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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 15th – Our Sad, Pathetic Lives

After his earlier conversation with Nakomis, Kaysar says he now wants to switch it up and get rid of Diane. Janelle and James talk to him about backdooring Boogie, and Kaysar gets those wheels in his head spinning. He thinks they can keep Nakomis so that she’ll go after Jase, and get rid of Diane. Chill Town will still be a target for everyone else. James talks about getting rid of George, but Janelle doesn’t want to ever hear of that. She still wants to make a deal with Nakomis. Yes! Since day one I have been asking for a secret Nakomis/Janelle alliance. Maybe I’ll still see it.

Howie is hoping still to get food Sunday for Boogie’s birthday. In the meantime, he and James add water to salsa to make soup. While they eat, Survivor’s Burton’s name comes up. When Janelle says she thinks he’s hot, Howie asks if she’d do him, and she says no. Her favorite from t hat season was Johnny Fairplay. Howie then asks if she’d do him, and he gets a resounding NO.

BB announces to everyone to check the storage room, and they’re all hoping it’s the fixings for Boogie’s birthday party. Instead, it’s two bottles of wine, leaving them somewhat disappointed, especially those eating gruel this week. Hmmm. Birthday cake? …. Or Watered Down Salsa. Hmmm. They go back to playing charades, and Howie uses the opportunity to insult Will’s complexion again, as when Will is acting out the actions, Howie is guessing “Casper the Friendly Ghost,” “Pale Rider,” and “Mighty Mouse.” The funny thing Howie isn’t even playing he game.

Nakomis is inside cooking, and Janelle joins her, trying to initiate a little game talk, but Nakomis isn’t biting. They discuss the slop diet. Janelle said she liked the PB&J diet, but she likes PB&J anyway. Nakomis said she’s hated it since she was a kid. They also both hate hot dogs, but agree they’d eat them right now for a change of pace. James joins them and they discuss the approved condiments. BB said no to hummus, and Janelle can’t understand why salsa is okay, but marinara isn’t.

After Nakomis goes back outside to play charades, James and Janelle continue to talk about the nominations, and how they can get it back in their favor. They decide to offer Nakomis a deal, and both say they would trust her if she shook on it. They talk about creating a sequester alliance, taking out all the floaters before sequester. They find Nakomis alone again, now that the three hour long charades game is done, and they tell her they think the nominations are stupid, and say they want to save her. She turns right around and tells Boogie, surprisingly. C’mon, Nakomis. It’s your best bet.

After this everyone begins filing into the room with the genormous bed throughout the night. Apparently Kaysar isn’t as willing to have the HoH room be a hangout as Janelle and Jase were. They all embark on an hours long philosophical conversation. When Howie’s name comes up, they want to know if he’s ever been in love. He admits there was a stripper named Jill he was in love with. Will wants to biopsy him to figure him out, and decides he was probably hurt really badly at one time, and that’s why he acts the way he acts.

The slop diet apparently does agree with Janelle’s digestive system as she farts, then apologizes, as everyone else laughs. Will gets on his tangent again about the internet feeders. He says if we’re typing right now what they are saying, something is wrong with us, and we lead sad, pathetic lives. I’m not typing it up right then, I’m typing it up the next day. Besides, it’s more interesting than watching my dog stalk the fly buzzing around here.

During Will’s diatribe, he also talked about life after a reality show. He says they get so used to everyone hanging on their every word, that it’s hard to go back out in the real world again, and not have that attention. He believes each of them hits a point after the show gets over when they just can’t get over it, and they hit rock bottom. Slowly, they need to decompress. He says he feels sorry for the BB6ers, as they haven’t had time to do that yet. Janelle falls for this hook, line, and sinker, and goes outside to discuss her worries with Erika. I think this was part philosophical, part Will picking at the BB6ers yet again. Will then goes and makes ice cream sundaes to further irritate people, knowing his midnight snack would absolutely kill those that couldn’t partake.

Sometimes I’m torn with the guy. I mean I know he was a smart guy in his own season, although it;s one I never watched, but I know he was always regarded as a genius at the game. I think he still is, and I know he’s playing hard, but pretending he’s not. But I can’t decide where his biggest game is. We know he wants to take the BB6 out. Yet he almost seems to have a bigger beef with the show and the fans, trying to irritate us all on purpose.

Because he’s so smart, I can’t decide whether he really thinks that negatively about those of use that watch the feeds, or whether he’s just trying to pick at the show for that penalty nomination he keeps saying he wants. I mean, I’m not really offended, as I know I have a life, and I know I don’t lead a sad, pathetic life. I’m sure there are people out there watching the feeds that are like that, but t here’s also people that lead exciting lives, that are still sad and pathetic. I watch the feeds for a few reasons, neither of which are because I have nothing better to do. One is because I love figuring on what makes people tick, much as it seems Will does. The other is because I know some people out there enjoy finding out what happens outside of the three hours seen on the show every week, and I know I can watch it and then help them out in an entertaining way. I want to think Will knows this and is just yanking our chain every day talking about us, but I’m not too sure.

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