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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 18th – Kaysar Caught In His Own Web

It’s bad enough that we only get to spend our mornings with Danielle and Nakomis every morning while the others sleep in, but today no one was up until 10:45 BB time. Eventually Danielle, Nakomis, and James are up, and James and Danielle work their way outside for a little game talk.

James and Danielle discuss who to vote out, and the benefits of each. Despite the fact that Nakomis spends her mornings with her, Danielle is learning towards evicting her. Then again, perhaps it’s repaying the favor since Nakomis voted against her last week. Thinking further, the only other vote was from Diane, so I guess it leaves them on equal territory there. James believes if Nakomis stays it will be her and Danielle in final two, but Danielle can’t even think that far. James’ argument for keeping Nakomis is that if Diane stays, she’s in the Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance with Jase, and since Jase is also expected to be in the Chill Town alliance, it leads to the two alliances blending and working together.

Meanwhile Janelle talks to Nakomis and tells her she has the guaranteed support of herself, James, and Howie, and Marcellas. They need one more vote to secure the tie. If they can at least get a tie, Kaysar is the tiebreaker, and he’ll vote for Nakomis to stay. With Danielle admitting she’s leaning towards keeping Diane, that means Nakomis needs Erika’s vote to force it to a tie. Then again, as we saw last week, anything can happen the day before the vote.

BB calls an outside lockdown, but some are still getting up, and others are just moving slowly. James is now stuck outside, and upset because he wants to grab a quick snack to bring outside, but it takes 20 minutes to make the gruel. Marcellas asks Kaysar to bring moisturizer on his way out, and Jase sits inside scraping his tongue in the mirror, then raising his shirt to admire his own abs. Yesterday they were talking about him putting baby oil on them before the food challenge so they’d look better on camera. The guy is funny as all get out, but … sheesh!

Kaysar produces an interesting thought. Just as there are movies that kids aren’t allowed to watch, there should also be movies that 40-year-old adults shouldn’t watch. There shouldn’t be any 40 year old Jedis out there. We can all figure out who he is talking about. His nemesis is inside refusing to come out and taking his sweet ass time, no matter how many times BB asks. We all know who this is too. The guy that oddly enough tries to do everything he can to secure a penalty nomination.

Once Will finally finds his way outside, he decides the lockdown is time the crew needs to take care of the tarantulas, and wonders why they don’t just have fake tarantulas. As if to prove a point, the cameras spend lots of time off and on throughout the afternoon focused on the spiders. It makes me long for some Mark Burnett Survivor editing, where they show deadly animals right before showing a survivor going in for the kill on their alliance.

The big surprise of the day is that Jase tells Kaysar once the lockdown is over than he wants to now vote Diane out. After he made a big point of calling out Marcellas as being with BB6, Jase is now nervous about being grouped in his own alliances of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Chill Town. If all of it is true, it means two of his pre-show alliance will be gone by Thursday night. Considering there were only three of them to start, that’s not a good position to be in, but he’s probably thinking it’s better to stay on the BB6 good side, and vote out the person they think he had a pre-show alliance with. Jase also tries to work on Kaysar a little bit for a separate alliance.

Howie ends up not being too keen on the Brat Pack. Molly Ringwald, one of the group of ’80s young stars that appeared in seemingly every movie (16 Candles and Breakfast Club still two of the best movies ever!) back then, refused to have her picture taken with him. He appears to be insulted. Apparently she’s not a reality TV fan.

Danielle does as she promised James, and goes to talk to Kaysar, who is with Janie, to tell him she has made the decision to vote out Nakomis. She thinks she’s better at competitions than Diane, and she says it’s hard to get a good read on her. She suggests that if the BB6 still wants to keep her, they ought to get her to commit now to who she would put up. I don’t think you can do that. Maybe someone else would do it, but not Nakomis. It’s too early in the week. Things could change so much by that time, that it’s hard to make promises and stick to them now. Danielle says she realizes it really doesn’t matter too much, as at best her vote will probably only force it to a tie.

Now that the lockdown is over and everyone has been inside for awhile, there’s now an inside lockdown. With Danielle leaving, it gives Janie and Kaysar time to strategize. They don’t really like Erika’s gameplay, comparing it to that of Maggie. C’mon, it can’t be that bad! Then again, Maggie won, so either she did something right, or everyone else did something wrong.

Howie is in the kitchen smelling a bag of M&Ms, saying it’s better than boobies, and other sexual parts I won’t mention. My son tells me his reading teacher used to sniff the Jolly Rancher bag every day. Could she be thinking the same thing when she smells it?


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