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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 16th – One Wild and Crazy Birthday

Marcellas turns it back on James, and says there are other people that need telling off before him. These people had this big party in the house, and left their garbage all over. He feels like he’s living in a house with a bunch of ignorant MoFos. He continues, walking into the bug room and complaining to those in there about the mess, eating the gruel, and not being able to “whack off” to get rid of his frustrations. He finally screams out he would “eat the F*** out of a PB&J sandwich right now.” When he begins to calm down, he asks James to apologize to George.

Boogie tells Kaysar, who is asking, about his homelife. He was mistake when his mom was 19 and his dad was 16. He ended up having three separate last names, and none of them were his father’s. When he was 16 someone told him who his real dad was, and for awhile he thought it was the basketball coach who is his uncle. The Smoking Gun foun all this out at one point. In return, Kaysar tells Boogie about how he deals with his religion while on the show, such as not even touching alcohol and refusing to lie.

Will sits in the back yard with Jase, Boogie, and Kaysar and compares BB to a comfortable prison with less sex. He says even in prison you get books to read. He wonders if they could at least go work on a chain gang somewhere. You know, a change of pace. He also thinks making license plates wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Trying to be helpful, and probably trying to secure his worth in the house, George is still trying to help out the gruel eaters. Working to find ways to use the condiments, George invents fried pickles. Well, it’s not too much of an invention, as I’ve had it before, the first time in New Orleans. It’s surprisingly good. My niece’s ex likes to make them up occasionally as well. It works best with hamburger dill slices … just an FYI. James and Janie are on a strike, somewhat, saying they refuse to go to the DR until they get more honey and pickles as condiments.

Nakomis and Janie decide over their food woes to play a little game of chess. This could be the strategy session we, well okay … I, have been waiting for. Yet, they still don’t make it. Janie gets called to the DR, asks for more honey, and doesn’t get it. She wanders out to the backyard and Howie is called in.

Later the gruel eaters are commiserating in the kitchen, and James, after ordering a mass suicide at 9, is asking for hand grenades and cyanide. Kaysar proves he has a great sense of humor by saying he wants it known to the internet that it was not him, the Iraqi, ordering the weapons of mass destruction. It’s too are pretty funny, but I’m still thinking if I was there, I wouldn’t be drinking the koolaid. James says he’s planning an escape of BB. He’s going to use the hand grenades and cyanide and find freedom across the LA River at a McDonalds. Okay, he gets even funnier when he’s hungry.

Over a game of pool, Erika asks Kaysar what she should do with her power of veto. She wants to know if he wants her to use it. He indicates he has changed his mind, as before he wanted Nakomis out, but now he wants Diane out, as she’s with Jase. He tells her to leave the nominations the way they are now. Erika drops major hints she’d like George out, but tells Kaysar she’ll do what he wants.

Janie and James take their keep Nakomis strategy to Howie, and say they caught George and possibly Diane spying on them. They also inform them that Kaysar made a deal with Chill Town, and Howie is none too happy with this news. They also discuss Jase, and Janelle says he just wants to be more famous. It’s noted that he isn’t very athletic, but he was in the military, and is very smart. The group also discusses the fact that if Chill Town gets into power next week, they probably won’t honor their word to Kaysar. They feel bad about putting up George after he spent his day making food for them, but nevertheless they decide if they are in power next week, they put up George and Boogie, with the intent of going after Boogie. All in favor say aye. Aye.

I thought Howie was a Bears fan from Chicago, but he gets his years wrong. He says the Bears won the Super Bowl in ’88 and lost in ’89, but they won in ’86 for the ’85 season. This was all in reference to why Will isn’t that much of threat just because he won in season two. Janie and James tell him that just like last year when he had to stop using sex analogies, this year he needs to stop using football analogies. Or at least get his facts straight.


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