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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 15th – Our Sad, Pathetic Lives

Diane talks to James about making about $400 to $500 a day as a stand-in on NCIS. Again, this is the person that was crying after the nominations came out because she was sleeping in her car and needed to at least make it to sequester. James then talks once again, about how he was screwed last season by the BB6. It’s getting old, James. He needs Sarah, I think, to keep him in line.

Marcellas takes James’ position with Diane when he is called to the DR. Marcellas advises her to just be cute with the boys and allow Chill Town to think she’s with them. He’s going to work on getting her to stay, and says he’ll work on Janelle. He tells Diane to just tell Janelle her “four” aren’t on her radar at all. Diane tells Marcellas she loves him. We all do, Diane.

James, now out of the DR, finds a napping Kaysar and said Boogie and Will are worried they will be backdoored if Erika uses the veto. He asks how they’re supposed to vote, and Kaysar tells him voting out Nakomis is still the plan. I wish someone would come up with something to keep her. Janelle, get moving! Even Will informs Diane that they’re working on a way to save her. What about Nakomis?

James and Danielle strategize about who to keep in the room with the bugs, and while they’re doing this, George comes and lays down with them. Not only is he still wearing his apron, but he’s carrying around with him a carton of eggs. I think he’s doing James’ strategy of trying to barge into conversations.

Since no one else is apparently going to help her, Nakomis finds Kaysar outside, and is either trying to save herself or find out why she’s nominated. He asks her lots of questions about herself, and she talks about wanting to move to Toronto or Washington. She talks about how funny Canadians talk, and I will make no comment, or I will be sure to have the Canadian Reality Shack Gestapo after me. Kaysar admits he was trying to take out Nakomis, but tells her he will now be reevaluating this decision. In the end, they decide they are alike in many ways, especially in that they dislike other players that try to win by intimidation.

Later in the kitchen, Howie asks if oral sex with a woman would get him a penalty nomination for eating. Nakomis tells him if he’s chewing while doing that, he’s doing something wrong. I’d say.

Marcellas is busy working on his Radford Place soap opera, and having everyone improvise their lines. We all get a scare when Boogie trips and falls on the pool edge, and the feeds cut out. Too bad. Boogie’s okay. All that hope for nothing. He walks around and tells everyone at the house about it. No one seems to care too much.

James, Janelle and Howie get together and discuss the nominations. They all lament the fact that Kaysar was so emotional when he made the nominations, he is now coming off as much more sympathetic, and Janelle is being seen as the stronger person in the alliance. Howie says no one from the BB6 should feel bad about targeting the others, as they would all be targeting the BB6 if they were in control.

Discussing the deal that Kaysar made with Chill Town, James decides he pulled an “Eric.” He sees Diane and Nakomis as more trustworthy, and says because Kaysar is worried about Chill Town, he takes the people out that could have helped them against Chill Town. He then h its the nail on the head, and says he thinks Kaysar is more worried about how he’s being viewed as he plays the game, than actually winning the game. Janelle comes up with a plan to talk to Diane and Nakomis and see if they’ll agree to be saved in exchange for putting up Chill Town and agreeing to take out a different floater next week.

Everyone else seems oblivious to the above strategy, as they’re all outside playing charades, except for Kaysar. James and Janelle find him, and James pitches his idea about Diane and Nakomis being more trustworthy. He says Nakomis is very worried about another floater like Cowboy making it to the end. James thinks if they take out Boogie, it will be easier to get rid of Will. Kaysar is worried, though, that if Chill Town is taken out, the others will come after the BB6ers.


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