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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 14th – Food Comp and Nominations

Chicken George heads into the storage room and all of a sudden all four cameras are on him. What’s in there? Booze? Dominos? Nope, it’s Kaysar’s hookah! (That sounds rude, doesn’t it?) Diane is excited – it appears that she thinks she’ll get a buzz from the tobacco. Kaysar explains that there’s a lot of nicotine in it, but no tar. Will’s ready to give it a try.

Howie pulls Kaysar aside to tell him that he asked Jase who he would save with the veto if he won it, and Jase said “no one”. Will apparently told Jase to stop talking, so Howie thinks that this is proof that Jase is part of Chill Town. Kaysar likes that he’s actually causing a bit of chaos in the house now.

Danielle tells Will that, if she wins the veto, she’s taking Diane off the block. I’m not sure why she’s so veto-happy. Meanwhile, Howie is trying to explain to Chicken George what “backdooring” is. Again. Because George really wants to appear slow I guess. This had better be an act, because no one is this intellectually stunted. Well, maybe April.

Howie talks to Janie and shares what he knows about Jase and Chill Town. They think that Diane will gravitate to that alliance next week. Speaking of Diane, she walks in on them and Howie is now worried that she knows they’re in an alliance. Janie says, “Everyone already does”. No kidding. Diane comes out and says, “Ugh, just Howie and Janelle. I don’t want to play this game any more.”

Janelle wants to make a deal with Nakomis because she likes her. She’s wondering about James though, and how much they can really trust him. Howie tries to reassure her about James, saying that it’s good that he’s talking to the others and getting information.

In the backyard, everyone is chanting, “George! George! George!” Never thought I’d hear that! He goes tearing across the yard and does a gigantic belly flop into the pool. A truly impressive splash is cut short by the flames of hell. Rats. I’ll bet his tummy is pretty red right now.

When we come back, Janelle is in the workout room with Marcellas. He says he’s heart-broken that Diane is on the block, since she’s only there to get to sequester and make enough money to find a place to live. Why not Will and Booger? Janie says that they made a deal, but Marcy is adamant that those two will not keep a deal. And what about Danielle? Didn’t they promise him that she would go up if he voted to evict Alison? Janie just says sadly, “I know.”

Janelle is worried that all the guys are still in the house, like a bad fraternity, and they’re going to start kicking ass in the challenges. Marcellas is concerned that Kaysar is playing Howie’s game now, taking out the floaters instead of the real enemies. Marcy says that this might prove the Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance to be a fallacy, and Janie doesn’t know what “fallacy” means. All across America, blonde jokes are running rampant.

Out in the backyard, the hamsters have these oversized golf clubs and big yellow golf balls to play with. They’re actually kind of comical to look at. Could the veto competition be based on these things? It is tomorrow after all. The houseguests seem to think this too, and start practicing. Diane is smart enough to figure out that, if this is indeed going to be the veto comp, that they likely won’t be playing on grass tomorrow. It’ll be something that makes the balls faster and less controllable.

Jase and James are talking about Jase’s fiancée and her daughter, and how she calls him Daddy Jase (the daughter, not the fiancée). He misses tucking her in every night. Aw. James says that he wants to marry Sarah, but she’s so young and he’s afraid that she’ll miss out on a lot having to stay home with her husband all the time.

Outside they’re talking about the live feeds and how much they cost. Marcellas admits that he bought the feeds once or twice, and Danielle says that she did too, to watch the endurance competitions.

Nakomis has decided to dye her hair orange to match the walls in the house. Jase tells Janelle that she’s next, and she says she would if Nakomis has pink. Unfortunately she doesn’t have enough pink left, so Janie will stick with the blonde.

Kaysar, Howie, Will, Diane, Erika and James are outside smoking the hookah. (Again, sounds rude, eh?) Will is enjoying it, but he doesn’t understand why there’s a mouthpiece on it. Erika is a pro, blowing smoke rings and everything. Who knew?

