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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 17th – The Return of the Jack Shack

When we come back, a bunch of hamsters are playing the “I went to the store and bought …” game. And then … more flames! For another 45 minutes. Riveting. For anyone out there with the feeds, how do you manage this? Do you leave the sound up so you can hear when they come back, or is there another method I should be aware of? ‘Cause the BB theme song is really wearing on my nerves. I hear it in my sleep.

Back again, and Nakomis is sitting and talking with Kaysar. He’s saying that he really wants Nak to stay, even though he was gunning for her eviction a couple of days ago. He tells her that things are going to get really crazy in the house, and having someone honest like her there would be better than keeping Diane. Nakomis says that she would really like to stay, so Kaysar tells her that he will campaign for her, since he knows she won’t do it herself against her friend. He says that she’s safe, but that the veto wasn’t used because it would have caused unnecessary disruption in the house.

Outside, Marcellas is telling Janelle, Howie, and Danielle that he promised Diane he wouldn’t vote against her. He just wants them to know that. Danielle doesn’t know how she’ll vote yet, but she’s planning to talk with Nakomis tomorrow morning. Marcellas is trying to convince them all that, if Mr. and Mrs. Smith is indeed a reality, that Nakomis is with them and she’s the brains of the operation. Janelle doesn’t see it that way; she refuses to believe that Nakomis would align herself with Jase. But Marcy is sure that they’re all together, and thinks they need to go after the strongest member of that alliance.

Janelle says again that Diane will be absorbed by Chill Clowns, but she can’t see Nakomis working with them. Marcellas correctly points out that the Chill Clowns haven’t done anything to Nak, but the S6 has nominated her. Janelle wonders how the Chills will vote, but she’s pretty sure they want to keep Diane. Marcellas says that if they were worried about how those boys would vote, then they should have gone after them in the first place.

Danielle tells them that Nakomis can talk circles around people, so they need to ask her direct questions and get a straight answer from her. She adds that Nak is a woman of her word, so if she gives her word then they can take it to the bank. They think that Kaysar should do the negotiating with her, because he’s good at it. Little do they know that it’s already begun, although Kaysar hasn’t yet confirmed that Nak won’t go after them if they keep her in the house.

James joins Danielle and Janelle outside, and mentions that Booger confirmed last night that Jase was a member of Chill Clowns. When asked who he wants out this week, Jase replied “the witch”.

A bit later the S6, including Erika and Danielle, continue to try and figure out the numbers. Janelle doesn’t think they have enough votes to get rid of Diane. Then again, they were thinking the same way about Alison last week, and that worked out all right. Jase shows up and confirms that he’s voting for Nakomis because she’s the better game player. Kaysar is annoyed that Marcellas made a promise to Diane. Erika is again non-committal, saying that she’ll vote with the majority.

Will and Diane hang out together in one of the bedrooms. Diane thinks she’s on the block because of outside stuff that was influenced by Janelle. It always comes back to Janie, doesn’t it? Will says that he offered himself to go up on the block, but Kaysar wouldn’t take him up on it. Maybe because you and your homey were acting like raging alcoholics, Will? He says that Kaysar is a snake, and Diane agrees.

Meanwhile, Danielle has finally snagged some time alone to talk with Nakomis. They discuss the others in the house, and Nak calls Jase a snake. Seems to be the preferred derogatory comment of the season. Danielle agrees, and they discuss how they don’t know what to make of Chicken George. So much for the big revealing talk they were going to have.

Janelle, Erika and Kaysar hide out and talk some more about the vote. Kay and Janie seem exhausted and frustrated. Kaysar thinks Chill Clowns have made a deliberate attempt to disrupt things, and he’s angry about it. Erm, Kay? Didn’t you make these nominations and talk to Will and Booger for the sole purpose of causing chaos? Apparently they’re also annoyed that Marcellas went and made a deal with Diane before they all decided together who should go. He feels that something just isn’t sitting right.

Nakomis and Diane are again complaining together. Diane says that, on Thursday night, when Julie says “Diane …”, she’s just going to get up and walk out. Right, because we all know how well these exit plans actually work out, don’t we? Nakomis is pissed because Will keeps saying that he wants a penalty nomination and doesn’t want to be there, yet one of them will end up leaving and they both want to stay. Hey Nak? Will wants to be there, he just doesn’t want to admit it because it erodes his tough-guy image.

And now, dear reader, let me warn you about the upcoming segment. If you’ve just eaten, have a queasy stomach, or a sensitive gag reflex, you might want to skip the next paragraph or two. Same goes for people who are easily offended. I don’t want to upset any delicate sensibilities here. Okay, now that the warning has been issued, proceed at your own peril.

The cameraman decides to take us to watch Booger, Will, and Howie. Booger is looking for some lotion, not because he has dry skin, but because he needs to “do the deed”. Janie offers up her chocolate lotion, while Marcellas suggests olive oil. Booger is in search of a generic lotion, however. He seems to think he can take care of himself in the DR, and no one will see it. What, did they remove all of the cameras from the DR? Is that why we had flames for so long? Howie suggests the Jack Shack. Oh dear. He also mentions that Booger should take a plastic baggie in with him, to collect his, um, mess into. I can’t believe I’m writing this.

Booger, armed with a towel, baggie, and Danielle’s Lubriderm, heads outside with Howie to get settled in the Jack Shack. If you didn’t see BB6, the Jack Shack is a wooden storage box where the pool supplies are kept. Howie relieved himself a few times in there last summer, and it seems he’s passing the torch right now, as it were. Booger asks Howie to make sure no one sits on the lid of the box, because he’s claustrophobic. Don’t worry Booger, no one’s going near it, trust me.

Howie tells Booger to take his mic off before he gets in the box. Thank you Howie! But Booger either forgets or wants to really creep us out. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that I’m still watching and listening, or the fact that I’m recapping it. Booger gets in and makes himself comfy, while Howie walks away. And then there it is – the sound. We get to hear the whole thing, which lasts about 2 minutes. There isn’t enough bleach in the world to clean out my ears now.

The camera is zooming in on the box and the bottle of lotion beside it. Ew. Just ew. I don’t care if these people need to take care of themselves, but I really didn’t expect to be listening to the most repulsive person in the house doing it in broad daylight. Anyway, Booger opens the box and yells, “Mission accomplished!” Blargh. He puts his wad of tissue into the baggie, puts his shirt on, and gets the lotion to return to Danielle. Howie comes over to help him put the pool equipment back into the box, making a comment about how it’s tough for tall guys, but Crappy could probably have a party in there. Ugh Howie – aren’t we already scarred enough?

Booger is much happier now, eating in the kitchen with the other boys. He tries to give Danielle’s lotion back, but she tells him it’s okay, he can keep it. Heehee! Marcellas and Janie are hanging out together, having a bubble bath. Yep, you read that right. All of a sudden we’ve gone from the house of sullen bores to the house of ill repute. But I have to admit, these two are adorable. And both are wearing swimsuits, just for the record.