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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 17th – The Return of the Jack Shack

Got some interesting e-mails over the weekend, and it seems that a lot of people are bypassing the feeds this year because they’re boring. They sure did start out that way, even I’ll admit that! But things are picking up now, and I’ve been enjoying some of the side conversations about family, other reality TV stars, and random things that turn into major conversations. The strategy talks have picked up a bit too, and some of the old habits that we saw from people like Jase and Diane in their season are beginning to make a comeback. Anyway, that’s my two cents, for what they’re worth. Let’s move on.

Nakomis and George are the first ones out of bed this morning, and at around 10:30 am BB announces that the veto ceremony will take place in 90 minutes. Nak’s reaction is “Oh God.” George gets to work making slop chips for the houseguests on food restriction, while Nak wonders if she’s staying or going this week. Will gets up and says that after Booger’s drunken escapades the night before, the veto just might get used.

James and Danielle enter the kitchen and immediately ask Nakomis if Erika said anything to her, but apparently she hasn’t. In walks Erika, the woman of the hour, but … no strategy talk or anything. Come on people, you’re running out of time! There’s still hope to get Booger out of the house – chop chop!

Erika tells Diane that she wishes Diane had won the veto. Then use it for goodness sake! Diane mumbles that any comp that is based on luck is one that she has no chance of winning. And … that appears to be the extent of the strategy talk this morning. Argh. It’s now time for primping in the bathroom, since they all know that this will make the TV show.

Diane tells Nak that she saw the S6 plotting at the memory wall the night before. Nakomis really hopes that the veto is used, but they both seem to realize that it’s too early in the game to make such a play. Diane complains about Erika telling her she wished she had won the veto. For once I agree with Diane. That was lame. Nakomis says that, no matter what happens, it’s been a fun week.

The Chill Clowns are in the bathroom with Erika, and they’re bragging about how much great footage they gave BB last night for the show. Will is certain that it’ll be “The Boogie Show”. Good lord, I hope not. Erika is just smiling and nodding, like you do when a kid tells you a story and you can’t understand what they’re talking about.

Kaysar and Marcellas talk outside about how crazy the night before was. Marcy admits, finally, that he might have done the same thing Kaysar did with HoH – nominate two “lesser” players. Kaysar says that he studied the game, and that going after the “Cowboys” is the way to play at first. Going after the bigger fish (like Crappy) makes you an instant target because suddenly you’re a dominant player. Erika joins them, and tells Marcellas that he needs to eat something. Which of course he won’t do.

Outside lockdown time, so everyone heads out to wait around for the veto ceremony to begin. Just as I’m getting ready to listen to more rehash of last night’s Booger-fest, we get flames. For over half an hour.

When we come back, Diane and Nakomis are lying in bed looking defeated, arguing over who’s going home. I guess Erika didn’t use the veto after all – no big surprise there. Diane says “I hate pussies”, but edits herself to say she hates cop-outs so that her quote can be used on TV. Boy are these people ever aware of what will make it onto the show! It’s kind of annoying. Diane says that she’s not going to campaign against Nak to stay, and that if she’s still there next week she’s going after Kaysar. They think that he always gets what he wants.

Continuing on with the pity party for two, Nakomis says that they didn’t stand a chance in the house since everyone else came in with pre-made alliances. You mean like Diane did? Heh. Di thinks that her sister is probably crying because she’s on the block. They want to tell Julie Chen on Thursday about the alliances and how they didn’t have a chance to move forward in the game because of them. Nakomis wants to go after the S6 now as well, and thinks that everyone else in the house is afraid to speak their minds and stand up to anyone else.

Diane starts bashing Kaysar, saying that he smells like B.O. all the time because he doesn’t shower. Uh … what? Just out of curiosity, has anyone seen Diane take a shower since she’s been in the house? No? Me neither. She wants to take out Janelle first now, then Kaysar, Erika, Howie, and James. In that order. Good luck with that, Diane.

They continue to complain about the lack of luxury competitions (hello, this is week 2), and how they wish Cowboy was there because at least they could manipulate him. Nice. They’re upset that Janie didn’t use the trip that she won last season. And they’re angry that their plan to get one of them off the block didn’t work because someone had to f*ck it up. They try to count the votes, but there are too many that are up in the air. They truly don’t know who will be going home, and neither do I. Nak says that the season will suck until Will and Booger leave.

Marcellas bravely enters the room and listens to a rehash of the complaints. He says that they’re all trying to relive their seasons, and soon they’re going to have to start playing this game. Amen, Marcy. They talk about how the Chill Clowns are like having three Jases in the house, and how half of the cast lives in L.A. and keeps in constant communication. Again, doesn’t Diane live in L.A.? Marcellas calls Kaysar a general who doesn’t listen to his troops. They’re upset with Erika too, because she allows herself to be used by people who do nothing for her. (Using Booger and the whipped cream as an example.)

I’d love to tell you that these two dusted themselves off and rejoined the others, but that doesn’t happen. Instead it’s more whining about how no one plays the game. Well, here’s a suggestion. Get out there and play the darned game! Campaign, pit people against each other, start rumours – I don’t know, just DO something. Whining will get you nowhere.

Outside, Marcellas tells Booger that he needs to tone things down a bit. Booger doesn’t seem to care much, but Marcy says that being a bully isn’t good for anyone in the house.

Jase and Booger talk about the next HoH competition. They think it will be endurance based (already?) and that Diane will win and take out Janelle. Jase is concerned about Diane’s ability to do well in this type of competition though. Have Chill Clowns ever been right about this kind of thing before? I seem to recall that they’re rather inept at predicting what’s coming up in the game. Jase wants to know who Booger’s favourite member of S6 is, and he answers Kaysar. They think Janelle and Erika are both fake, and call Janie out for playing the dumb blonde card. They both think that she has no personality.

Marcellas is called to the Diary Room, and we actually see him sit down in there before going to the dreaded wall of flames again. For another half hour. What’s going on in there? Are they giving these people 30 minutes to nap or something? I mean, they’re not the most exciting group to ever hit the live feeds so far, but why all the fire?