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Gonorrhea or The Clap? – Big Brother: All Stars, Episode 3

Hey there Big Brother fans and welcome to the first eviction episode of Big Brother All Stars!

As we begin tonight’s episode, we hear from Alison’s commenting on the Veto Ceremony. She points how she’s a vengeful bitch. Thanks for stating the obvious! I’m not talking about the vengeful part either…

Danielle corners George in the storage room and campaigns for his vote. George seems reluctant to commit. He manages to choose his words wisely and get her off his back without saying anything stupid.

Alison is out in the backyard trying to find out if there has been any campaigning against her, from Nakomis. Nak says that she doesn’t know what’s going on. Alison then asks if she’d be interested in working with her and Diane. Nak nods yes and says that it needs to be kept quiet. She then follows it up by saying that the game is going to be very shady.

Danielle and Janelle are up in the HoH room. Danielle desperately tries to take the heat off of her. She tells Janelle that she’s not going after anyone from season 6. Janelle says that she believes her. They then talk about the votes that she has. They don’t sound too certain but believe that they may have a majority of the house on Danielle’s side.

Out in the backyard, Will asks Jase who is going home. Jase is unsure. They discuss how no one likes Alison. They consider the idea that Alison and Janelle would have some conflict and they could use that to their advantage.

Jase then heads into the washroom and tells Alison that they have himself, Diane, Nakomis, Will and Boogie trying to save her. He then says he’ll talk to her later and leaves.

Later in the red room, Alison mentions to Diane what Jase said in the washroom. She realizes that she only has 4 votes and needs more. Diane suggests that they’d have Marcellas since he has issues with Danielle. Alison does not feel confident about him. She mentions how they need James and George. Diane says that they’ll vote with the majority.

Alison manages to corner James in the red room. Alison asks him if he knows how he’s going to vote. James says that he hadn’t thought about it since neither she nor Danielle had approached him. James then asks her how she thinks things are right now. She says that she will have everyone with the exception of Howie, Kaysar and Erika because that’s who she’s going after. James then asks her how many votes she needs to stay. Alison responds with 6 and the he’s her wild card. James is loving this since Alison has no clue James is loyal to season 6 (for now). He even mentions that she’s not as bright as he thought she was. He wants to be sure she’s going home now.

Later in the night, James approaches Boogie and explains how Alison thinks everyone is voting to keep her. He continues by pointing out why she should leave. Meanwhile, Alison is awake and goes to the door of the bedroom. She opens the door and tries to eavesdrop on the conversation. It’s unclear if she heard anything. Boogie mentions that he’s skeptical when someone from season 6 approaches him with the idea to keep Danielle.

Danielle is clearly struggling with the fact that she’s on the block. She knows her reputation precedes her. She tells Nakomis that she’s concerned that no one has been talking to her about the game.

Janelle, Marcellas and Erika are in the HoH room weighing their options again. Marcellas is extremely uncomfortable with the idea of keeping Danielle. In the diary room he very colorfully compares his decision between Alison and Danielle as trying to decide between gonorrhea and the clap. If he had his way, both of them would be out the door.

Julie now joins the houseguests in the living room. She singles out Howie and begins by complimenting him on his shirt. It just happens to say “Thanks Julie.” She then questions him about his supposed love affair with Will. He clearly doesn’t understand the question and comments on how there will be a battle between the 2 of them.

Julie then asks Will how he’s coping with George’s snoring. Will says that if George’s strategy was to snore him out of the game, then it is totally working.

This weeks profile is about Jase. Apparently he has gone from being hated to a fan favorite. We get a few shots of him on BB5 including his speech where he told everyone in the house that voted for him to kiss his ass. He describes himself now as a more refined player. He points out that there are a lot of big personalities in the house. He wants to sit back and wait for them to implode on each other.

In BB5, he says he had to win to keep himself alive. This time around he is playing a smarter game. He says he will win when he needs to and coast when he doesn’t.

He credits his downfall in BB5 to being involved in a “showmance.” He’s now involved in a serious relationship and is a different man. Rather than outwardly playing the game, his strategy is to work behind the scenes. He’s going to try and play everyone from all sides. “I’m ridin’ this whole house like a mechanical bull!”

Julie now joins Jase in the HoH room. She starts by asking him about how he is such a different person this season. Jase says that age, the woman in his life and the fact he’s a family man have made the difference. Julie moves on to Janelle and how being a co-HoH has affected his game. He says that it has worked “amazingly” for him. Janelle has taken the heat off of him and he is “the lone horseman and is going to ride into victory. Make sure my name is spelled right on the check, please.” Julie asks if he learned anything about Janelle this past week. He says that Janelle is tough and is an all star. He has his sights set on her and wants to take her out. When Julie asked if she was his biggest threat, he said “she’s hardcore, absolutely.” Julie then asks him who he thinks is the biggest threat. After pointing out that he’s the biggest threat, he then credits James, Janelle and Will as being great players. He then promises that the “mandana” will be back.

Of course, we now get to hear from the better half of HoH, Janelle. Julie starts with the same question she asked Jase, about how the co-HoH affected her strategy. Jannelle says that she was apprehensive at first. She didn’t know who Jase had relationships with. She felt like she couldn’t take control but had to be sure that the other HoH wanted the same thing. Julie then asks about the strength of the season 6 alliance. Jannelle starts by pointing out that since they have 4 strong players, they are the most dominant alliance in the house. Julie follows up by asking if she trusts them. Janelle smiles and says that she trusts Kaysar and Howie the most. She does have a little trust for James.