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Ally No More – Big Brother 7: All Stars, Episode 4

Time for Some Eatin’

Food competition. Everyone divides into 2 teams, with one team being all Season 6 plus Nakomis, Danielle, and Marcellas (someone else?). They have to wear overalls and bandannas. Marcellas mentions how cute Jase looks in his overalls. They walk outside to what represents a barnyard. Since there is no more peanut butter and jelly, they now have Big Brother slop which looks like total vomit. There are toy rats in the slop. They must run to the slop (2 at a time tied together) and using their mouths they have to pull out the rats. The first with 12 rats wins food for the week and everyone else has to eat the vomit, I mean slop, for the week. The Dumb Move of the Day Award goes to Nakomis. She dipped her head in and her bandanna fell off in the slop. She picked the bandanna up with her teeth thinking it was a rat and carried it back, wasting time.

The slop looks even more disgusting as it drizzles down their faces. I can only imagine how it tastes. Mike Boogie seems to do more feeling his bobbing partner Diane’s booty, than he does looking for rats. Unfortunately, the team with the majority Season 6 people lose, and they are of course pissed (Nakomis is on this team, too. She’s the genius who wasted time thinking her bandanna was a rat). They go inside and examine the big ass pot of slop waiting for them. Howie attempts to put some flavor in the slop, which makes it look even worse.

Howie the Jackass … I Mean the Jedi

Howie begins his Jedi crap again, and the people who edit the Big Brother video encourage his goofiness by putting him in slow motion as he swings his pretend saber. Chicken George goes over to Howie and Howie attempts to teach Chicken George how to use a saber, which is actually a pool stick. Someone please help me. I can’t watch this anymore.

Kaysar the Master Player

Kaysar calls Will and Boogie into the HOH room. Kaysar says they probably think he’s nominating them, and they should think that. Kaysar also says there are some others that have a possibility of going up. They each discuss putting up floaters. Kaysar appears to be open to not nominating Chill Town. In the diary room Boogie says how stupid it would be for Kaysar to not nominate him and Will (duh!).

And the Nominees Are …

Time for nominations! What we’ve been waiting for. Will of course says in the the diary room how pissed he will be if he isn’t nominated. Boogie says he trusts Kaysar the most out of the Season 6 people. Nakomis says she doesn’t feel like she appears to be a threat to the house just yet.

i’m biting my nails… who will Kaysar nominate? The suspense is killing me…..

Everyone sits around the table. First key is Howie. Next it’s Jase. Next it’s James. Next it’s Janelle. Next it’s Marcellas. Next it’s Erika. Next it’s Danielle, who again breathes a sigh of relief. Next it’s… Boogie??? Wow. Next it’s… Will? What the hell? The final key is Chicken George.

The nominees are Diane and Nakomis. Very interesting.

Kaysar says he put them up because he respects their game. He says Nakomis’ reputation from her Big Brother season precedes her. Yeah, okay.

Diane says in the diary room that it sucks to be nominated with the person she trusts the most. Boogie says in the diary room how stupid it was for Kaysar to not nominate him or Will.

My Thoughts

I sincerely hope that this isn’t a “dumb move on Kaysar’s part” moment because in the past there were several. I figured he might go for either Will and Boogie or put one of them against Nakomis or Diane. But I guess Kaysar knows what he’s doing (I tried to type that with a straight face).

Geez, can we put a muzzle on Howie? He’s really irritating, but it’s funny to see him and Will go at it. I must admit that Howie’s rants against Busto, I mean April (was that her name?) were classic. Will must be the new Busto. It would have been nice to see Alison and Janelle go at each other. A good cat fight is always a good addition to any show.

Catch ya next time. Same Big Brother time. Same Big Brother channel.

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