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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 16th – One Wild and Crazy Birthday

Janie takes this opportunity to tell Boogie she doesn’t appreciate being called Queen Been, making him very smug that he’s getting to her in some way. Boogie and Jase leave after not getting what they wanted, apparently, and Kaysar then goes downstairs to try and smooth things over. It’s appreciated, and he’s told out of anyone in the BB6, he’s the one they would want to win the most. Kaysar goes back upstairs and he and Janelle get in a heated argument, because she’s upset with him making deals with these two that hate her. Oddly enough, Will suddenly is looking like the sane one as he tries to allay this situation, and tells people not take it personally.

Everyone kind of disperses into separate groups. Some of the girls outside smoking the hookah, and Howie and Boogie in the bathroom while Will showers. They do the pretend sex thing together, but then a very drunk Boogie opens up more than he should, telling Howie there is now way “the four” will get to the jury. He wants Howie to tell him which of the four should to first, but Howie’s not biting. Will gets out of the shower, and with Jase in the room as well, they seem to be pressuring Howie to be on their side. He kisses Boogie on the cheek. You have to love Howie. When Danielle leaves, it allows Howie the perfect opportunity to duck out.

Janelle and James get together to strategize and are more upset with Kaysar than ever, realizing there is a definite agreement between Kaysar and Chill Town, and they’re feeling sold out. They bring up that Boogie said specifically that Kaysar went against the wishes of his alliance but not putting Chill Town on the block, and they want to know where that info came from. Either way, they decide it won’t pull them apart, as even if they didn’t want to be together, they’re viewed as being together. They need to stay strong and together.

Kaysar gets another visit from Janelle who is upset that Chill town is coming after them, and Kaysar doesn’t seem to want to do anything about it. She wants one of them on the block. He says no. We get rid of diane, and Nakomis will help them take down Chill Town. They know Jase is definitely in Chill town now, as he sold out Marcellas as being with their alliance. No matter what Kaysar just keeps saying it’s all happening according to his plan. It’s making Chill Town into a bigger target. He thinks Janie is physically depleted because of the food restriction and Marcellas is emotionally depleted.

While Janelle and Kaysar continue to get that worked out, Marcellas, Erika, Nakomis and Diane talk in bed, and complain about Chill Town. Danielle and James talk and decide they are still wanting to take out Nakomis. Will/Boogie/Jase/George are in the backyard with Howie, and Boogie is still threatening Howie, that if he doesn’t work with them, they’ll come after him first in his alliance.

Boogie and Will make promises to George and lose Howie to the safety of Kaysar’s HoH bedroom. Boogie thinks Janie is stupid, which is good. That means she can take him out and he won’t see it coming. They then decide to see where James stands, and go inside to wake him up and pull him out of bed. James asks to reschedule the meeting until tomorrow because he’s on gruel and tired. Boogie leaves him be and goes outside to complain about him.

Hopefully Boogie will find a nice hard rock in the backyard to pass out on. He needs to end the misery, and I’m talking about ours, not his own. The BB6 manage to regroup pretty well, minus James, and know they are keeping Nakomi because she is a threat to Chill Town, Jase and George. They hope to get Marcellas to change his vote to keeping Nakomis by telling him Diane is working with Jase and Chill Town.

Tomorrow could be an interesting day, but I’m pretty sure Boogie will be licking some wounds, leaving Will doing a little damage control. And those wounds I’m talking about on Boogie will be his hangover. He’s going to be a hurting guy on Monday.

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