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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 18th – Kaysar Caught In His Own Web

Not able to let it go, James is try to figure out why they made a deal with Chill Town knowing they wouldn’t keep their promise by putting up people who would keep their promise, and now they’re making a deal with the ones put up on the block because they know the other one won’t stick. Or something like that. It’s hard to follow. Kaysar gets very angry at james for throwing this back at him once again, and he’s yelling at James. Howie and Janelle enter the room, and hopefully they can get everyone to calm down.

Kaysar tries to explain it again that they are keeping Nakomis because she wants others out, and they want her out. Chill Town wants her out, and she wants them out. It takes the pressure off of the BB6, as it creates more drama elsewhere. I understand this reasoning … sometimes. James is also upset because he didn’t know about the Chill Town agreement until he heard it from Janelle after the nominations. He feels like he was kept out of the loop. Kaysar tries to tell him that the only reason Janie knew was because she was in HoH at the time of the agreement.

Jase isn’t only trying to distance himself from the Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Chill Town alliances to the BB6ers, he’s also trying to distance himself from the BB6 to the Chill town alliance. He tells Will and Boogie that he was annoyed when he and Janelle were co-HOH and Marcellas kept butting in with his thoughts. Boogie sets his sights on George, and gets him to agree to vote for Diane. Chill Town believes they need one more solid vote.

Shortly after, Jase makes his way up to the HoH room to discuss why the Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance wouldn’t make sense, because it would two “Mrs.” He does admit to talking to Diane before the show started, but says he talked to many others as well. Jase adds that before all this he was for voting out Nakomis, because he sees her as the better player. Yet, they’re both threats, because Diane is great at endurance, and it was those two that got him out of the game in BB5. He doesn’t mind either or both going. He leads them to believe he has now changed his vote to keeping Nakomis, but who really knows, because just a few minutes ago he was drumming up support for Diane.

Downstairs Diane is saying to Danielle and Marcellas that if everyone else in the house is wanting Will out of the house, she will go with what everyone else wants. It sounds like she’s trying to promise whatever she thinks the others want so she can stay. Boogie is telling everyone James is the first on his list to go. When word gets back to James he says that when Boogie actually can win an HoH, then he’ll worry about it.

Marcellas is waffling again. Janie’s belief to the HoH room is that Danielle is getting to him, which is kind of funny considering he couldn’t even stand to be in her presence two weeks ago. It’s like he’s beginning to fall under her spell again or something. Kaysar isn’t too worried about what happens next, because they’re causing dissension in the house, and if any of the floaters win next week, they probably won’t put up BB6 since they have helped them all these past few weeks.

Jase talks to Marcellas about the votes, and he says he and Danielle are voting the same. He wont’ go back on his word Jase takes this back to Boogie, and they count, and think they have the 6 with Will, Boogie, George, Marcellas, Danielle, Jase. They think Marcellas is sensing that the power is changing to their side. They can’t wait to see the looks on BB6’s faces when Nakomis is voted out and they win HoH and take control. It all depends on jase, then, which side he’s playing. If he votes out Nakomis, he causes a tie. I can’t see how it would benefit him to lie to BB6 about his vote. They’ll know he changed his vote, and if they end up winning HoH again. He’s screwed. Meanwhile, Will sits idly by making a penis-shaped soap.

Despite the fact that they have taratulas to watch inside the house, Will, Jase, and James watch a spider that’s over the pool. Jase tries to feed it a moth, and when it eats it, Will talks about how quickly he spun it into a web to catch it, then ate it. Another bug flies into the web, and James calls it a Dumbass. Perhaps that was the Boogie bug to fly right into a web and not look where he’s going, just following the person in front. Will wonders if the spider is going to fix the hole that’s in his web.

Kaysar is able to get notice to Nakomis that he wants to talk with her. She comes up to the HoH room under the guise of listening to his Norah Jones HoH CD. He tells her he really wants to keep her, but the people he can get the numbers with, they want more assurances of who she would go after in the house. She’s cool with all that, but she’s upset that someone from the BB6 has been going around saying she’s with them. It affects what she is trying to do. She doesn’t know who said it, except that someone from Chill Town came to her and said that they had heard that.

Nakomis does say that she hates Jase, hates Will, hates Boogie. She hates the way they talk to people and treat them. As far as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, she doesn’t know what to think. Diane is her best friend here, so she hates to think she’s been lying to her and making a fool of her this whole time. However, there were a few times that Diane said things that gave some validity to the Mr. and Mrs. Smith thing. The first few days Diane had mentioned things to Nakomis about trusting Jase, and it didn’t make sense to her.


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