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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 15th – Our Sad, Pathetic Lives

On the eve of the veto competition, you would think everyone would be getting as much sleep as they can, especially knowing some of the them need to conserve their energy, due to only eating slop for the next week. Yet Marcellas gets up after everyone else is in bed, sits alone outside for a long time, then goes to switch his laundry. When he finds the piles of laundry with ants crawling in it, he sees it as a mistake. He questions what the ants could be wanting in the laundry, and I would have to wonder the same thing. I think I’d be entirely grossed out by now, with bugs all over the walls inside, and now ants crawling in and out of my clothing. It makes me itch just thinking about it. He finally goes back to bed after issuing a request to BB that they not wake him until noon. I wonder how this will work out for him.

When Nakomis and Danielle get up for their morning routine, it’s only about three hours later. They have a discussion about having to eat the gruel, and Danielle says it doesn’t normally bother for people to eat in front of her, but last night she would have killed for salad. About a half later BB wakes the houseguests and tell them they’ll have the veto competition in ninety minutes. Apparently that wake-up call request from Marcellas didn’t work out so well.

You just never know whether BB does things intentionally or on accident, but for whatever reason, we’re treated to Boogie’s DR session first thing in the morning. He is asked how “SeaSick” (BB6ers) are handling eating the slops. He says it’s great, because they all hate it and he thinks they’ll be sick in a week. Boogie adds that Kaysar is eating regular food right in front of them, and he thinks it will bring about dissension. If he really thinks this will bring down the BB6, he doesn’t now them and their bond very well.

We don’t get to see a lot of the morning before the veto competition starts as we have flames for some reason. Through little bits and pieces, we’re able to determine that there was apparently another random choosing of the people playing for the power of veto other than Kaysar, Diane, and Nakomis, and joining them will be Will, Erika, and James. George has been chosen as host for the game, and he wears a golf shirt and hat, although the shirt is his, according to his conversation with James. With this information, and the knowledge that the HGs were given balls and clubs last night to play with, the competition has something to do with golf, obviously.

The choice of those playing for veto makes it very interesting. Erika and James are both floating between groups, trying to make each seem they are loyal to them. This could be disrupted if they use the veto and go against Kaysar’s nominations. Will made a deal with Kaysar that he and Boogie will help them take out the floaters this week, but then also wants Diane and Nakomis to think they are with them. Does he use the veto and go against his agreement, leaving his alliance open for nomination, or does he show up to Nakomis and Diane that he has an agreement with Kaysar?

While waiting to begin the veto Diane makes a comparison of James’s looks to that of Tom Hanks. For some reason he takes offense, and Boogie stands up for Diane here and questions if James got up on the wrong side of the bed. I missed the beginning of the comment, but looking at James now, I can see the comparison. He looks like an … unhappy Tom Hanks. Thinking about it, maybe that’s the type of comment that upset James.

Ping pong balls are drawn to decide the order of those playing for the veto competition, and as George reads off the order and officially begins the game, everyone moves outside to begin the game, BB tells them something went wrong with the veto and they’ll have to redo that whole part. The feeds go to fire after this for a long time, meaning ” game on.”

By the time the feeds come back, Diane and Nakomis don’t look happy, and we can tell things didn’t go their way. They complain that winning the PoV is all just a matter of luck, and that it’s unfair. These two are in the BB house, willingly, making $1000 a week, according to Diane, and they’re upset because the game they played had more to do with luck? Marcellas has other things on his mind, though. He just wants to complain about the food. He says when it’s All Stars it should be more glamorous than eating gruel.

Nakomis’ days in the house might be numbered, as originally she was Kaysar and Howie’s target. And now, Will and Boogie are in the bathroom whispering, saying if Erika doesn’t use the veto, they’ll keep Diane. Don’t fret, though, Nakomis. You should be honored, as they are all just worried about your strategic ways. Everyone knows about your brilliant six finger plan from BB5.

Marcellas and Janie discuss the same thing and both agree it’s a mistake to not go after bigger players than Nakomis or Diane. After Erika joins them, Janie says the power shifted back and forth between her alliance and the nerd herd last season, but they made mistakes even when they were in power to keep the game out of their favor. Well, the blame for this lays on Howie, Kaysar, and somewhat James, but never Janelle. Howie made that stupid deal with Maggie, Kaysar trusted the people that kicked him out the first time hours after he got back in, and James just couldn’t stick with an alliance and tell the truth to either.


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