Nak’s hair is indeed bright orange. She says it’s camouflage, and that “you can’t vote out what you can’t see”. She goes outside and repeats the line to Kaysar, adding, “Take that!” to the end. Heehee. I love Nakomis. The hookah group is having a lot of fun, except for maybe Erika who starts coughing. That can’t feel good on her ribs.

With the tobacco party over for now, Diane and Kaysar talk about the nominations. Diane says that she’s a good person and is usually good at connecting with people. Kaysar jokes, “when you’re not crying your eyes out”. They agree that they will probably be friends outside the house, and Diane admits that it wouldn’t be easy to nominate anyone now because everyone is so cool.

BB provides a bit of alcohol for the hamsters who are actually allowed to imbibe. Three bottles of beer and one of wine. Jase pours a beer for Booger, and then asks Will if he wants to grab the bottle of wine and hit the hot tub. Will says, “Sounds like a showmance!” and off they go. Looks like Howie might have been right. Speaking of Howie, he’s claimed exhaustion and is heading for bed.

Erika has made something resembling cookies for everyone, but I’m not sure if they’re made with slop or not. Will expresses his distaste for overdone cookies. Yes folks, it’s that exciting on the feeds right now. But I can’t complain, it’s been a pretty fun day so far.

Almost everyone is outside, either hanging out in the hot tub, playing pool, or practicing the gigantico golf game. Inside, Janelle and Kaysar decide to play chess. They talk about how the Chill Town alliance, including Jase, is becoming just as obvious as their own, and hope that they can get the others to start targeting them as threats. Kaysar says that Booger is starting to feel some backlash because people think he made a deal with the S6. They consider getting Howie to bring Chicken George over to their side. Kaysar is hoping that Marcellas gets HoH soon and takes out Danielle. If Nakomis or Diane wins veto, he’ll put up Chicken George. ‘Cause that’ll help bring him over to their side. Der.

Meanwhile, Chill Town plus Erika and George are sitting around the hot tub plotting the demise of the S6. They note that Marcellas is riding their tails. Jase and Erika both agree that the S6 will pull them in when they need them, and then cut them loose when they don’t. They want to put up Janelle and James together and send at least one of them home as soon as possible.

Jase says that if he and Will were nominated, he was going to ask Boogie to give him his shirt and say, “Leave it to the Iraqi to draw the line in the sand.” Ouch. And here I was kind of liking Jase this season. Should have known better. Will says that there’s no way he could have “co-signed” that. Then he ruins it by saying that the internet people must be loving the hot tub alliance now because we only liked the S6 last year because we hated the Nerd Herd. Uh, what?

Diane and Nakomis are in bed, arguing over which one of them is the real target. “I’m going home.” “No, I’ll be going home.” While this is going on, James is, for some reason, telling Danielle all about his alliance with the S6 and who he trusts. James, you idiot. He even says that Marcellas and Erika are with them. Danielle advises him that sometimes you just have to keep your mouth shut. This would be a good example of irony.

Back to Nak and Diane – they’re calling their relationship a friendship rather than an alliance. Where have we heard that before? They seem to think that Janelle is behind their nominations. Is this creepy or what? Are they channeling Ivette and Maggie now? They prattle on for a while about the S6 hatred and stuff. They don’t understand why America loves Janie.

The S6 meets in the bug room and they seem a bit on edge now. Kaysar is angry at James for some reason, saying that if he wants Jase out then he should go after him himself. James discusses his conversation with Danielle, dumbing it down to protect himself of course. They rehash the alliances, who’s floating, and who they can trust. They reassure themselves that they’re a strong group, and decide that James should tell Diane and Nakomis that Chill Town struck a deal with Kaysar.

Preparations for bed are in full force, with everyone showering and using the bathroom. Lots of little conversations and stuff, but nothing strategic or important to report. Howie gets stuck in the shower without a towel and has to make a break for it with his hands covering his jewels. Everyone hits the sack, no doubt thinking of how to shake things up tomorrow.

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