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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 16th – One Wild and Crazy Birthday

There’s a change somewhere in the air; I can smell it. Besides, Boogie was the first one up this morning, not Nakomis or Diane. Then again, maybe he was just excited to start his birthday. My daughter did the same thing on her birthday last Friday. Then again, she’s 10, and Boogie is what, 35?

Nakomis, Erika, and Danielle get up after Boogie and all wish him a happy birthday. Well, Nakomis did it after she had to hand Boogie his razor when he was in the shower. And what was he shaving in there?

Apparently Boogie got some crack as an early birthday present, as when he and Will are working out on the treadmills, they make a crack, “Call the FBI, because we’re stealing the show.” I’m wondering which show that would be. It’s surely not this one. They’re such a non-entity. Will actually says they he want to tell BB to order all the girls outside in their bikinis. Then they’ll lie to the other HG and tell them there’s a lockdown, so that they are the only ones outside for the bikini clad women.

Some of the other HGS, the ones that are on the slop diet, are outside fantasizing about food. Marcellas just won’t stop. He talks about when he gets out of the house he’ll have a fork in his mouth, then changes it to “spork”, because that will mean he’s at KFC. He also wants Popeyes and Chipotles.

Will, George, and Kaysar set up a special party for Boogie’s birthday with sushi, champagne, and birthday cake. Will’s idea is for Erika to lay spread eagle on the table for Boogie, like Adrienne did, somewhat on Surreal Life. Even she wasn’t spread eagle. Will actually tries to convince her to do it in a bikini. The odd thing is, she does it! And she allows Will to write Happy Birthday on her in whipped cream. BB announces that the people eating the slop aren’t allowed to eat the birthday food. Nope, not going to go there. I’m betting Howie will though.

Everyone comes in, and Erika allows Boogie to lick the whip cream off her. Howie sits really close watching everyone else eat. Will tries to get him to eat some, saying if he does, and gets a penalty nomination, he won’t vote for him. Nakomis, Janelle, and Marcellas all sit outside, talking about how much this sucks, and how they hate the way Chicken George keeps telling them that the stuff they are making with the slop looks good, because they know it doesn’t.

Will and Boogie continue their barrage on Howie, trying to annoy him. When he leaves, and pulls up a chair in front of the memory wall, they come up, park a chair on either side of him, and try to get him to eat some of their cake. When he refuses, they try to shove it in his mouth. He actually goes to t he sink and spits it out, so as not to get in trouble. To me, Will and Boogie are pushing the rift with Howie too far. Howie is always playful with it, but this is just plain mean.

The only good thing in all this is after they get tired of complaining about the food, Nakomis, Janelle, and Marcellas start to fit in a little game talk. Nakomis wonders if the veto is going to be used, and Janie indicates if it is, it won’t be Will or Boogie going up. The talk turns to Jase, and how he is upset he was portrayed as villain during his season. Nakomis wonders how he could have been portrayed as anything else. When Janie goes inside, Erika takes her place, and says she wants to use the veto and put up George. Nakomis likes this idea as she’s still irritated about the stuff he says to the people eating the slop. Erika says she needs to talk to Kaysar first to see what he wants.

Inside James, Janie and Danielle are fixing up their slop to eat, and James says he’s wasting away to nothing, and pretty soon Angelina Jolie is going to show up and start offering him rations. Now that is the funniest thing I’ve heard so far today. That, Will, is someone stealing the show. James finally can’t take it anymore and goes off on the Chicken Man.


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