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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 18th – Kaysar Caught In His Own Web

Kaysar must have sparked something cutting his own hair last night. Diane goes in to dye her hair (apparently her natural color is closer to Howie’s), and Marcellas shaves his head, then spends some time walking around with the afro wig he wore a few times on House Calls last season. Erika joins Marcellas and Janelle, and is wearing a shirt that mentions “Bunny”. It turns out Bunny does BB recaps. What no one could wear a Reality Shack shirt? After this all three spend time talking about how hot Kaysar is.

Word has gotten back to Will and Boogie that Diane might be the one going, and they aren’t too happy about it. They know people are looking to break up Jase and Diane. They have also heard that Nakomis, if she stays, will be going after George and not the BB6ers, as she compares George to her brother, Cowboy, and doesn’t like the thought of someone like that making it to the end. This is even worse news to them.

Will is playing again today. He is requesting a three hours session with a psychologist. Instead the storage room is filled up with activities to allay everyone’s boredom. They get a Jenga game, soap-making supplies, a beaded jewelry set, etc. Jase builds a mousetrap; perhaps he’ll catch a rat. Oops, that would be himself.

For a moment, Will and Boogie get more serious and have some game chat together. They just can’t seem to figure out why everyone else in the house seems to be with BB6 and against them. They wonder if perhaps they may have overplayed it. Gee, what makes you think that? Honestly, I think they had half a chance until the birthday bash when they were just flat out annoying, and Kaysar played their game and threw it right back in their face. They wonder if they should try to make a deal with the BB6 to keep them safe. Ummm, you already did that, then tried to turn the house against them anyway. My guess is they won’t go for it again, especially when everyone but Kaysar is really pissed off about you not being nominated.

Boogie moves his conversation to Erika, and he asks her why no one is taking out BB6. She surmises it’s because no one else has been in power yet. He tells her it’s good for her because she can keep her distance from them and not let people know she’s supposedly with them. He says that’s what got Rachel voted out … people finding out she was in a team with Howie. He goes back to talking about Janelle once again, saying he can’t figure her out, whether she’s smart or not. Right there, that comment, says it all. she’s smart; you’re not.

Will sets his sights on trying to take Marcellas down by commenting on his physical appearance. It’s quite obvious, and everyone knows that’s a sure way to take him down. He tells Marcellas he needs to eat because he’s beginning to look sunk in like a Halloween pumpkin on Thanksgiving. Nice. I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to get him to turn against the BB6, so I’m not sure why Will is doing this, and we know Will has a reason for doing everything he says and does.

Janelle and James finally confront Jase about the Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance, and tell him that Toni Ferrari tipped off Janelle, and James heard about it somewhere too. Jase is really p.o.’d and wants to know if they were going to backdoor him if Nakomis would have won the PoV competition. Janelle assures him that wasn’t their plan. Jase says he’ll vote out Diane now for sure just to be sure they realize none of that was true.

Needling Jase a little more, Janie and James ask if it was at least true that he, Allison, and Diane had dinner in one of Boogie’s restaurants. Apparently someone told James they saw them there, and James also heard about it in the airport. Jase says he’s never even been to one of boogie’s restaurants before.This was perfect, as they now made sure Jase doesn’t want to be seen close to either one of those alliances. In martial arts we call this a wedge block.

After Janie goes inside, Boogie takes her place and mocks surprise about the supposed Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance. Making a point for that one and his own Chill Town alliance, he asks why it even matters to have small alliances in the house when there’s already an alliance of four. James tells him he sounds paranoid, and paranoia just isn’t healthy. No it’s not; but Green Day made an awesome song out of it. Trying to set himself back on the good side, Boogie cracks a joke and says he and Jase are in the Mr. and Mr. Smith alliance, and says they’re the ambiguously gay duo. Occasionally he can be funny.

James reports everything back to Kaysar, and says there definitely isn’t a Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance, and they’re taking out a worthless player in Diane. Kaysar still believes there is an alliance and starts to get annoyed with James. James points out Jase put up Allison in week one, and now he’s willing to vote out Diane, but he’s in an alliance with them? They can’t come to terms on this and decide to play chess. I still think there was an alliance too. I think Jase wanted to hedge his bets on an alliance before he walked in the door, and now that he’s in, he’s found two more promising alliances in BB6 and Chill Town, so he’s willing to sell his alliance out.


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