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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 15th – Our Sad, Pathetic Lives

Will tells Howie that if he was a gay man, which he adds that he’s not, and there was a nuclear holocaust blast, and he was looking for other survivors and found Howie, he would swim to China if he heard George Michael was another survivor. I admit this is funny, but what makes it not funny, is you can tell he sat up for hours thinking of this perfect comeback. Apparently I’m looking for impromptu cutdowns.

Yet George Michael isn’t the gay man that he finds. Shortly after this, Will, Boogie, and Marcellas all nap together in the genormous bed.

Diane and Nakomis have turned mean, and I can only assume it’s at Diane’s doing, as it just doesn’t sound like Nakomis at all. They tell James that they want to do their veto nomination speeches together, and that in unison they will ask to be taken off and replaced with Chicken George. Even James tells them this is mean, and when he notices it … Yet they talk about Kaysar’s nomination speech being mean to them, and Diane thinks she’s the intended target. Nakomis, thinks though, that they are pawns, and someone is being backdoored.

Privately without James, they talk about the possibility that BB plans to send someone back into the house at some point. Diane tells Nakomis if she leaves and comes back, Nakomis better still be there. She then tells Nakomis that she believes the reason she is up is because of tensions with “her” outside the house, and it’s apparent she means Janelle. The funny thing is Diane still has more of a beef for apparently no reason other than possible Janeallousy. Janelle really doesn’t have a beef with her, and was against them being up for nominations.

Nakomis is eating her gruel, and Janelle walks in and tells her she should just eat since she’s already nominated. Nakomis replies she was part of a team, though, and wants to stick with them, and besides, she’s afraid of a penalty nomination taking effect the following week. Janelle believes the gruel is making her healthier, but the others say they are weaker. Someone has created crackers out of it today.

Erika, Howie, and Janelle talk about the PoV competition while Kaysar does on and off in the HoH room. Erika says she never could have won the PoV if it was more physical like last week’s because of her rib injury. She questions what she should do with the nominations, saying she likes both of them. Kaysar’s advice is to leave them both up. Marcellus joins them, looking for his “Iraqi Peach”, and the PoV conversation is dropped. At one point they start singing LiL Kim songs, and it’s noted that they are now in jail, and she is out. She may have been eating gruel, but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t making a grand every week in jail, well, probably on royalties and such, but not being paid just to be there.

Danielle joins Janie, Nakomis, and James outside, and James chides her for not picking up her feet when she walks. Janie compares her and the rest of them to the the children in the attic in the VC Andrews book. They move on to discussing Valley of the Dolls, and James says he read a lot as a kid as he was always grounded. Sounds like a 13-year-old I know that lives in my home and could singlehandedly financially support an author based on his reading habits. This would be why he reads many books several times.

The BBers start discussing the “Big in ’06” thing on VH1 where they met up with some Idols. James thought Anthony Federov was full of himself, but he liked Vonzell Solomon. It wasn’t until then that Howie realized how much Ivette hated him, as she still wouldn’t talk to him. Maybe it had something to do with the carpet muncher song.

Erika makes a comment that she and Howie would actually be a good match together as he’s a nice Jewish boy from Chicago. He says he’s very Jewish, says he wants to go to Temple with her, then starts singing a Jewish prayer, and doesn’t know all the words. James tells him to stop singing, and says he heard before that the only song they are allowed to sing here is Amazing Grace. Howie replies, “We can sing the theme song for Amazing Race?” James decides not to explain, and just agrees with him. Honestly, this is so funny, I can’t even come up with a comment for it.

George must be a little afraid of going up on the block, as he’s trying to please everyone with his culinary talents. He has fried up some slop in oil, and everyone agrees it’s not bad, as it gets rid of the bad aftertaste. Marcellas still refuses to eat it, but Janelle tries it with a little BBQ sauce. The 13-year-old reader is called the Condiment King around here, so I think he could probably make due with the gruel. I think if I had a case a ketchup, I’d be fine. Meanwhile Howie asks if he can eat the ant crawling on his arm, and James tells him it would be okay if he did it to stop being bitten.


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