’s waffling otherwise he would have stayed gone.

Kaysar picks up on this and keeps hammering and hammering. Marcellas continues to get more and more upset. Kaysar says he can’t say he’s with them, then go against them this week, and expect them to help him out later. Marcellas can only bring up last week when he was forced to keep his nemesis, Danielle. Now he’s asked to go against his what he feels is best once again. He then gets extremely quiet while Kaysar goes on and on and on, so it seems like he’s thinking about it.

Marcellas leaves and says they gave him a lot to think about, James comes in, and Erika leaves as well, saying she’ll be right back. James says he is thisclose to convincing Danielle to keep Nakomis, and that Danielle went to go talk to Nakomis to get her point of view. The additonal problem is Will has decided to sleep in the room with the genormous bed with Erika, and everyone knows it’s because he wants to secure her vote to keep Diane.

Howie keeps going on and on saying this is week 1.7!. Marcellas was worried about beng in final three with Nakomis, and Danielle is worried about the same thing. Howie keeps saying, “Final three?” This is week 1.7!”

James wants to go down and make a deal with Will and Boogie, but Kaysar refuses to let that happen. James then suggests that they tell Marcellas tomorrow that his vote will show which side he’s on, and it will expose him to everyone. He notes that Marcellas has been walking around talking about “the four”, and calling them out making them targets, but then he wants them to include him in the decisions like they’re a 5. James’ next move is to send Howie downstairs on reconnaissance to annoy the people downstairs. When you care enough to send the very best.

After Howie leaves Kaysar and James sit down to discuss strategy, but when Howie goes outside, he only finds Danielle, Nakomis and Janelle, and he leaves quickly. My guess is that he figured they were working on Danielle’s vote, and he should let them be. He wanders around the bedroom areas looking for someone to pester, assumably. He checks in the storage room, but there’s no one there. He must be looking for Boogie and Will. Are they hiding in Allison’s pot?

Erika and Marcellas are talking downstairs in the hammock. She says she’ll go with whatever he wants to do. Didn’t she tell the same thing to Kaysar when she won the PoV? If he would have known she was going to be so wishy washy, maybe he would have told her to use the PoV. They are deciding to go with keeping Diane to go with the majority.

Oh joy. I get to watch James pop a zit. He’s doing it in the workout room because he likes the mirrors better.

The BB6ers regroup and try Plan E. Howie sits inside watching the spycam, and James and Kaysar hit the backyard crew that includes Marcellas, Erika, and Danielle, and bring everything into an open forum. Erika and Danielle make a swift retreat, and the three guys argue this whole thing once again. At one point James challenges Marcellas’ viewpoint, and Marcellas gets tight into his face with James saying to him it’s going to get ugly if he continues to get in his face. Kaysar jumps up to stop the confrontation. They continue to argue, and James asks Kaysar to allow him and Marcellas some space to talk this out.

Kaysar leaves and James and Marcellas talk and bring up their friendship with each other. James tries to plead the point while Marcellas folds laundry and interrupts him. Janelle and Howie try to join them, and James tells them to go away because he’s having discussions with Marcellas. The don’t come to an agreement about Nakomis and Diane, but t hey do get their friendship back in order, which is good.

The backyard continues to have a revolving door with the floaters and the four going in and out in different combinations. When all is said and done, Kaysar agrees to abandon his plan and vote her out unanimously. He says he will let her know he tried his best, but they had to abandon it. Meanwhile the groups all continue to talk about it. For some odd reason, Marcellas can’t let it go, so in some way, he has to be doubting his decision.

I understand everyone else’s reasoning, but I see it biting them in the ass later on. Does Diane need this? Yes. But she needs it so badly, she will do whatever it takes to get to the end, no matter who she screws over the in end. I think that’s what the BB6 see, but the others don’t. They dealt with some of this hard play last year that the others never did, and don’t have experience in. Once again, though, you have to agree, Kaysar got HoH and screwed it up.

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