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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 17th – The Return of the Jack Shack

Janie and Marcy are talking about who to vote for. Poor Marcellas tells Janie not to pull the same stuff on him as she did when Alison was evicted, but it’s already started. She’s worried because Diane is wearing a Chill Town shirt, and she knows that Di will come after her. She tells Marcy that he has to help her take out the people who are after her, or they’ll never get to the end together.

Kaysar walks in and they talk about how disgusting Booger is. Their stock just went up over here. They rehash how annoying they all were last night, and Marcy thinks that Jase is totally being used, since Will and Booger won’t turn on each other. Janie mentions that Marcellas was outed last night as part of the S6, so now they’ll be after him too, with her as the primary target. Marcellas says “Not if I can help it!”

They wonder if anyone knows that the two of them are working together, and decide that no one does. Kaysar is lying on the bed in the next room, but I don’t know if he heard them or not. This could get interesting. They want Erika out before Danielle, because she wore whipped cream for Booger and would “do anything” to stay. Janie says she’d wear whipped cream for Kaysar on his birthday, and Marcy says he would too. Hee!

Small groups gather outside to play pool, or sit and stare at each other. Danielle sits with Erika, and Erika complains that the S6 wanted her to use the veto to do their dirty work for them. Uh, wouldn’t Kaysar make the replacement nomination? So … how does that work exactly, Erika? Danielle agrees though, and says she doesn’t know who she’ll vote for because she likes them both. Erika says that it’s at times like these that she misses her life. Me too.

Janelle tells a little story about Mark Cuban coming into Mansion and getting a bunch of comped food and drink. When he ran up a tab of $85 afterwards, he gave Janie a $100 bill and asked for $10 back. Wow, even I tip better than that, and I’m usually broke.

Will says that when he started in BB2, they were told not to mention BB1 at all because it had appeared on another network. Later in the season, a banner flew overhead that said “Bring Back Chicken George!” and they all had to pretend they didn’t know what it meant. George, who was working with the planes that flew the banners at that time, admits that he sent it. Hilarious!

Booger promises Erika that it’s the two of them going to the end. Interesting. He says that he’d choose her over Diane in a heartbeat. Erika doesn’t say much, and Marcellas interrupts them, sipping on a protein shake. That boy is going to fade away right before our very eyes if he doesn’t start eating the dang slop. Booger leaves and Marcy starts working on Erika, saying that Nakomis will go after the boys, but Diane will join them. He wants to take out one person from each alliance, but not Janelle. Erika wonders why they are always the swing votes. She suggests picking up Danielle and Chicken George to form an alliance, but Marcy calls it “the lamest alliance on the planet”.

Outside, Marcellas joins Nakomis and Janie. Chicken George sneaks himself in there too. I gotta admit, I like Curious George. He adds an innocence to the show, even if I don’t believe he’s as clueless as he claims to be. Anyhoo, they discuss Survivor, casting for reality shows, and how Rob Cesternino was actually in the casting pool for BB3 with Marcellas but didn’t make it on the show. That would have been … different.

Later on, Marcellas tells Janie, Howie, and James that he’ll vote to evict Diane. But he doesn’t like that he’s “scumbagging” her like he did to Alison.

Most of the rest of the evening is small talk. The Chill Clowns play a lot of pool with Diane and Erika, while the others mill about eating and talking about nothing in particular. And there’s a rousing game of charades. There are, however, a few highlights.

Howie, James, and Janelle decide to try and get Chicken George into their voting block this week. Howie goes out and tells George that the S6 isn’t after him, because they like him and all the stuff he does with them. George responds with a lot of laughter, and “You’re all right, Howie”.

Erika and Marcellas discuss their vote once again, and Marcy admits that he’s going to vote to evict Diane. Erika contemplates this, and then tells him that she will vote with him.

Lots of farting, mostly coming from Howie, and I think they went through an entire can of Oust to get rid of the smell. How is that a highlight, you ask? Well it’s more interesting than the conversations about ants and spiders.

Diane is breaking out in hives. We don’t know why.

Booger and Will try to make a deal with Janie. They say that Will wants out of the house before sequester, so that gives him a couple more weeks. They tell her that whoever wins HoH next will be under pressure to put up someone from the S6, but of course the pressure won’t be coming from them. No siree. He says that if he wins HoH, he’s going after Howie because he’s annoying, hurtful, and says mean things. Um, pot? Meet kettle. He won’t go after Janelle, so she has nothing to worry about. He says he wants to go himself the next week, and if he doesn’t go up then he’ll just walk out.

Booger says that he and Will are perfectionists who think like producers would, and that, so far, the show isn’t making for good TV. I think I’m going to throw up. How is using the Jack Shack making for better TV? They won’t even show that, and neither will they show us all of your nasty comments from the previous night, Booger. Grow up.

Diane and Nak throw another pity party for themselves, with Dani along for the ride this time. More tears from Cry-ane.

Janelle lets it slip that the houseguests are making $2000 a week doing the show. Wow. I’m SO in the wrong profession here.

Janelle tells the rest of the S6 about her conversation with Booger and Will. They rehash and look at every angle, and finally decide that they should try and let Marcellas win the next HoH so he can put the two of them up together. They figure he’s worked himself up enough now that he should be ready to fight for HoH. Oh, and Kaysar cut his own hair. It doesn’t look half bad.

Diane tells Marcellas that she’s willing to do anything to stay. She’ll even put up Booger and Will if that’s what Kaysar and Janie want her to do. Marcellas advises her to talk to Kaysar and Janelle then, and plead her case. Marcy then runs up to report to the S6 what Diane just told him.

Danielle, meanwhile, asks Di if Marcellas made a promise to her. She says no at first, then waffles, then kind of admits that he did, to not vote for her. Danielle, after talking to Erika, promises Diane her vote and urges her to speak to Chicken George. She says it’s going to be close.

Both main alliances go over their strategies yet again. Nothing new here really, but they literally spend hours figuring out their plans, which tend not to change very much from day to day. Finally, well after 5 am, most of the houseguests are sleeping soundly. Kaysar stays up until goodness knows when, walking around the house and looking at things. It’s quite possible he was up for the entire night.

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Who’s going home? Will Nak be able to save herself, or will Diane sneak into the good graces of the S6? And would Di really put up the Chill Clowns? Drop me a line at carrie@realityshack.com and share your thoughts.