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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 16th – One Wild and Crazy Birthday

I could explain what’s going on in the backyard, but it’s kind of like watching the nerd herd. It’s just them sitting downstairs complaining the champagne wasn’t enough, and using Kaysar’s hookah. They force George to do a belly flop as penance for telling bad stories. Poor Chicken Man.

After Howie, Janelle and James went down to the backyard, they found themselves back inside to strategize, and this time they’re joined by Marcellas. He isn’t down with their plan because he wants to keep Diane. Janie and James point out to him that if Diane stays and Nakomis leaves, she’ll move to the Chill Town alliance. Danielle walks through, and when they discuss the nominations with her, she advises them to have a conversations with both Nakomis and Diane, and see which one they think is better to keep. Throughout it all, Janelle never tells Marcellas or Diane about Kaysar’s deal with Chill Town. Everyone decides that Nakomis is better to keep for the short term to take down Chill Town, but Diane is better in the long term, as they would be setting Nakomis up to win if she stsayed.

Howie moves down to the backyard crew, and Will tells him if he french kisses Boogie, then Diane and Erika will do it. This is after Diane just admitted she had a lesbian relationship with her best friend not too long ago, although it didn’t last very long. Howie doesn’t go for it. He’s playing so much smarter this year.

With only Marcellas and Janie left in the HoH room talking, Jase comes up to escape the madness in the backyard. Boogie interrupts to say there’s more alcohol, but Jase isn’t biting. They tell Boogie it’s not a serious meeting, and he says, yeah right, you’re with the “Queen Bee.” Man, they hate her. Marcellas pumps him for information, trying to find out if Diane and he are together, by asking why he’s taking pot shots at her. He says it’s more of a maturity level thing. She’s 24 and doing experimental stuff with her sexuality, but he’s 30 and so past all that crap. That’s why he came up; to escape it.

Boogie gets excited when the nominees come out to the pool in their bikinis, but Will still can’t get off his kick about Janelle. He wants to know why she she never comes out and talks to anyone here. Howie tells him it’s because she’s on the food restriction and can’t drink, and besides there’s no hot guys for her to talk to. In reality, Janie had been complaining before saying something about Will and Boogie just sets her off and makes her uncomfortable. Note that Howie never made her uncomfortable, and that’s mostly because she knew he was all talk. But with Chill Town, they do make her uncomfortable, so perhaps she suspects it’s not just talk with them.

Boogie is then seen licking whipped cream of Diane’s stomach. If I were in there deciding what to do, and who to take out, that would be a major strike against her, knowing how they both are with showmances. I’d take her out. That would be all I needed to see. Apparently the alcohol and whipped cream are getting to all their heads, as when Jase rejoins the group, Will says he thinks if Erika uses the veto that Kaysar will put up someone from the BB6. Huh? That hookah must have gotten to him. What did Kaysar sneak in there?

Will and Boogie take it a little too far and start asking Danielle and Erika to tell who they’re going to nominate if they get HoH. Erika tells them that’s not cool to call people out like that, and Will brazenly tells her it’s okay to do that to background players, but not ones in the foreground. She points out that’s how “he” plays. Knowing she’s in with Kaysar, I think Will and Boogie are taking things too far there. Please put them up, Kaysar.

Will then decides he wants to have a conversation with Kaysar about his intentions out in the open. He sends his henchman, Jase, to bring him to the backyard. With Kaysar downstairs, Will opens up the conversation about the nominees. Kaysar says it was just the game, he doesn’t want them to go, but it was strategic. Will asks who else would go up, and Kaysar won’t mention names. Will offers to go up in one of their place, and Kaysar gets up to walk away, and says he knows he’s bluffing and just working that angle, but it’s not going to work with him. I think Will is going to go stir crazy soon if his strategies don’t start working.

The drunk Jase and Boogie go upstairs to confront the HoH crew and Kaysar while Will sits downstairs like a frightened child, proving he has no cojones. This has the potential to get ugly, as you’ve got two drunk guys, and a bunch of people that haven’t eaten in 48 hours. Marcellas cracks jokes to allay the situation. I’m not even sure what Boogie wants, but it seems he wants to know why Kaysar didn’t put him up, and he wants to know if the rest of his alliance is mad. Kaysar is smart and not talking.


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