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Gonorrhea or The Clap? – Big Brother: All Stars, Episode 3

We have now reached the part of the show where the producers were running short of ideas. We have to sit through a profile of Alison. Woot… not.

We start with Alison’s blast from the past and fellow BB4 houseguest, Justin. He gives her props for her performance on BB4. Especially, for exploiting herself and working over the other guys in the house.

We now meet her current boyfriend, Jason. He’s a doctor. Oh, and has anyone seen “The 40 Year Old Virgin?” Umm, yeah.

“On Big Brother 4, I heard that Ally was very flirtatious.” Cut to scene of Alison moving towards Justin’s genital region in the hot tub while saying that she’s not seducing but trying to relax him. “I think she got a bad reputation. I don’t think that’s a fair assumption. If you know Alison, you know that’s not the person she is.” Cut to scenes of her in bed with Nathan and Justin. A vivid imagination is not required for these scenes. Wow, this guy doesn’t have a clue.

Justin comments that her being in shape was a calculated move. He equates it to sharpening your sword before going into battle.

Jason says “If she did employ those old methods of flirting and kissing, that is not conducive to a solid relationship. If she wants this relationship to work, she has to do certain things and not do certain things.” Uh oh, someone’s in trouble!

“As far as Alison trying to straighten up her game and play this honestly, with some dignity, I think it’s a crock.” Says Justin.

Jason thinks “Since season 4, Ally has changed immensely. If she could just take a few steps back and start out thinking people without compromising her morals or her integrity, I think she’ll do very well. You could see this girl as the next President of The United States, without question.” Alrighty then. Enough of this guy, already. He obviously hasn’t seen Big Brother or The Amazing Race. Let alone the seasons she was on. Sheesh.
Back in the living room, it’s eviction time! Julie starts with Danielle and her final thoughts. She says “Well, I’m honored to be here with the All Stars. So, umm, you guys have been really really nice this week. It wasn’t easy for me, it was quite difficult ‘cause I’m not used to this. Thank you and I respect all of you guys. So thank you.”

Alison says “Well, like Danielle said, I’m also very honored to be an All Star and very flattered to be sitting next to you, Danielle, because I definitely thought of you as being one of the best players in Big Brother history. So, I’m very honored to be sitting next to her right now. So, thank you guys.”

And not a moment too soon, Julie says that “by a vote of 8 to 2, Danielle, you are safe. Alison you are the first person to be evicted from the Big Brother house.”

Alison joins Julie for the usual Q&A. Julie starts by recapping Alison’s reality TV history and asks if she is her own worst enemy. Alison says that she doesn’t think so. She thinks she’s lost her evil edge now that she’s older. Julie follows up with her flirtatious strategy in BB4 and how she seems to be holding back. Alison responds by saying that she found the person she wants to be with. “It’s different, I’ve grown up and I’m totally in love.”

Ok, had to hit the pause button on this one. I swear I’m experiencing déjà vu. Is this not the same chick who bawled her eyes out because she didn’t want to be unfaithful to Donny? Speaking of which…

Julie asks if the last time she was in, she didn’t know that he was the one. Alison says yeah and Julie looks at her like the evil wench that she is. Oops, did I say that?

Julie moves on to Janelle and the names that Alison called her. She gives her an opportunity to explain herself. Alison says that Janelle isn’t that bad. She blames the stress and being caught up in the game. She says that she thinks Janelle is a great person and they’d probably be friends outside the house. (After Janelle opens a can of whoop-ass on her.) She says that she’s embarrassed that she said those things and apologizes.

This week’s HoH competition is called “Alison Rules.” It is a true or false game about the houseguests. Unfortunately, the answers are based on what Alison said.

The first question is “Alison believes Howie is smarter than Will.” The answer is false and everyone got it right. “Alison thinks that the All Star most likely to wear a peanut butter bikini is Kaysar.” The answer is false and everyone got it right. “Prior to entering the Big Brother house, Alison thought her biggest competition was Erika.” The answer is true. Everyone is eliminated except for Kaysar and Nakomis. The person Alison believes will gain the most weight in the house is Janelle.” The answer is true they both got it right. “Alison believes the All Star most likely to seek revenge by using someone’s toothbrush to clean the toilet is Will.” The answer is false. Kaysar is the new HoH!

Of course, Howie has to run over and give Kaysar a huge bear hug. Only because they are trying not to expose their alliance or anything.

Kaysar says that it feels great to be HoH because he has another week of safety. Danielle is also quite relieved about staying in the house.

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