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Ally No More – Big Brother 7: All Stars, Episode 4

Well, we lost Alison. Let’s have a moment of silence… okay, that’s long enough.

After Alison leaves the house, Danielle seems to breathe a sigh of relief. She thanks everyone in the house for keeping her. Janelle and Danielle go off together in private to talk. Danielle says in the diary room that her strategy now is to kiss Janelle’s butt as much as possible. Flashback to the votes where Diane and Nakomis were the only ones to vote for Danielle. Nakomis says she was shocked that people changed their vote.

Flashback to the HOH competition and Kaysar’s victory. Jase talks about how stupid it was for Howie to jump up and down after Kaysar’s win. Howie, Kaysar, and Janelle discuss getting rid of Nakomis or possibly going after Will and Boogie. Boogie and Will are upset about Kaysar’s win. Will, Howie, and a few other houseguests are hanging out in the living room as Dr. Will flexes his medical knowledge talking about how he knows all about dermatology and plastic surgery and that everyone needs a little bit. Goes after Howie and breaks down his need for Botox. Everyone looks at Will like he’s crazy. (Uh, I looked at him like he was crazy, too).

Kaysar’s HOH room has been changed completely from what Jase and Janelle had. New furniture and everything. Very modern. He received a cashmere sweater, which Marcellas confesses in the diary room that Kaysar would look good in.

Okay, Time to Talk Strategy

Howie and Kaysar set their sights on Nakomis and how she would be like a cancer in the house if they keep her. They then work with the Boogie and Will possibility. Janelle comes in and wonders why James isn’t hanging out with them. They all question where Jase is when it comes to them. They each talk about the different alliances in the house and how to break them up: Nakomis/Diane and Will/Boogie. They discuss if they should take one person from each alliance and put them up against each other.

Possible Hook-Up This Summer (Say It Ain’t So)

Kaysar and Erika are playing pool together and talk about the kind of women he dates. Erika says in the diary room that when she and her mom watched Kaysar on Season 6, they loved him. She says she enjoys hanging with him and he’s easy on the eyes. She tells Kaysar how she’s Jewish and he’s Muslim. He says how they could send a message to the world. She asks him if he’s been in love and he says he doesn’t know. She talks about her recent break up with Josh from Big Brother 1 who she was with for 5 years. The tears start to flow from her eyes and Kaysar comforts her. She talks about her dog dying and losing her boyfriend right after that. Cry, cry, cry. Boo hoo hoo. (This was such a touching moment).

Nakomis and Diane talk outside about what they think is going on in the house. Diane says how stupid it was for them to jump up and down after Kaysar’s victory. They don’t think Kaysar will come after Nakomis.

The Jedi Vs. Dr. Willie

Howie continues to aggravate Will. This time Howie messes with Will about how pale Will is. BB shows a split screen of Will now and Will in Season 2 and there is a difference in his complexion (darker on Season 2). In the kitchen Howie puts a slice of bread on Will’s back and asks can anyone see the bread (I saw it). Will then shoots back about how wrinkled Howie’s forehead is. What at first seemed to be harmless verbal jabs at each other, now appears to be getting more personal. (All right, let’s see some fighting!!)

In the jacuzzi, Will starts to come up with a new plan. Jase is hanging around with them listening to his plan, and he goes back and tells Janelle that Will is trying to cut a deal with Kaysar. Janelle is sure Jase is on her side. Will says in the diary room how he likes Jase and thinks they should add him to the Chill Town crew.